Jordaan Amsterdam: Best Amsterdam Neighbourhood Guide

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The Jordaan Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and magical neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. It is the number one place to go if you are looking for picturesque canals, trendy shops, and cute cafes. It is also home to the most expensive streets in the city!

If you are visiting Amsterdam and looking for a gorgeous neighbourhood to explore, or want to stay in the most beautiful part of the city, it has the be the Jordaan! The best part about the Jordaan is that it is super central, meaning from here you can walk to various other parts of the city without having to walk for hours.

Want to know more about Amsterdam’s most beautiful neighbourhood? Keep reading!

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The Jordaan Amsterdam Guide

Best things to do in the Jordaan

Shopping on the 9 Streets

Going shopping on the famous 9 streets in Amsterdam is not just one of the best things to do in the Jordaan but also one of the best things to do in Amsterdam. The 9 streets are a group of 9 streets that are full of amazing restaurants, cute cafes, and trendy shops.

It is the perfect place to pick up a local coffee from a beyond aesthetic cafe and wander around shopping for new clothing, jewellery, home items and more!

Canal view in Amsterdam
Street of Amsterdam

Get a Coffee to go

Amsterdam is a coffee lover’s paradise! There are cafes all around the city for you to enjoy and some of the very best is located in the Jordaan. Some cafes serve really unique drinks like beetroot lattes, blue matcha drinks and more!

You can really find anything, along with a ton of super cool treats like unicorn cupcakes, fresh croissants plus much more. The best cafes in Jordaan Amsterdam are Sue, Pluk, Koffie Spot, to name a few.

Visit a Museum

Luckily there are many museums in the Jordaan for you to enjoy and discover. Some of the top options are Tulip Museum – a museum dedicated to tulips, Anne Frank House – a historic museum, House Boat Museum – a museum showing the inside of an iconic Amsterdam houseboat, and Electric Ladyland – a museum of fluorescent art.

The tulip museum is also a great place to pick up a tulip souvenir, one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs you can get!

*IMPORTANT: The Anne Frank House has now limited its amount of guests to 1 million a year. As a result, tickets ONLY go on sale ONLINE on the first Tuesday of the Month*

Try a new Restaurant

There are a ton of great restaurants in the Jordaan just waiting to be discovered. From fancy dinner spots to casual lunch restaurants to healthy vegan spots and more. Some of the best places to check out are Venus and Adonis, Fou Fow Ramen, and Wijnbar diVino.

Explore the Canals

The streets and canals in the Jordaan are some of the most beautiful in all of Amsterdam. With the iconic houses, many bridges and tree-lined canals it truly is the best place to walk around in Amsterdam. This is especially true in Amsterdam in summer when the trees are full of green leaves and the canals are packed with boats!

Canal with a bike
Girl standing on a canal in Amsterdam

Where to Stay in the Jordaan

The Jordaan is full of stunning boutique hotels with canal views and beautiful interiors. Here are some of the best places to stay in the Jordaan:

The Jordaan Amsterdam is one of the most magical and enchanting areas of Amsterdam that everyone needs to explore. I hope this guide helps your adventure in this stunning Amsterdam neighbourhood.

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