Amsterdam Tulips Guide | Where to Find Tulips in Amsterdam [2024]

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This Amsterdam tulips guide is your one-stop guide on where to find tulips in Amsterdam every month of the year.

A visit to Amsterdam must include all the quintessential Dutch experiences which include eating cheese, seeing a windmill, biking, and admiring tulips! All of these Dutch activities, sights, and experiences are world-famous and amazing. But, the tulips in Amsterdam are definitely the most beautiful.

I have lived in Amsterdam for 5 years and love the tulip culture in the city and all of the Netherlands. Whether you arrive in Amsterdam in the spring, summer, winter or fall there is always an opportunity to see some amazing tulips!

Below are eight ways to find and experience the tulips in Amsterdam. Some are seasonal and some year-round so make sure to consider their open dates. Be prepared to be wowed and amazed by all the stunning tulips Amsterdam holds.

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Amsterdam Tulips Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions come to mind regarding tulips in Amsterdam, let me answer them for you!

Can you see tulips in Amsterdam in June?

Yes! But you won’t be able to see tulip fields in Amsterdam in June. Tulips peak blooming season in the Netherlands occurs from late March to early May, with April being the prime month for tulip viewing. By June, the tulip season has usually ended.

However, you can see tulips in Amsterdam in June in other places like the Floating Flower Market and the Tulip Museum.

Can you see tulips in Amsterdam in February?

Yes, you can see tulips in Amsterdam in February, but typically not outdoors. February is still winter in the Netherlands, and tulips are not in bloom naturally during this time.

However, you may find indoor displays of tulips in places like botanical gardens, flower markets, and indoor gardens such as the Keukenhof Castle.

What is the best time to see the tulips in Amsterdam?

The best time to see tulips in Amsterdam is from mid-April to early May. During this period, the tulip fields in the Netherlands are in full bloom, creating stunning and vibrant displays of color across the countryside.

The exact timing can vary depending on weather conditions and the specific location of the tulip fields, so it’s advisable to check the bloom forecasts and plan your visit accordingly.

Where is the best place to see tulips in Amsterdam?

The best place to see tulips in Amsterdam is at the Keukenhof Gardens and the surrounding tulip fields in Lisse.

Located just a short drive from Amsterdam, Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens with over 7 million flower bulbs planted each year, including thousands of tulip varieties.

Additionally, the nearby tulip fields in the Dutch countryside, particularly around the towns of Lisse, Noordwijkerhout, and Hillegom, also offer spectacular views of blooming tulips during the spring season.

How can I see tulips in Amsterdam for free?

One way to see tulips in Amsterdam for free is by visiting public parks and gardens within the city. While these may not have the extensive displays found at places like the Keukenhof Gardens, they often feature tulip plantings during the spring season.

Some parks in Amsterdam known for their tulip displays include Vondelpark, Amstelpark, and the Amsterdamse Bos.

Another option is to visit flower markets such as the Bloemenmarkt, where you can admire and even purchase tulip bulbs or potted tulip plants at affordable prices.

When is Amsterdam Tulip Season

The Amsterdam tulip season begins in late March and lasts through early May. The peak of the tulip season usually occurs in mid-April, with fields and gardens bursting with vibrant colors.

Visitors during this time can experience the beauty of tulips at attractions like the Keukenhof Gardens, as well as through scenic drives in the countryside where tulip fields stretch as far as the eye can see.

MonthTulip Fields in BloomKeukenhof OpenTulips in AmsterdamTulips in Markets/Gardens

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Where to Find Amsterdam Tulips

Keukenhof gardens

  • Seasonality: Only open in spring: March-May
  • Price: €17,50
  • Location: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse
Green grass and tulips in unique shapes

About Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens are the largest tulip gardens in the world with over 7 million bulbs in bloom during the season. This is the most beautiful flower garden in the world and if it is not on your bucket list, it should be now.

The gardens span 32 hectares and are full of unique garden displays, beautiful flower shows, and surprising flower gardens.

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The tulip displays get better and better the more you explore and there is something new around every corner. You will be mesmerized by this heaven of flowers and fully understand why the Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world.

Heading to Keukenhof is a full-day activity. Exploring the whole park can take hours and there is more to do inside than just look at the flowers. Be prepared to spend a full day here as the park is quite large and there is a ton to see and do.

Blonde girl standing infront of orange and white tulips

How to get to Keukenhof Gardens

You can get to Keukenhof in a few ways, but the best ways are by public transport or by tour bus.

The tour bus options range from tour buses that will bring you from Amsterdam to the gardens and allow you ~4 hours to explore, or there are fully guided tour options! Some great ideas and options for tours are below.

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Tulip Fields of Amsterdam

  • Seasonality: Only open in spring: Late March to Early May
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Lisse
Rows of vivid red tulips

About the Tulip Fields

The tulip fields in the Netherlands are one of the most iconic things about this country and for good reason. Every spring billions of tulips bloom in every color imaginable and are presented in long rows that reach far into the horizon.

The rows of tulips are absolutely breathtaking and nowhere else on earth will you find this sheer amount of tulips all in one area. There are fields all over the Netherlands, however, some – like the Lisse tulip fields – are more famous than others.

My favorite fields are the ones in Lisse, Netherlands, mainly because there are so many different fields. As a result, the fields aren’t packed with people and you can enjoy the beautiful Tulips with some intimacy and capture some photos without a ton of people in them.

How to get to the Tulip Fields

Blond girl in white dress standing in a field of pink Amsterdam tulips

As mentioned, the best tulip fields that are located the closest to Amsterdam are the Lisse tulip fields. These are the most famous tulip fields due to the miles upon miles of fields to see in a multitude of colors. The best way to get to these fields is by public transport or tour bus.

