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  1. You had me at secret hiding spots and FREE CHOCOLATE samples! I may have a problem when it comes to chocolate so when we return to Amsterdam, there is no doubt that I will be visiting my new friend Tony! As for the other free things to do in Amsterdam, I think there is so many cool things to just walk around and observe. I love the whole hidden and secret idea that you found, especially with The Begijnhof hidden house and the Hidden Mini Houses. Those little guys look awesome!
    As for the swimming, I dont know if this warm blooded Cuban Boy can handle that freezing water!

  2. It is always a treat when we find free things to do in a city we visit. Good to know there is a long list for Amsterdam. It does look like there are some great areas to walk around. I would definitely want to explore the gardens. Planning a visit in the winter would be fun to see the Light Festival! But my chocoholic hubby would make more than one visit to the Tony Chocolonely Superstore for free samples.

  3. I wonder if you have to buy at least a small piece of cheese after you did taste testing. 😉 The mini houses look cute and I think it’s a smart idea to use the gap between two buildings. And the Jordaan area is just gorgeous. I will make sure to go there when I go to Amsterdam.

  4. Free chocolates? I will be heading for that first Seeing an authentic Dutch windmill would be next on my list. I was not aware of the free ferry in Amsterdam when I was there. I did blow up some euros for a canal tour there. Great list of things to do. I hope to get there again.

  5. This is a great idea for a post! As someone who has spent most of the past few years in Latin America and SE Asia, everything in the US or Europe can seem expensive in comparison. It’s good to know that Amsterdam has so many beautiful outdoor spots to admire the architecture. I think I would have to splurge on some of those cheese shops you mention though, especially if they have unique flavors and varieties!

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