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  1. Amsterdam is a fascinating city, but I’ve never been before. It sounds easy enough to get there and also to get around once you’ve arrived. The Begijnhof courtyard would be fascinating to see – such old history. It’d be a strange place to live now I reckon. I could not visit, however, without going to the Anne Frank house.

  2. I absolutely love Amsterdam and just took my second trip this past spring to discover more of the city and see the tulips. My first trip was in the fall and I loved it then too…the fall foliage falling into the canals is beautiful. I just saw the flower market for the first time and I love stroopwafels! I love walking the city-it is SO easy as Amsterdam really isn’t that big. I found some of the coolest stuff by walking!

  3. I love Amsterdam (I go there quite often but mainly to check out the bars), but when doing the touristy thing, I dont do the museums (only done Anne Frank which was totally amazing!) but I love taking the canal boat rides and riding around on the bike (but very easy to get lost!). 😀

  4. Now I’m craving stroopwaffle, so thanks a lot!!! 😀 I loved Amsterdam but we only had one day there (afternoon to afternoon) so definitely not enough time! Renting bikes is my dream for this city!!

  5. Amsterdam looks like so much fun and those iconic gingerbread houses are so beautiful. The new restaurant called The Vegan Junk Food Bar sounds so interesting! I’m not vegan, but the variety of dishes that are 100% vegan sound insane. I’ve never heard of vegan sashimi 🙂

  6. I love Amsterdam, it is so much fun. You have covered all the important places of the city. Visiting the canals, going for a canal cruise, visiting the Bloemenmarket, exploring the museums along with Anne Frank House, etc. all are must things to do in Amsterdam. What I found different in your blog is the idea of evening drinks with a view. I will surely enjoy that next time when I head to Amsterdam.

  7. Being Dutch, I’ve been to Amsterdam multiple times, but it never ceases to amaze me! The city is photogenic. There is always a new area to discover. Great tips and I love your photos!

  8. I must get to Amsterdam, as there looks like a lot of great places to see. I like the sound of the floating flower market and a canal cruise. The iconic dutch buildings are a must see. And I would love the Van Gogh Museum too. Thanks for the great 2 day itinerary.

  9. I think you’ve inspired me to go to Amsterdam. One of the European cities I have yet to visit. I might need to go just for the food, but those museums and floating flower shops look beautiful as well.

  10. Thank you for all of the great information. My husband was born in the Netherlands and we’are planning a trip there in 2020. We haven’t decided which month to plan our visit, but we’re thinking possibly June or September to avoid crowds. Wondering if you have any advice about that? If you have any advice about where to stay, or even which part of the city to stay in it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Of course! September is the best month out of those two, my favorite part of the city is the Joordan! & there are a ton of hotels / airbnbs throughout the city that are lovely 🙂 I’ll add this into the post

  11. Thank you soo much for this blog! I’m planning a trip through Denmark, Northern Germany, and Amsterdam for December and this post has me even MORE excited! Thank you for all of your tips especially about veg restaurants!

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