The Ultimate Kuta Lombok Travel Guide

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Kuta, Lombok is one of the most popular towns in Lombok to set up a base for your Lombok adventures. Many people confuse Kuta, Lombok with Kuta, Bali but these town places could not be any more different. Kuta, Bali is a place for partying and late nights, while Kuta, Lombok is a place of raw beauty and magnetic charm.

Kuta, Lombok is located on the southern coast of Lombok and is known for its stunning beaches, ready-to-surf waves, beautiful resorts, and close proximity to various top attractions. It is the ideal place for visitors to find accommodation during their travels in Lombok for an authentic Lombok experience with everything you could ever need.

This beautiful Lombok hotspot will only grow in popularity as time goes on. Even now, every year the town and the island of Lombok attract more and more visitors to admire the beauty of the undiscovered.

Prepare to explore Kuta and its surrounding areas and fall in love. And if you have more time to spend in Lombok be sure to check out all the top things to do in Lombok and add these to your adventures!

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How to get to Kuta Lombok

There are two ways to get to Kuta, Lombok; plane or boat.


The best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to get to Kuta is by taking a plane to the airport and then taking a car to Kuta. The airport in Lombok is called Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, and the drive from this airport to Kuta is around 30 minutes.

For the drive from the airport to Kuta, you can either arrange a private driver with your accommodation or go with a local taxi.

A private driver is more expensive but you know the driver is reliable and ready for you upon arrival, this should cost around 200,000 IDR (~12€). A local taxi is a cheaper option but be careful not to get scammed for the price. Try to stick with Blue Bird Taxi and agree on a price beforehand, it should be around 100,000 IDR (~6€).

If you are visiting both Bali and Lombok during your travels a flight from Bali to Lombok is fast and cheap. The flight costs around 15€ and takes only 20 minutes.


There is also the option of taking a boat from Bali to Lombok and onwards to Kuta. There are two boat options; ferry or fast boat.

🛥️ Ferry: The ferries depart from Padang Bai Port in Bali and arrive at Lembar port in Lombok. It costs around 60,000 IDR (3€) and takes around 5 hours. A private driver from here will cost around 400,000 IDR and a local taxi will cost around 200,000 IDR (12€).

🚤 Fast Boat: Fast boats are another option that will take you from Padang Bai Port in Bali to Bangsal port in Lombok. These are the most expensive options (around 500,000 IDR – 30€) but can get you to Lombok between 2-4 hours. The boat’s enjoyableness depends on the sea conditions of the day, and if it is a wavy day, be prepared for a rough ride. From Bangsal post a private car will cost around and a local taxi will cost around 250,000 IDR (15€).

I have taken both the slow ferry and the fast boat and found them both to have their own pros and cons. The ferry was slower but much cheaper than the fast boat. The fast boat was quick but very packed and quite uncomfortable.

How to get around Kuta

The best way to get around in Kuta is by scooter. They are extremely popular and you will most likely see more scooters than cars on the island.

Almost all hotels and resorts in Kuta will rent out scooters for around ~60.000 IDR per day (3.70€). The roads are a lot less congested in Lombok than in Bali so learning to drive a scooter and getting comfortable is a lot easier.

Scooter in Kuta, Lombok

Just beware that Lombok is not as developed as Bali is and although the main roads are paved, once you leave the towns the side roads leading to beaches and other attractions are not in the best condition.

Be sure to drive slowly to avoid the huge potholes and to avoid the herds of cows. For gas, you can buy 1-liter bottles from shops set up on the side of the road for 10,000 IDR per liter.

If you do not want to drive a scooter you can also:
➡️ Hire a private driver (around 700,000 IDR / day – 43€)
➡️ Use a Taxi

Top things to do in Kuta

Explore Kuta

Shops on the side of the road

Kuta is the tourism center of Lombok and has made strides in recent years to develop into a more touristy place. The town itself is quite small and doesn’t quite look how you’d expect the tourism center to look, but this only adds to its charm and authenticity.

Expect to see stray dogs, children coming into restaurants and going up to your table to sell bracelets, and some wobbly infrastructure.

But also expect to see locals tending shops and cooking local foods, clothing stores with bohemian beach-ready clothing, natural beauty products for sale, and a stretching beach. You can really see why people say Lombok is how Bali was 30 years ago when you explored this small town.

