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  1. Did a similar tour of Rome in April. But Jan would be good as there would be lesser crowds and shorter queues. I missed visiting Altar of the Fatherland. Hopefully I can visit again.

  2. Back in 2014, we visited Rome in February and had very nice weather. It was cold but we had blue sky and sunny days! And of the all the places you’ve mentioned here in your post, our favorite was the Forum Romanum.

  3. I first went to Rome at the end of February, and I think I had a similar experience! There weren’t many crowds and the weather was chilly but manageable. I agree, Rome in the offseason is definitely the way to go!

  4. Love visiting tourist site such as this in the off seasons. Though January strikes me as a bit chilly, even though to be sure there are lots of things to do indoors. Curious about the Trevi fountain … where does all the money it rakes in go?

    • It’s not that cold if you dress right! As for the Trevi Fountain, I remember correctly it goes to the city 🙂

  5. I really dislike crowds. I visited Athens in the middle of summer and was turned off by the crowds and blistering heat. January in Rome may be the perfect time for me to visit Rome.

  6. Thanks for the memories. Eons ago, I spent a full month in Rome in January. I absolutely loved it. All the sights were uncrowded, Epiphany celebrations were in full swing and the food was amazing! Great reminder that I need to return to this wonderful city in the off season!

  7. I love the idea of visiting Rome in January. I have only been in the middle of summer (twice), so I only know Rome with massive crowds. I would love to explore the Colosseum without being shoulder-to-shoulder with a million people, for a change!

  8. I actually visited Rome over Christmas and New Year as a high school student and loved it! You are right that it is chilly but not outright cold, and I love your suggestions for what to wear. A light to medium jacket was sufficient for me, even spending most of our time walking around on foot.


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