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Best Amsterdam Beaches: Recommended by a Local

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Visitors of Amsterdam are rarely heading to the city for a beach getaway. However, there are actually quite a few Amsterdam beaches that are well worth the visit. On a hot summer day, most people don’t want to get on a city train and travel for hours to one of the beaches down South. Therefore, the following Amsterdam beaches offer a welcome alternative!

In case you aren’t aware, Amsterdam is a notoriously rainy city and warm sunny days are considered rare. Therefore, when the weather is nice everyone heads to the beach. This is great though because most of the beaches in Amsterdam are quite spacious and more people mean more entertainment.

Whether you want to party on the beach, relax on the beach or do fun activities on the beach, there is an option for you. Heading to one of the beaches below is a great day trip from the city that shows you a less touristy and commercial side of Amsterdam. Enjoy!

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Best Amsterdam Beaches


Sandy beach and clear waters

Zandvoort is the most famous beach in Amsterdam. It is a very popular beach for locals and tourists alike! But don’t worry, there is a ton of room on the golden sand for everyone to lay out without being crammed together. This beach is so popular because it has something for everyone. The sand is lovely for sunbathing and the sea is perfect for swimming and water sports.

What’s even better is that Zandvoort to home to various beachside bars and restaurants that are great for grabbing a bite to eat or a drink and enjoying the beach day. Two great beachside locations that you should consider checking out are Hippie Fish and Safari Lodge!

Zandvoort is the best Amsterdam beach for sunbathing and swimming. The ample sandy space and lovely water make it an idyllic place for anyone looking for that Spain-like beach day, while in the Netherlands.

Bloemendaal aan Zee

People dancing on the beach

If you travelled to Amsterdam for partying or are in the mood for a fun and exciting beach day, Bloemendaal is the beach for you! This Amsterdam beach is the Ibiza of the Netherlands. During the day live bands and DJs host open-air parties that continue well into the night.

This beach is characterized by its plethora of amazing clubs and beach bars such as Woodstock69 and Vroeger. Evidently, Bloemendaal offers world-class entertainment and a young, vibrant atmosphere.

More so, if you are feeling a little crazy or just want no tan lines there is also a nude area to this beach just up the shore. However, if you are feeling like relaxing during the day and letting loose at night, you can head over to its neighbouring beach – Zandvoort – for the day.

Bloemendaal is a local favourite and spending a day and night here will be an Amsterdam experience you will not soon forget. It is the best beach for live music, beach parties, and beach clubs. If you are young, or young at heart and looking for a beach day experience similar to Ibiza, head here!

Strand Zuid

Strand Zuid is a 2000m2 beach that is located between Beatrixpark and Amsterdam RAI. More so, the beach is man-made and it is located within Amsterdam and not along the sea like many others, making it the perfect city beach.

Strand Zuid is regarded as one of the more luxurious beaches in Amsterdam that attracts a more affluent crowd. Despite its high-class image, Amsterdam locals of all classes flock here to kick back on a day bed, drink cold cocktails, and enjoy the nearby water.

This beach is very hip and even has a restaurant, playground and various events throughout the summer. It is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of rosè, play ping-pong with your friends, or sample local brews at the beer terrace.

The vibe at Strand Zuid is always buzzing! And in addition to the beach, it offers lounge chairs, hammocks, and a volleyball court. There are also showers if you need to cool off and a ton of activities for kids.

This is a perfect beach if you are looking for a trendy beach day, hanging out with friends, day drinking cocktails. If you are planning a more relaxed beach day right in the city Stand Zuid is best for you.

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Group of friends sitting in front of the Pllek building

Pllek is a trendy urban beach located in Amsterdam North. This beach is accessible via ferry across the IJ River from Amsterdam Central Station. From here you will arrive in the Noord industrial hotspot that is home to cultural happenings, art exhibitions, and Pllek!

