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Amsterdam in April | Weather, Events & Tips

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If you are planning a spring trip to Amsterdam and wondering what there is to do in Amsterdam in April, then you have come to the right place.

As a resident of Amsterdam, I can confidently say that April is the best time to visit Amsterdam. During this month the weather is warm, tourism is not at its height, and some of the best Dutch holidays and events are taking place.

This post will include some insider tips on Amsterdam in April, including the weather conditions during this time, how to get away from the crowds, how to see the Dutch tulip fields, and insider tips for Kingsday and other Dutch events.

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Amsterdam in April Guide

General Information for Amsterdam in April

Why You Should Visit Amsterdam in April

April is when Amsterdam really starts to come alive. This is the month of tulips blooming and the city becoming alight with color and life. Amsterdam in April is when the city celebrates the King’s Birthday which is a huge celebration that takes over the whole city.

More so, it is the month dedicated to the national flower: tulips! On every street and around every corner you will find tulips lining the canals and being sold in flower shops. You can also travel a short distance outside of Amsterdam to see the magical tulip fields. Keep reading to find out more!

Houses along a canal in Amsterdam

Weather in April

Amsterdam is a pretty mild temperature city and in April the weather can range from 13 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. Near the end of the month, the temperatures increase and you can sometimes get some abnormally hot days. In April the weather was over 20 for a few days!

Be prepared with a light jacket because it can get a little bit chilly, but also have some warmer clothes in case there is an abnormally high. Also, bring an umbrella because the Netherlands is notorious for its rain and when it rains is extremely unpredictable. Discover the best things to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day!

Events & Holiday Guide for Amsterdam in April

Tulip Fields Outside of Amsterdam

Landscape of Netherlands bouquet of tulips and windmills in the Netherlands.

The main attraction and draw to Amsterdam in April are the vast, colorful, and mesmerizing tulip fields! The Netherlands is famous for its tulip fields that come alive during the spring and in the month of April, they are at their best.

Although the tulip fields are not right inside Amsterdam, they are only a short train ride away. You can find a ton of tulip fields near Lisse or you can go to Keukenhof. Keukenhof is a huge tulip garden that has millions of tulips arranged in unique and fun designs.

The best time to see the tulips in Amsterdam is in mid-April, this is when they are all full and alive. So if you are planning your travels to Amsterdam mainly to see the tulip fields, plan to visit in mid-April.



Easter is celebrated in Amsterdam, it doesn’t always fall in April but in 2020 it is celebrated on Sunday, April 12th. The main event that takes place during easter is Bach’s Matthäus Passion, which is performed at many concert halls in the city. If you travel to Amsterdam during easter beware that accommodation prices will be higher during this time.


Kings day canals
Kings day canals

Kingsday (Koningsdag) is the biggest celebration in all of the Netherlands. It is a national holiday celebrated on April 27th that marks the birth of the king. This celebration is unlike anything you will ever see, it is like celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Ireland.

On this day everyone in Amsterdam is on the streets dressed in orange-coloured costumes and a ton of alcohol is being consumed. This is the single best day of the year to spend in Amsterdam as the celebration is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. There is also a pre-party the night before called Kings Night which is also extremely fun.

Kings day canals
Kings day

The best way to spend Kings Day is just by walking the streets, checking out all the live music on the streets, and waving at all the people on the boats passing on the canals. Just a warning, prices for accommodation are more expensive during this time and some hotels require you to stay multiple nights.

Tulip Festival

The tulip festival runs for all of April and showcases beautiful tulips all around Amsterdam. To enjoy this festival all you have to do is walk or bike around the city and scout out all the tulip displays along the canals. These flowers make for even more beautiful photos.

Additional Things to do in Amsterdam in April

Some additional things to do in Amsterdam during this month are as follows.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

For a complete guide on where to stay in Amsterdam check out this post. Or check out the options below:




As you can see, April is a wonderful month to visit Amsterdam. There is so much to do and see and no shortage of a real and authentic Dutch experience. If you are planning a visit to Amsterdam and wondering which month to choose, you should strongly consider April.

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