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  1. I have to admit, not a big shopper. One of these blokes who only goes into the shops if he knows what he wants, he he. But this is a great guide for those who want to splash the cash and there is no other better city than Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Been to the city about nine times now and love the foodie scene but have I brought anything there……maybe the odd postcard and a beer for the train to my next destination in the country 😀

  2. While I explored this area the last time I was in Amsterdam, I didn’t know it was called the nine streets of Amsterdam. I love all of the details you’ve provided here, and I’ll definitely have much more insight during my next visit!

  3. Oh, I love how detailed this is! We never made it out of the airport last time, but we definitely hope to go back. Even if we do not go into a store, window shopping and walking these types of districts is one of our favorite things to do while in Europe! PLUK and POLABERRY would absolutely be on my list as a sweet “must try”!

  4. My husband and I spent one layover in Amsterdam to visit with friends and it wasn’t long enough. I’d love to go back and explore, as well as, eat some stroopwafels! The sweets at Polarberry look amazing too!

  5. I would really wander across the infamous Amsterdam 9 streets which are known as one of the best areas in the city for chic shopping, delicious food, and lovely surroundings. It is great you shared some of the chic boutique shops in your post which makes us easier to shop here. Ou Boutique store looks great as it covers all latest trends.


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