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  1. I was impressed by how lovely the cities in Poland are. We didnt get to Gdansk but this makes me wish we did! It looks like a fairly wealthy city. Was it largely undamaged during the war perhaps?

  2. On the travel wish list! Would love to visit Poland. And will need to make sure that Gdansk is on the travel plans. I love strolling in cities like this with colourful buildings with status and fountains everywhere. I am not sure I have ever seen an orange church before! We will definitely walk along both sides of the river. Or maybe take a river cruise. Hubby would want to try the vodka tasting. But I am always up for pirogies.

  3. I love Gdansk, its a great city to go out for food and drink. I been here twice but for sightseeing, a day or two was enough for me. And in the middle of winter with the wind of the Baltic Sea made it a cold one! I love the history here also (even though some of it was bad). Very informative post and a great guide for first time visitors.

  4. Dining on pirogies, yes please. Vodka tasting … well if I must, though my preferences lean toward gin or whiskey. Would definitly want to visit during warmer months though … looks rather damp and cold otherwise.

  5. Since we have A Neptune Fountain in Kansas City, it would be nice to see THE Neptune Fountain in Gdansk. And because I live in the City of Fountains, I’m a big sucker for fountains.

  6. I always learn so much from reading your posts! Gdansk looks stunning, and I would get off the plane/train/whatever ready to try a plate of Perogies! Having not yet been to Eastern Europe, I’m always fascinated by the architecture there. I could spend hours on Dlugi Targ and would be sure not to miss St. Mary’s Church.

  7. Thank you for sharing your 15 ideas!
    Gdansk is definitely a great place to just wander and take in the amazing buildings and so on!

    Thank you once again, I hope to go back to explore more one day!

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