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  1. There is seriously so much to do for date night in Amsterdam! I can’t pick between a movie in that cool old fancy theatre, a drink in the Skylounge, glow in the dark mini golf, walking the streets at night to see the lights or wandering the tulips! Maybe you could just do it all!

  2. We had one quick transit day in Amsterdam. We definitely want to go back. So thanks for the date suggestions. A bunch date is always good. I will check out that post. I might want to try the swing. Love to get high perspectives on a new city. Packing a picnic and heading to the Vondelpark would give us some down time together. Maybe we will just turn off our phones. Finishing the day with glow in the dark mini golf would be our kinds of goofy fun. Thanks for some suggestions.

  3. I spent a whole week enjoying “dates” just last month. My favourites would have been strolling along the canals, going to the museums, and visiting vondelpark. I also enjoyed the cool cafes and restaurants and you are right there were so many delicious brunch options. I loved this city and agree it is quite romantic.

  4. Me personally (as I know Amseterdam well), I would prefer to do the brunch as the Dutchies make an amazing breakfast over the water (I am from London) but also a drink at a high-rise bar. Love them over there. However, didn’t know about the cinema in an old theatre, that looks amazing and would love to check that out.

  5. Great lineup of options for a date … which my wife (of 21 years) and I love to still do regularly (a reason we are so happy together for sure). A picnic together would top our list, though also ending that afternoon relaxing at the park with a drink and view at the SkyLounge would be pretty cool too.

  6. We visited Amsterdam a few years ago and enjoyed our time there. Walking along the canals, tasting some of the food, and exploring the sites at night when it’s all illuminated. Brunch is always a good idea – we try to have one in most of the cities when we get to visit one, like in Paris or NYC. A yummy way to explore some of the local delicacies!

  7. What a great list of wonderful things to do on a date! I would like a cruise on the canals, walking along the canals and ending the evening with a drink at the Skylounge. Tucking this away for future use!

  8. Lots of great date ideas here. I always love a boat ride, and the night canal cruise with dinner sounds so romantic, so that would be my pick. Not sure about the A’Dam swing, sounds a bit too daring for me, even though the views would be spectacular. Will keep these ideas in mind for when I go to Amsterdam.

  9. Amsterdam is the perfect place for a couple to head to as it has so many different things for different couples to enjoy whether that be partying all night or having a relaxing cruise on the canals… or both!! I’ve only been with friends but I am looking forward to returning with my husband.

  10. Nice website and cool guide Sam. Good luck on the projects. I’d add Q-factory or some stand ups which are also plenty in Amsterdam. There is something about jamming to some instrument in a cool studio space if a girl is into music 😉 All the best

  11. So many fun ideas. I think I would love to try the swing. My husband and I only had a short time in Amsterdam on our first visit. We need to plan to go back, especially in the Spring to see the tulips.

  12. I love the variety of date activities you’ve listed here! I also didn’t know that Amsterdam had beaches, so I will definitely have to check those out when I go. That A’DAM swing won’t be for me though – heights are not my favorite. Thanks for the great post!

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