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  1. thank you, this is a really good insider guide to where to stay in Amsterdam. I’m pinning it for later – for my future trip to Amsterdam.

  2. On our first visit to Amsterdam, we were cruising so we didn’t have t think about where to stay. It is always great to read about the different areas around a city to see what might work for us. We would definitely want to be close to the city centre. But not necessarily in a party area. Jordan might give us that magical and romantic experience we want. Need to get Amsterdam on the travel planning board.

  3. Did you stay in all these hotels? Which ones were your favorites and why? And good tip to stay out of Nieuwmarkt … I hate dealing with rowdy and drunk idiots when I am simply trying to get to and from a hotel.

  4. Where was this post when I took a very last minute spontaneous trip to Amsterdam a couple of months ago! I tried to research as much as I could, in very little time, about the different neighbourhoods to know where to stay and where to spend my time. My favourite outside of Centrum was toward the west, there were a lot of great restaurants.

  5. Wow, clearly all areas of the city have really beautiful architecture based on your pictures! I’m drawn toward Amsterdam West as a more local part of the city with cheap accommodation prices. It sounds like it’s hard to go wrong though, as all areas clearly offer their own unique charms.

  6. Love how you included a map and explained about each area in detail as that’s super helpful in determining where to stay not just by looking at which hotel is the nicest or most affordable, etc. I usually prefer proximity and don’t mind the noise so Centrum sounds like my jam. Will defs be looking into The Hoxton, thank you!

  7. This is such a definitive guide for anyone planning a trip to Amsterdam and trying to figure out the best places to stay. We’ve been to Amsterdam a few times and absolutely loved staying in the Jordaan area – with its picturesque canals and trendy cafes, it really felt like an amazing area to stay in. I would definitely consider staying in Amsterdam Zuid for our next trip to experience the quiet, authentic slice of Amsterdam you mentioned. Thanks for all these details.

  8. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. I have been there 3 times and there is so much to discover. Unfortunately, the city has become so crowded. But, if you are a little out of the way … Thanks for your tips, let’s see where I stay next time!

  9. Really useful guide as one always wonders where to stay. I can’t remember where we did stay when we visited Amsterdam many years ago (I actually think we were camping!), but if we were to go back, I can imagine us staying in Amsterdam Zuid, close to the city center and the main attractions. I think it also depends on how long one plans to stay. For a short visit, it’s better to avoid losing too much time in transportation.

    • Yes exactly! Honeslty tho, Amsterdam is quite small so you can walk quite a bit if you just take one metro into the city center 🙂

  10. Great post.Think I got things figured out when I visit again.Love the website and regular emails I recieve.

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