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Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam | Hotels, Neighbourhoods & More

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Are you heading to the Netherlands and wondering where is the best place to stay in Amsterdam?

Read through this post for all the best places to stay in Amsterdam for all types of travelers and accommodation requirements. Amsterdam is a small city, but it does have very distinct areas within it that are all very different and offer a different Amsterdam experience.

I want to ensure you pick the best area in Amsterdam for your specific needs while traveling, whether you need somewhere suitable for families, couples, budget, or anything else.

In order to provide you with the most accurate suggestion on the best place to stay in Amsterdam, I will run through each area of the city and outline what the areas are known for and who is best suited for it.

Following the area run down, we will go through the specific best places to stay for specific traveler types.

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Best Places to Stay in Amsterdam

Even though I lived in Amsterdam for five years I have visited 5 times since I started to travel full-time and have extensive experience with hotels here!

Overview Of All Areas In Amsterdam

City map of Amsterdam

There are 5 distinct areas in Amsterdam that are suitable places to stay while visiting the city. Within these areas, there are “sub-areas” and neighborhoods within them all with their own unique offerings and diverse area elements. Below is a brief explanation of the areas and neighborhoods within them.

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Amsterdam West

Black and orange houses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam West is a quiet and local area of Amsterdam. This is a great area to stay in for lower accommodation prices and a more authentic Amsterdam experience.

\In this area, there are trams, buses, and a metro line that are within close proximity, therefore, getting to the city center is quite easy. The main and most popular sub-area of Amsterdam West is:

  • Oud-West – This is a hip, up-and-coming area of Amsterdam. The area is full of trendy cafes, unique restaurants, and cute Amsterdam houses.

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Amsterdam Centrum

Canal with gingerbread houses in the background

Amsterdam Centrum is the center of Amsterdam. This is where all the action usually is for tourists and within this area, almost all major attractions are within walking distance.

Centrum is the most popular place to stay in the city, which also makes it the most expensive. If you value close proximity over price, then centrum is a good option for you. Within Centrum there are a few different areas, and they are all extremely different.

Below is an explanation of each.

➡️ JordaanThe Jordaan is the nicest and most expensive area within Centrum and all of Amsterdam (in my opinion). The whole area is full of nice restaurants, cozy cafes, trendy shops, and stunning streets. This is usually everyone’s favorite area in Amsterdam and is a dream location to find accommodation. (MY FAVORUITE!)

➡️ Canal belt – The canal belt lies along the bottom edge of Centrum and is a less expensive but still beautiful area to stay in. This area is a nice central spot that can get you to centrum and Zuid very easily.

➡️ Old Centrum – This is in the very middle of Amsterdam. If you are looking to be right in the thick of the excitement this is the best place to stay in Amsterdam.

➡️ Nieuwmarkt – This area is where the Red Light District is located. It is a decent area to stay in if you are visiting the city to party but can get pretty rowdy at night.

Amsterdam Oost

Tops of houses in Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost is a relatively quiet area of Amsterdam, which makes it the best place to stay in Amsterdam for those travelers looking for a relaxing visit.

From Oost, most attractions require a bike ride or public transport and they are a short distance away. However, due to this, the prices of accommodation here are low.

Just be sure to not stay too deep within Oost and choose accommodation as close to the center as possible to avoid long travel times.

The top area in Oost is:

➡️ Plantage – This neighborhood is located near the city center and is quiet and safe.

Amsterdam Noord

IJ River with a museum across it in Amsterdam North

Amsterdam Noord is an up-and-coming area of the city. It is constantly getting worked on and new restaurants and shops are always being added. Getting here requires travel across the IJ River, but prices here and cheaper, and it is much quieter than the city center.

The city of Amsterdam offers ferry rides across the IJ River which bring you from Noord straight to Amsterdam Central train station are free of charge.

Amsterdam Zuid

Blonde Amsterdam in De Pijp

Amsterdam Zuid is located in the south of Amsterdam and is perfect for a quiet and more authentic stay in Amsterdam. The area has two main neighborhoods to stay in that are near the city center which makes traveling to the main attractions quite easy. The two areas are:

➡️ De Pijp – This is a hip and amazing area of Amsterdam. There are no canals in this area but there are a ton of shops and some of the best restaurants in the city. Accommodation prices here are much lower and perfect for seeing a beautiful area of the city.

➡️ Oud-Zuid – This area is located at the top of Zuid and near the stunning Vondelpark and Museumplein. A great area for a quiet and local stay.

Just beware that Zuid is a very large area in Amsterdam and if you go too South you will be quite far from the city center and the hub of action.

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Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam for Couples

Couples visiting Amsterdam have quite a bit of accommodation and area options. Depending on the type of traveler you are, there are a ton of choices. All the areas in Amsterdam are suitable for couples.

However, Amsterdam Centrum is best if you want close proximity and don’t mind some noise. While the Jordaan is best if you want a magical and romantic Amsterdam experience and have some extra money to spend.

The top hotels for couples are:


Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam for Families

Amsterdam is a great city to visit as a family, however, staying in the right area is imperative. There are some areas of the city that can get pretty loud during the night (Nieuwmarkt, Rembrandtplein, and Leidseplein) but there are even more areas that remain quiet and peaceful.

When looking for the best place to stay in Amsterdam for families you need to consider proximity to attractions and safety. Therefore, the best areas for families are the Jordan, Canal Belt, and De Pijp.

These are all very safe and historic areas that are close to the center, meaning you won’t have to do much traveling on public transport.

The best hotels for families are:

Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam for Singles

When visiting Amsterdam alone there are two main aspects you will want to look for in accommodation. The first is safety, and the second is cost-effective. Amsterdam is a relatively safe city, almost all the areas are safe and you will not have any problems.

Just be sure to stay out of Nieuwmarkt if you don’t want drunk and rowdy people around at night. As for the cost, the closer you are to the city center the more expensive it gets.

As a solo traveler, it is always a good idea to consider staying in a hostel. This way you meet new people and save some money. Therefore, these are the hotels and hostels I suggest.


Best Place to Stay in Amsterdam for First Time Visitors

The best place to stay in Amsterdam for first-time visitors is anywhere near the city center. You want to explore the core of the city before you start worrying about the other areas of Amsterdam. Here are the best options in the city center.


Quiet Places to Stay in Amsterdam

The quietest places to stay in Amsterdam are Zuid, West, Noord, and Oost. They are further from the city center and not around all the touristy spots. The best accommodation choices within these areas are:

Where to stay in Amsterdam on a Budget

It’s true, Amsterdam is a pretty expensive city. Therefore, saving money on accommodation is a good idea. The best way to stay in Amsterdam on a budget is by staying in a hostel and Amsterdam is full of them.

There you have it. No matter what your travel needs are you are sure to find your very own best place to stay in Amsterdam from this list. Just be sure to do your research before booking and ensure everything meets your needs.

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