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  1. Love Amsterdam, but last time I visited I only had 3 days and I would love to go back and spend more time in the city! Thanks for all of these great ideas of what to do at night. Will definitely use this guide whenever I am able to visit next 🙂

  2. In Washington DC, the Smithsonian museums kept open late at night for a special festival. It was magical even for residents of the city. I think it is cool that on the first Saturday of November, 50 museums in Amsterdam are open during the night for special events, special tours, drinks, and food!

  3. Great tips on what to do at night. And great heads up on shoes to wear! I can’t imagine wearing heals on the cobblestone streets without twisting an ankle! I imagine riding a bike would be a great way to see the sites as well without so many people jockeying for space with their bike.


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