Netherlands Tulip Fields Guide: 4 Best Tulip Fields in Holland

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Want to learn everything you need to know about the iconic tulip fields in the Netherlands? This Netherlands tulip fields guide covers everything you need to know and more!

The Netherlands is known around the world for being one of the best places on earth to see and admire tulips. Its stretching tulip fields with row upon row of bright-colored flowers are one of the main attractions to the country, welcoming millions of people during their bloom season.

Find here the complete guide to all the best Netherlands tulip fields, when to visit, and some more tips!

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Netherlands Tulip Fields Guide

Short on time?
Tulip Season: Late March – Early May
Best Tulip Fields: Lisse
Best Tulip Gardens: Keukenhof
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Netherlands Tulip Fields Season

Aerial view of tulip fields
Aerial view of tulip fields

The tulip season in the Netherlands is from late March to early May. This is the ONLY time of the year you come to visit the Netherlands and see all the stunning and iconic tulip fields in full bloom.

The window in which you can enjoy the fields to their fullest is quite small but with proper planning, you will have no problems.

Just note that depending on the year and the weather the blooming times may be affected. For example, it could be a cold spring where we see a late bloom season and the tulips only start to bloom beautifully in April.

On the other hand, it may be a hot spring whereby, at the beginning of May the tulip fields are being plowed and starting to wilt.

Therefore the best time in the Netherlands for the best viewing of the tulip fields is in mid-April.

Best Tulip Fields in The Netherlands


Multicolored tulip field under a nice clouded sky. Stitch of several different shots.

Noordoostpolder is one of the best places in the Netherlands to admire the beautiful row upon row of tulips.

It is located in the central part of the Netherlands in the Flevoland province and this province boasts some of the best and most beautiful tulip fields in the country! Within this province the best place to see the magical fields of tulips is Noordoostpolder.

Since Noordoostpolder is located further from the more popular cities in the Netherlands you will find them far less touristy and more enjoyable as a result.

With over 5,000 acres of rainbow-colored fields, it is the largest flower-growing region in Holland and a must-visit. Plus there is a dedicated Tulip Route that is mapped every year for its visitors!

– Largest tulip-growing region in Holland
– Can explore by car or bike
– Less touristy
– Far from many big cities in Holland

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Schagen is a small town in North Holland that offers rows of picturesque tulip fields. The best thing about these tulip fields is the iconic Dutch windmills you will see in the background. This only adds to the charm of the tulip fields and feels like the ultimate Dutch experience.

These fields are slightly more out of the way than others as they require a car or public transportation to reach them. Expect an hour of driving and more than an hour of taking public transport from Amsterdam to reach these fields. After this, you will also have to bike to reach them and explore. You can bring your bike on the train or rent one in town.

Cycle from Schagen to Moerbeek for a full tour of all the tulips.

Since they are considered more out of the way you can enjoy these fields with no other people!

Beautiful fields
Traditional Dutch windmills in the background
Less busy
Far from Amsterdam
Requires a bike

The Bollenstreek: Lisse / Hillegom / Noorwijkerhout

Colourful tulip fields in Lisse
Colourful tulip fields in Lisse

The Bollenstreek is an area in Western Holland known for its various beautiful flower fields. It is easily one of the most popular and touristy Netherlands tulip fields, but still one of the best. Due to its popularity, it is best to go in the early morning or during the week to avoid crowds.

One of the reasons these tulip fields are so popular is their location. Centrally located in the middle of The Netherlands and easy to reach from all the major cities, it is a convenient field for all.

If you want to simply take a train with your bike already on it, or easily find plenty of bike rental companies, this is the best field for you!

– Conveniently located in the middle of The Netherlands
– Easy to reach
– Can explore by bike or car
– One of the most touristy tulip fields in the Netherlands
– Very busy on weekends


Pink tulips in a large field

Goeree-Overflakkee is a hidden gem in the Netherlands perfect for those looking to explore some stunning Netherlands tulip fields with no one else around. The tulip fields in Goeree-Overflakkee are every bit as beautiful and colorful as in the rest of the country, but more untouched.

The best way to get here is by car, and you can drive between fields admiring and taking photos along the way. The tulip fields are best found around the towns of Middelharnis and Dirksland.

– Off the beaten path
– Few other people
– Must reach these fields by car

Netherlands Tulip Fields Keukenhof

Keukenhof is considered the world’s most beautiful flower garden. Each year these gardens welcome millions of people all eager to see the unique flower arrangments and gardens.

Although you will not find tulip fields here, it is still a great place to visit if you want to see many different types of flowers and different art installments.

Be sure to get your tickets in advance and try to visit during the week as the weekend is very busy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I visit the Netherlands for tulips?

The best time to visit is typically from late March to early May. To try to ensure you see the tulips in bloom plan to visit in the third week of April.

How To Get To the Tulips Fields

The best way to get to all the Netherlands tulip fields is by car. By renting a car you can easily bring yourself to all the fields (as they are not located in town) and move between them with ease.

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Another way is by taking public transport. This option can be difficult for some of the fields that require many training changes and different businesses.

To get around the fields you will need a bike! Rent a bike or bring one with you as this is the number one way to get the full experience.

Netherlands Tulip Field Tips

  • Bring or rent a bike
  • Pack food and drinks
  • Make sure your camera and phone are changed
  • Plan your route beforehand
  • Know that the field locations change every year! Farmers cannot plant in the same place year after year as it is bad for the flowers so they will change

Are you excited about your tulip field adventures?

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