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One Week in Amsterdam: Amazing 7 Days in Amsterdam

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Are you planning to spend one week in Amsterdam and want to know everything you need to do, see and experience while you are there? This post has you covered.

One week in Amsterdam is a significant amount of time that will allow you to see a ton of the city and even some other amazing sights and attractions.

After living in Amsterdam for 5 years, I am an expert on all the top things to do and see in this magical city. Spending 7 days in Amsterdam may seem like a long time, but I lived here for 5 years and there are STILL things to do!

After visiting Amsterdam for a week you will almost feel like a local and will just be starting to feel comfortable navigating the maze-like canals without a map. If you are planning a week-long stay in Amsterdam use this 7 day Amsterdam itinerary to seamlessly plan your stay!

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One Week in Amsterdam: 7 Days in Amsterdam Overview

➡️ Day 1: Amsterdam City Center
➡️ Day 2: Jordaan and Anne Frank House
➡️ Day 3: Museums and Vondelpark
➡️ Day 4: Experiences, Street Markets, Red Light District
➡️ Day 5: Amsterdam North
➡️ Day 6: Day Trip from Amsterdam
➡️ Day 7: Museums and De Pijp

Two Best Hotels in Amsterdam
➡️ The Conservatorium Amsterdam
➡️ The Dylan Amsterdam

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One Week in Amsterdam: Day 1: Amsterdam City Center

One week in Amsterdam: Jordaan Amterdam
One week in Amsterdam: Jordaan Amterdam

Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station is a must-visit destination for several reasons. It serves as the city’s main transportation hub, connecting Amsterdam to various national and international destinations. It offers convenient access to explore Amsterdam and beyond.

More so, the station itself is an architectural marvel, showcasing a stunning blend of historical and modern design elements. The grand entrance, intricate façade, and spacious interior create an impressive atmosphere.

Central Station is also located close to many shops, cafes, and attractions. It provides a perfect starting point to explore the city’s charming canals, famous landmarks, and cultural hotspots.

Amsterdam Gingerbread Houses

Just 2 minutes from Central Station sit the very famous Amsterdam Gingerbread Houses. Which are a row of quirky houses that look like gingerbread houses!

To get to these houses walk straight down from Central Station on the street called Damrak. On this street, you will notice a large canal, and the houses are located across from it.

Tony Chocolonelys Superstore

Once you walk past the Gingerbread houses you can head to one of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets – The Tony Chocolonely Superstore! This is a store that offers tons of free samples of the Netherlands’ most famous and delicious chocolate.

Dam Square

Dam Square is the largest and most lively square in Amsterdam. Here you will find The Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds, and more! In front of Dam Square is always full of performers and things to watch.

Kalverstraat Shopping

Kalverstraat is Amsterdam’s most popular commercial shopping street. Here you will find Primark, H&M, and more all for your shopping desires!


After shopping and exploring some of Amsterdam’s most popular places you will be craving some relaxation. The best place for this is Rembrandtplein which is a smaller square full of bars, restaurants, and clubs with outdoor seating. This is the perfect place to sit and relax with a drink!

Floating Flower Market

The Floating Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt) is located right beside Rembrandtplein and is a top attraction in the city.

It is the perfect place to pick up Dutch souvenirs like tulip bulbs or cheese. Or you can simply walk through it and admire the flowers and bustling environment. This is one of the best budget friendly things to do in Amsterdam.

💡 Honestly, I don’t think the Floating Flower Market meets the hype, but I think going there and seeing it for yourself is a good idea.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Finish off your first day with a canal cruise through the city. An evening canal cruise is super romantic and shows you the city in one of its most magical forms. This is a must do with one week in Amsterdam you do not want to miss.

This is also a great Amsterdam date idea if you are traveling with your partner.

One Week in Amsterdam: Day 2: Jordaan and Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Amsterdam is a museum lovers’ paradise. There are a ton of museums to choose from and when you are in Amsterdam for a week you will have more than enough time to enjoy quite a few.

One of the top museums in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. Which is a historical museum explaining the life of a girl hiding in an Amsterdam attic during WW2.

*IMPORTANT: The Anne Frank House has now limited its amount of guests to 1 million a year. As a result, tickets ONLY go on sale ONLINE on the first Tuesday of the Month*


The Anne Frank House is located in Amsterdam’s most beautiful neighborhood, The Jordaan. Here you will find the most beautiful canals, houses, and surroundings. This is my FAVOURITE neighborhood in Amsterdam and a place I can walk around for hours.

This is something you likely will do more than once when spending one week in Amsterdam!

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9 Streets

The 9 Streets are a famous grouping of 9 shopping streets in Amsterdam. Read this post for a full guide on the 9 streets. In short, it is the number one place to find vintage clothing, local boutiques, and aesthetic restaurants.

House Boat Museum

Curious about how a houseboat looks? Head to the houseboat museum which is located right beside the 9 streets. This museum brings you inside a houseboat to solve the mystery of what this curious living situation is like.

One Week in Amsterdam: Day 3: Museums and Vondelpark


Museum day in the museum square! Museum Square or in Dutch Museumplein is an area in Amsterdam where you can find 3 famous museums: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Moco Museum.

These are some of the best museums in the city which is why heading to the Rijksmuseum right in the morning is a must.

In the morning hours, the Rijksmuseum is slightly less busy and you can enjoy the exhibits and artifacts with fewer people. The Rijksmuseum is home to millions of pieces of art and artifacts dating back to the medieval ages.

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Van Gogh Museum

Visiting Amsterdam for a week means you have more than enough time to visit various museums. After your time in the Rijksmuseum, you can walk for just 2 minutes and then explore the Van Gogh Museum for the ultimate museum day.

