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Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: 4 Season Guide

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The best time to visit Amsterdam depends on quite a few different factors. Every season and month of the year offers something unique and different to enjoy and discover in Amsterdam and picking the best time to visit Amsterdam is a decision that can be quite challenging.

With a city as diverse and lively as Amsterdam, there is no “bad time” to visit, so finding the one that suits you most is needed.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. All year long people from around the world flock to Amsterdam to admire and soak in the beauty and excitement of the city.

It is a city that truly has something for everyone! It is a great place to visit for families, couples, adventure travelers, photographers, partiers, and more!

Use this guide to find out when the best time to visit Amsterdam is for your travel desires!

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Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: Weather

Winter Weather

  • December, January, and February

Winter in Amsterdam often welcomes mild temperatures and quite a few rainy days. However, the weather in Amsterdam in winter, like most times of the year is completely unpredictable. Winter is a time to expect quite a few rainy days. As for snow, it is not as common within the last few years but you may get a rare snowy day which is beyond magical in Amsterdam.


Despite the mild temperatures be sure to pack warm clothing as the wind chill can get quite bitter! It is also important to pack waterproof clothing just in case.

Spring Weather

  • March, April, May
Amsterdam street

Spring welcomes warm and sunny days in Amsterdam. It is one of the more popular times to visit because of the plethora of sunny days and warm temperatures.

As spring begins in March it is still a little cold in Amsterdam but as the months pass it slowly warms. Plus, you can often get small heat waves in the spring which welcome abnormally warm days – where temperatures can reach over 20°C.


Spring is not the rainiest time of the year but you can expect a few days of rain. Amsterdam is a very rainy city and no matter when you visit you can always expect a few days of rain.

Summer Weather

  • June, July, and August
Canal in Amsterdam
sunset beyond a street in Amsterdam

The summer months in Amsterdam are sunny, warm, and beautiful. You can expect clear blue skies, hot temperatures, and a lot of sun.

Amsterdam has great weather in the summer that is not too hot, however, there are often a few heatwaves in Amsterdam in the summer when the temperatures are over 32°C.


Fall Weather

  • September, October, and November
Canal in Amsterdam in the fall

Fall in Amsterdam is unpredictable at best. You will most likely see quite a few rainy days with November as the rainest month of the year but some years there is very little rain, once again Amsterdam’s weather is unpredictable.

However, when there is no rain and the sun is shining, Amsterdam’s fall weather is unbeatable.


Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: Events

Winter Events

The best winter events in Amsterdam are:

  • Amsterdam Light Festival Tour: December and January. Amsterdam Light Festival is where art exhibitions created by artists from around the world are displayed around the whole city of Amsterdam
  • Ice Skating at Museumplein: November – February. Skating rink behind the Rijksmuseum and offers an amazing skating experience.
Skating rink infront of Rijksmuseum
Skating rink infront of Rijksmuseum

Spring Events

The best spring events in Amsterdam are:

  • Tulip Feilds: Late March to Early May. The Netherlands comes alive with colorful, and mesmerizing tulip fields!
  • Kingsday: April 27th. Kingsday (Koningsdag) is the biggest celebration in all of the Netherlands and is a celebration unlike anything you will ever see, it is like celebrating St. Patrick’s day in Ireland.
Tulips fields in Amsterdam
Tulips fields in Amsterdam

Summer Events

The best summer events in Amsterdam are:

  • Mystic Garden: June. EDM festival in a mystic and fairytale-like setting.
  • Amsterdam Open Air: June. A diverse music festival takes place outdoors.
  • Gay Pride: August. A huge parade takes place where the whole city dresses up and the canals are full of prideful boats!
  • Mystery Land: End of August. This is a huge festival similar to Tomorrowland.
Flowers on a street in Amsterdam
Girl standing on a canal in Amsterdam

Fall Events

The best fall events in Amsterdam are:

  • Amsterdam Dance Event. Mid October. ADE is an annual electronic music event that takes place in the middle of October. The event takes place over 5 days and every day welcomes a wide range of events to attend.
  • Museum Night (MUSEUMNACHT): First weekend of November. A night when over 50 museums in Amsterdam stay open after hours and host various different exhibitions.
  • Sinterklaas Parade: Mid November. A parade through Amsterdam in relation to Sinterklaas, a Dutch Christmas character.

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Fall street in Amsterdam

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: Prices

The cost to visit Amsterdam varies depending on the time at which you visit. If you are looking to visit Amsterdam on a budget it is best to visit Amsterdam in December or one of the winter months.

Typically the summer months are the most expensive for flights and accommodation, but this is typical for most places. As for the spring months, you will likely find Amsterdam in April to be more pricey because of the tulip fields and Kingsday.

Cheapest time to visit: November, December January

Most Expensive: April, June, July, August.

Canal in Amsterdam with houses reflecting off the water

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam: Tourists

Amsterdam is an extremely touristy city with every month of the year welcoming a ton of tourists to roam the streets. There are so many tourists that some months are almost too much, and locals avoid the city center because of the number of people packed into it.

If you are looking to avoid huge crowds of tourists the months to avoid are April, May, June, July, and August.

The months with the least tourists are the fall and winter months. Where Amsterdam in October offers the perfect in-between for some tourists but the still warmer weather.

As you can see the best time to visit Amsterdam depends on a ton of different factors. By reading this post you can get a good idea of all the different things that go into choosing the best time to visit Amsterdam and can more easily find the perfect time for you.

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