10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

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Searching for the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca? This is for you!

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Mallorca was because of its beaches and they did not disappoint. There are endless beaches in Mallorca and I fell in love with ALL of them. They are so different from one another and honestly some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in the world.

Keep reading to learn about the 10 most beautiful beaches in Mallorca below!

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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Cala Llombards

📍 Location: Cala Llombards

Cala Llombards is famous for its unbelievable turquoise waters and dramatic rocky cliffs that surround the bay. Honestly, this beach has some of the BLUEST water I’ve ever seen in my life!

💡 Cala Llombards is probably my favorite beach in Mallorca. I love the little fishing huts, the blue water, and the surrounding beauty!

Cala Llombards is relatively small, which can make it quite busy during peak summer months. One thing I LOVE about this beach is that there is a parking lot near the beach (I have found parking to be quite a challenge in Mallorca) but it can fill up quickly, so it’s best to arrive early.

Cala de Sa Calobra

📍 Location: Cala de Sa Calobra

Cala de Sa Calobra is easily one of the most amazing beaches in Mallorca. This unbelievable beach is known for its dramatic landscape, where the Torrent de Pareis river gorge meets the sea.

💡 Cala de Sa Calobra is the most unique and “different” beach in Mallorca. Surrounded by steep cliffs and huge rock formations it offers something completely unique from the other beaches.

The road to Sa Calobra is winding and narrow – it is a very adventurous drive with many hairpin bends, but the views are well worth the journey. Parking is available near the beach, but it can be limited during peak times.

💡 TIP: arrive early or arrive via boats or an organized tour to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot.

Cala Agulla

📍 Location: Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla is a stunning beach famous for its long stretch of golden sand and clear blue waters, and surrounding pine forests. It is ideal for those who want a sandy beach day with a more lively atmosphere,

💡 Cala Agulla gets VERY busy in the summer months. There are a lot of people, music, and groups so if you want a more relaxing beach day avoid – if you want a lively beach day this is great.

The beach is equipped with amenities, including lifeguards, beach bars, and restaurants, as well as facilities for renting sun loungers and umbrellas. If you are looking for a more relaxing and less busy beach near head to Cala Mesquida (all about this next).

Cala Mesquida

📍Location: Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida has a long sandy shore, clear blue waters, and impressive sand dunes that give it a unique vibe. The beach is surrounded by forests and rugged landscapes.

💡 Cala Mesquida is located just a short distance from Cala Agulla and is a great alternative for those seeking a more relaxing beach day.

Cala Mesquida can get busy during the peak summer season but it is pretty big so there is generally plenty of space for everyone. There is a designated parking area close to the beach, which is convenient but can fill up quickly, so it’s best to arrive early in the day.

The beach offers several amenities, including sunbed and umbrella rentals, lifeguard services, and a few beach bars and restaurants nearby for refreshments and meals.

Cala s’Almunia

📍 Location: Cala s’Almunia

Cala s’Almunia is a beautiful beach located a short distance from Cala Llombards. The beach is pretty unique with rocky cliffs, traditional Mallorca fishing houses, and clear turquoise waters.

💡 This beach isn’t your traditional beach with sun beds or clear places to lay out on the beach. It is a more authentic beach day experience and more of a free for all- but 100% worth it.

Parking can be challenging as there is no dedicated parking lot nearby. You will have to find parking along the road leading to the beach, and from there, it’s a short walk down to the cove.

💡 TIP: I HIGHLY Advise you to arrive early to get a parking spot. Also note, that the beach does not have many amenities, so bringing your own supplies, such as water and snacks, is recommended.

Caló des Moro

📍 Location: Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro is a remote little beach located within a small cove with turquoise waters framed by steep, rocky cliffs and lush vegetation. It is one of the best beaches in Mallorca for swimming and visiting on a boat trip.

This is an amazing boat trip that brings you to Cal Des Moro! I highly recommend.

Caló des Moro can get busy and the beach itself is relatively small, so it can become crowded quickly. There is no dedicated parking area for Caló des Moro you will park on the street, walk to Cala s’Almunia then make your way to Caló des Moro.

Cala Mondragó

📍 Location: Cala Mondragó

Cala Mondragó is a large beach with fine white sand and turquoise waters. The beach is part of the Mondragó Natural Park so it’s not just a beach for swimming and sunbathing, but also for hiking and enjoying nature.

There is a large parking area close to the beach, which is convenient but can fill up quickly during the high season. The beach is well-equipped with amenities, including sunbed and umbrella rentals, lifeguards, and a few beachside bars and restaurants where visitors can enjoy refreshments and meals.

Cala Pi

📍 Location: Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a picturesque beach known for its setting within a narrow, deep inlet surrounded by steep cliffs. It is one of the best beaches in Mallorca for families and couples!

💡 Cala Pi is less crowded than other beaches in Mallorca – it is also located within a village so finding parking, restaurants, grocery stores and more is super convenient.

Es Trenc

📍 Location: Es Trenc

Es Trenc is one of Mallorca’s most famous beaches spanning over 2 kilometers, this unspoiled beach offers a stunning beach day experience similar to the Caribbean. Es Trenc is also part of a protected area!

💡 Es Trenc is an incredibly popular beach so be prepared for large crowds!

There are multiple parking areas near the beach, but they can fill up quickly, so it’s advisable to arrive early. Parking is generally paid, with fees helping to maintain the beach.

The beach is equipped with amenities, including sunbed and umbrella rentals, beach bars, and restaurants.

Cala Varques

📍 Location: Cala Varques

Cala Varques is a hidden gem on Mallorca’s east coast, known for its untouched natural beauty, clear turquoise waters, and rugged coastline. This secluded beach features fine white sand and is surrounded by rocky cliffs and pine forests, providing a perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and a connection with nature.

💡 There is no direct road access or dedicated parking lot near the beach. You will park along the main road and hike approximately 20-30 minutes through the forest to reach the beach.

Cala Varques is relatively remote and less crowded than many of Mallorca’s more accessible beaches. Its seclusion means that even during the peak summer months, it remains a peaceful retreat.

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