This museum outlines the life of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh in a museum that shows his work as he progressed through his life.


Vondelpark is like Central Park but for Amsterdam. It is a huge park with paths, green space, a rose garden, and even two restaurants. No visit to Amsterdam is complete without exploring this park and soaking in the natural beauty of the city.


Leidseplein is a lively square in Amsterdam that is home to a ton of bars, restaurants, and clubs. It is the perfect place to grab a drink and people-watch or head for a fun night out.

One Week in Amsterdam: Day 4: Experiences, Street Markets, Red Light District

Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is a fun museum in Amsterdam that teaches you about the brewing process behind the Netherlands’ most famous beer: Heineken! Here you will learn about brewing and get to sample a few glasses of fresh Heineken.

Botanical Gardens

Amsterdam is home to its very own Botanical Garden called Hortus Botanicus. These gardens date back to 1638 when they were used to grow medicine. This is a fun place to spend a few hours wandering around and enjoying a different side of Amsterdam.

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Street Market Shopping

Amsterdam has a ton of street markets that pop up around town all week long. Some are only open on weekends like Westerstraat Street Market, but others like Waterlooplein and Albert Cupy are open almost all week.

Street markets are the best place to explore with one week in Amsterdam to try fresh Dutch treats and pick up local goodies.

Red Light District

The Red Light District is a controversial place in Amsterdam but a famous tourist attraction nonetheless. Here you can see the famous women in the red-light windows and walk around in amazement with the other tourists. A visit here is one of the top things to do in Amsterdam at night.

Amsterdam for a week: Day 5: Amsterdam North

Amsterdam tower

Amsterdam North

Spending a whole day in Amsterdam North is the best way to see and experience this unique area of Amsterdam. To get to Amsterdam North you will have to take the free ferry from Central Station and then you are on your way.

This part of Amsterdam is very rustic and artistic and is one of the up-and-coming areas of the city.

One of the highlights of Amsterdam North is the A’DAM Tower. This tower is open to the public to go to the top and view Amsterdam from new heights. It even has a swing that goes over the edge of the building and swings you dangerously from 100 meters in the air.

In Amsterdam North, you can also enjoy some sustainable coffee from De Ceuvel and spend some time at Noorderpark.

One Week in Amsterdam: Day 6: Day Trip from Amsterdam

Muiderslot Castle

Day Trip from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not a huge city and when visiting Amsterdam for a week you will have some extra time to expand your travels and see some additional places in the Netherlands.

There is so much more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam and going on a day trip to one or more cities is the best way to see more of the stunning country. Below are some of the top day trips from Amsterdam.

It is a really good idea to check out more of the Netherlands because you do have quite a bit of time with one week in Amsterdam.

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One Week in Amsterdam: Day 7: Museums and De Pijp

Moco Musuem
Moco Museum

Moco Museum

Moco Museum is one of the most fun and exciting museums in Amsterdam. It is the museum of modern art and hosts exhibits from artists like Banksy, Andy Warhol, and more!

De Pijp

De Pijp is a beautiful area in Amsterdam full of amazing restaurants and shops. There are no canals in De Pijp but it is a wonderful area to explore!


Spend the last bit of your final day in Amsterdam wandering around the city and going back to any of your favourite places!

This is the perfect opportunity to head back to any place that interests you, or relax in one of Amsterdam’s many cafes and simply soak in the Amsterdam vibe.

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💡 Running short on time? Discover everything you need for your trip to Amsterdam below!

These are the exact tools I use to book my travels every day. They are all tried and trusted by me and I would not be able to book so many amazing trips without all of them

How to get to Amsterdam

The best way to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport is with the city’s train system. The Netherlands has an amazing train system that runs throughout the whole country and it is quick and easy to navigate.

To take the train you will need to buy a ticket from one of the machines and look on the map to find the destination stop closest to your accommodation.

Amsterdam information

Visiting Amsterdam for a week will surely show you a ton of what the city has to offer. For a smooth visit check out this post with a full list of the most important Amsterdam travel tips.

Where to stay in Amsterdam

The best place to stay in Amsterdam depends on who you are as a traveler. Check out this guide for a complete rundown of all the top areas in Amsterdam to find which works for you!

Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

The best time to visit Amsterdam is during the spring (April to May) and summer (June to August) seasons. These months offer pleasant weather with longer daylight hours, making it ideal for exploring the city’s charming streets, parks, and canals.

Spring in Amsterdam is particularly beautiful, with the city bursting into bloom as tulips and other flowers adorn parks and gardens. The famous Keukenhof Gardens, located just outside the city, is a must-visit during this time, showcasing an impressive array of colorful flowers.

Additionally, spring brings mild temperatures, making it enjoyable to explore Amsterdam’s outdoor attractions and take leisurely canal cruises.

Summer is also a popular time to visit Amsterdam due to its warm and pleasant weather. The city comes alive with festivals, outdoor concerts, and vibrant terraces lining the canals. It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking along the city’s extensive network of bike paths or taking a boat tour through the picturesque canals.

It’s important to note that these seasons are also the peak tourist periods in Amsterdam, so expect larger crowds and higher prices for accommodations. If you prefer a quieter and more affordable visit, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring (March to April) or autumn (September to October).

Travel Insurance

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Visiting Amsterdam for a week will be a visit that is nothing short of amazing. You can really see a ton of what the city has to offer and even some additional sights and attractions. Use this guide to find your way with 7 days in Amsterdam, and feel free to add more things to your to-do list.

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One Week in Amsterdam
One Week in Amsterdam



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