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  1. We have only visited Amsterdam for one day on a cruise. And that certainly was not enough. Although it was a good tease. I now know why we need to go back for a longer stay. The Gingerbread Houses are so cute. They do look like they are iced with sugar. A Freakshake would definitely be a full meal. But might mean I have no room to try a Stroopwafel! But there is always room for cheese. Hubby would not miss Tony Chocolonelys store. Good thing there are lots of way to work off the good food on a bike ride or stroll along the canals. We definitely need to go back!

  2. I have to pass on this post to my cousin who says that Amsterdam is just another pretty city with pretty houses and nothing much to do. I’m sure will reconsider her first impression after reading this. I have just been once, but now I know what I will be busy with the next time. 🙂 So many choices…

  3. Okay, I’ve only done 10 of the things on this list, which means I definitely need to get back to Amsterdam, like right now. I would love to find the library, see the Rijksmuseum, and rent a bike! Both times I have been to Amsterdam I was VERY pregnant (7 months one trip, and 8 for the other), so renting a bike was definitely not happening. But it’s truly the perfect way to get around the city, like a local!

  4. Amsterdam’s Gingerbread Houses are seriously so iconic. Stroopwafels look and sound to die for too and same with poffertjes. I would definitely be up to doing a boat tour as well and seeing the beautiful Rijksmuseum library. Reading this seriously makes me wanna visit Netherlands right this second!

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