Street in Kuta Lombok

Kuta Beach Lombok

Within walking distance from the city center of Kuta is the large beach, Kuta Beach. However, out of all the beaches near Kuta, Kuta Beach is not the number one option. Kuta Beach Lombok is a great place to watch the sunrise because it is so close to Kuta and getting here is quite quick depending on where your accommodation is.

Kuta beach Lombok

Tanjung Aan Beach

Located just 20 minutes by scooter from Kuta is the beyond gorgeous Tanjung Aan Beach. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lombok and a must-see while visiting the island.

It is the type of beach you only dream about finding, with its vibrant blue waters and soft, bright sand. Not only is it beautiful but it’s not full of people. There are very few people and since it is such a long beach you can enjoy an almost private beach day experience. There are two restaurants on the beach, and bamboo sun loungers to rent.

For a full guide on Tanjung Aan Beach check out this post.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Bukit Merese (Sunset Point)

The hills that sit right beside Tanjung Aan Beach are another very famous and lust-worthy place to visit from visitors of Kuta. The hills, better known as Bukit Merese are known as one of the best sunset points on the whole island.

This spot is only 20 minutes from Kuta and is the ideal place to sit and watch the sun descend into the ocean.

However, it is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the day! The views from the top are stunning and offer a beautiful vantage point of all the rolling hills on the island, the surrounding oceans, and more.

Bukit Merese (Sunset Point)

Selong Belanak Beach

This beach is more popular and developed than the others and is nice if you are looking for a more lively beach day. This beach has sunbeds for rent and quite a few local restaurants to eat and drink at.

Like most beaches in Lombok, it has beautiful golden sand and warm blue waters for you to swim in. Selong Belanak Beach is also a great option for those who love to surf as the waves are ideal here.

Selong Belanak Beach

Go Surfing

Lombok is known as a top travel destination for surfers from around the world. The beaches here have the perfect conditions for surfers to catch some waves.

But you don’t have to be an expert to surf in Lombok, there are also surfing lessons for beginners to take! The best beaches for surfing in Lombok are Pantai Mawi and Selong Belanak.

Man surfing in the water

Pantai Tampah Beach

The entrance to Pantai Tampah Beach has a sign that says “cleanest beach in Lombok”, and this could not be more true! This beach is cleaned by locals every day and remain free of garbage and trash on the sand.

On this beach, there are a few structures built to provide shade, some local restaurants (warungs), and beauty as far as the eye can see. One of the most attractive features of Tampah Beach is that sellers are not allowed on the beach, so there will be no people coming up to you to try and sell stuff.

Find this beach here.

Pantai Tampah Beach

Shopping in Kuta

Although Kuta is small it does have quite a few shops available. There are shops with natural beauty products, swimwear, summer clothing, and more!

If you forget to bring something for your trip and just want to pick up a locally inspired item, check out some of the shops on the main city road.

Store in Kuta Lombok selling swim suits

Where to eat in Kuta Lombok

One thing I didn’t expect when visiting Kuta Lombok was the number of amazing restaurants! The main street Jl. Raya Kuta is full of restaurants with all different types of cuisines.

As a vegetarian, I am partial to places that have vegetarian and vegan options and there were so many choices. Here is a list of the top places to eat in Kuta, Lombok.

  • Bamba Restaurant
  • Milk Espresso – Kuta, Lombok
  • Sapori Italain Restaurnt
  • Kenza Restaurant
Outside of Kenza restaurant
Kenza Restaurant
Indonesian food in Lombok
Bamba Restaurant

Tips for Visiting Kuta Lombok

  • The main religion in Lombok is Islam. This means you will hear the call to prayer from the mosque a few times a day.
  • Locals will try to charge you very overpriced items. Bargaining the price is expected.
  • Bring sunscreen as the sun is very hot.
  • Do not drink the water or get ice in your drinks! The water in Lombok is not drinkable.
  • The currency used here is the Indonesian Ruppe.
  • Costs for most things are very low in Lombok. You will find 5-star hotels at 3-star prices, which is amazing!

Where to stay in Kuta Lombok

Kuta is full of resorts and homestay. There are so many amazing places to stay that offer accommodation experience like no other. Here are some places I highly recommend that are beautiful and enchanting and not (like most things in Lombok) cheap!

Rascals hotel in Kuta Lombok
Rascals Hotel

Below is a map for you to view some locations and prices of accommodations.

Kuta is the best place in Lombok for setting base, exploring and enjoying an authentic Lombok experience. There is so much to be discovered in and around Kuta, Lombok that will have you longing for more time.

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