For public transport, you can either take a train to Lisse and explore from there. Or take a bus to Keukenhof and move along from there.


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It is best to rent a bike or bring your own for these fields. They do span over a large area and the best way to see them is via bike. Click here for a route that you can follow!

Moreover, some tours will bring you to and around the fields which are ideal if you want a guided tour that will help you see everything. Below are some options.

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Floating Flower Market

  • Seasonality: Open year-round
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About the Floating Flower Market

Tulips and other flowers in a shop

The floating flower market, also known as Bloemenmarkt, is a market that floats on the canals of Amsterdam and is completely dedicated to flowers.

The main flower it focuses on is tulips! Here you can find various tulip and dutch-centered souvenirs as well as a plethora of tulip bulbs.

There are tulip bulbs that are available in all colours – even black – that you can buy either in a can or individually. These are really cool and unique souvenirs to bring home that encompass the Amsterdam tulips frenzy.

How to get to the floating flower market

The floating flower market is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is easily reachable by foot. If you are in the city you may even stumble across it. The address is: Singel, 1012 DH Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the floating flower market opens at 11 AM daily!

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National Tulip Day

  • Seasonality: Only on January 18th
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Dam Square, 1012 JS AMSTERDAM
AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - January 19, 2019: The Dutch tulip season officially in January every year as the National Tulip Day at Dam Square., Everyone is invited to pick their own tulip for free.

About National Tulip Day

Although the tulip season in Amsterdam is in full swing in the spring, the Dutch like to kick it off well before then in the middle of winter. In January each year, on National Tulip Day, all of Dam Square is filled with over 200,000 fresh tulips from Dutch growers.

The best part is that these gardens are not just for viewing. People line up for hours for the opportunity to pick some of the gorgeous tulips to bring home, free of charge!

How to get to National Tulip Day

The National Tulip Day gardens are presented in Dam Square. Luckily this is right in the center of the city and very easily accessible by foot or public transport.

Amsterdam Tulip Festival

  • Seasonality: Month of April
  • Price: Free
  • Location: All around Amsterdam
Amsterdam tulips along the canals in Amsterdam with the city houses in the backgorund

About Amsterdam Tulip Festival

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival takes place for the whole month of April and involves lighting up the city with colorful tulips! The goal of the festival is to have one tulip for every person who lives in Amsterdam, which equals around 800,000 tulips scattered around the city.

Throughout April the whole city is vibrant and colourful with all the tulips. If you want to find these flowers around the city, head to some of the more popular city attractions such as the EYE Filmmuseum, Vondelpark, Rijksmuseum, Rembrandtplein, and other major city attractions. However, even without going to these sites, you will spot tulips all over the city.

How to get to the Amsterdam Tulip Festival

The best way to see the flowers during this festival is on foot or by bike. Simply walking around the city will result in you finding some of the tulips. But if you want to get around the city in a more efficient manner, consider renting a bike to see all of the tulips the Dutch way.

Museum de Zwarte Tulp

  • Seasonality: Year-round
  • Price: €7.50
  • Location: Heereweg 219, 2161 BG LISSE

About Museum De Zwarte Tulp

De Zwarte Tulp is a tulip museum in Lisse that is dedicated to the extensive history of tulips in the Netherlands. Since the 16th-century tulips have been a huge part of Dutch culture and artists have sought to capture their beauty in art.

As a result of all the art, a museum was created to showcase it. At this museum, you can find botanical and tulip illustrations, and tulip bulb glasses and learn about the history of tulips in the Netherlands.

How to get to De Zwarte Tulp

This museum is located in Lisse and is accessible via public transport.

Dutch Flower Parade

HAARLEM - APR 21: Colorful flower float is parked in the streets of the city of Haarlem during the annual flower pageant, held on April 21, 2013, in Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Seasonality: April
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Check out this link for the full route

About Flower Powered Parade

The Dutch Flower Parade, also called The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, is an annual flower parade that goes for over 40 km through various cities in the Netherlands. Each spring this parade goes from Noordwijk all the way to Haarlem showcasing stunning floats made out of hundreds of tulips.

This huge celebration attracts hundreds of people each year. The amazing floats are also accompanied by live music making this a very fun and exciting event. Stretch your Amsterdam tulips adventures and head to this amazing parade!

How to get to THE Dutch Flower Parade

This parade runs over a very large distance. However, it does pass by Keukenhof Gardens, so if you want to have a tulip overload day, you can watch from there and then enter the gardens afterward.

World’s Largest Flower Auction

AALSMEER, NETHERLANDS - JUNE 6, 2011: Carts of variety of flowers staging at Aalsmeer FloraHolland auction market
  • Seasonality: Open year-round
  • Price: Free
  • Location: Legmeerdijk 313, 1431 GB AALSMEER

About the world’s Largest Flower Auction

Just a short distance from Amsterdam, in Aalsmeer, is the world’s largest flower auction called FloraHolland. This auction is an amazing sight to witness and to soak up the tulip mania.

The auctions begin at 7:00 AM every morning and last between 2 to 3 hours. The auctions are so short because the flowers sell at lightning speed.

There is a special viewing gallery for guests on this auction site that is perfect for watching the magic unfold. This is also a great place to see millions of stunning and vibrant flowers!

How to get to the World’s Largest Flower Auction

To get to Flora Holland hop a short 15-minute train ride from Schipol Airport.

Heading to Amsterdam to see the marvelous tulips is a must for any traveler. Whether you love flowers or not, you will surely be amazed and wowed by the stunning tulip displays Amsterdam presents.