On a nice summer day, Pllek is one of the local’s favorite Amsterdam Beaches. There is a large outdoor area in front of Pllek that also has a small beachfront strip. From this beach, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful views of the IJ River or you can swim in it.

Pllek also regularly has live music playing and you can order food and drinks from the restaurant.

This is a great beach for live music, good vibes, and beautiful views. It is a top place in Amsterdam to head to for drinks along the water.

Sloterplas swimming beach

Sloterplas is a new urban beach located in the Nieuw West neighborhood along the Sloterplas Lake. The Sloterplas Lake has crystal clear waters that are always cool and refreshing. This beach is always full of exciting beach day activities and water sports for you to get involved with. Such as sports, game programs, volleyball, and more!

This beach is a more low-key, quiet and family-friendly one. It has both sand and grass for people to lay out on, or you can rent chairs. There are also food and drinks available on the beach and sometimes there are festivals and shows.

Sloterplas is the ultimate Amsterdam beach for water sports activities, a quiet beach day, and families. If you are looking for a ton of space to do whatever you desire, head here.


Mother and sons sitting on the IJmudien beach

IJmuiden is located at the mouth of the IJ River. This beach is extremely popular for those seeking water sports and activities! There are numerous water activities available to meet all your adventurous needs. From kitesurfing to paddleboarding to blokarting.

The shore of IJmuiden is a huge and sandy, offering a plethora of space to relax and enjoy some beach day privacy. However, if a beach day consisting of laying on the beach isn’t your idea of fun, there is a ton to do here to keep you busy.

IJmuiden is one of Amsterdam’s best beaches for water sports, relaxing on the beach, and watching the river.

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Blijburg aan zee

Amsterdam beach with people on it

Blijburg Aan Zee is a city beach located a short distance from Amsterdam’s city center. This beach consists of a small artificially man sandy area along the IJ River. Since it is so small, you need to arrive here quite early in order to secure a spot.

This beach is great to go to if you want to travel a very short distance to get to a nice beach. There are also various food options on this beach that will keep you full and happy all day long.

Blijburg Aan Zee is great beach for easy access and good vibes. If you are planning a full beach day be sure to get an early start so you have the best spot.

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Wijk Aan Zee

Amsterdam beach with waves and surfers lining the shore

If you are a surfer dude/girl than Wijk Aan Zee is the beach for you! This beach is Amsterdams best ‘surf’ beach that offers the clearest waters along the whole coast. You can either surf here on your own or sign up for surfing lessons from one of the beaches surf schools.

More so, Wijk Aan Zee is home to Timboektoe, which is a really fun beach club that serves great food and has fun music. This beach is also located near a charming Village that is great to explore after a long day at the beach. Here you can get a taste of traditional Dutch life.

This is the best beach for surfing and beach clubs. Head here for a California like beach day while still in the Netherlands.

Castricum aan zee

Waving Amsterdam beach

Castricum Aan Zee is a coastal beach, unlike the others. It is not located near any village, therefore, therefore it is more popular with locals. This long stretch of sandy beach has a ton of space for people to relax in the golden sand and enjoy a calm beach day.

There are also a few beach clubs along the sandy dunes of this beach that offer food and drinks too! More so, in the summer months, this beach hosts various events that are really fun to attend.

Castricum Aan Zee is a great beach for a lowkey beach day with privacy.

How to get to these Amsterdam Beaches

All these beaches are located in different areas and parts of the city. Therefore, transportation to each will differ slightly. Look on google before you take off the find out which mode of transportation works best for where you are heading.

By Bike: The first option you always have in the Netherlands in transportation by bike. If you are visiting, renting a bike and using that to get to the beach is the cheapest and most fun mode of transportation. It may take up to 45 minutes to arrive but biking around the outskirts or inside Amsterdam is very enjoyable and the time will pass very quickly.

By Train: Some of the Amsterdam beaches are accessible by tram. You can either buy a 24-hour tram pass or 1 hour. You can purchase these on board.

By Bus: The beaches that are outside the city a little will only be accessible by bus. You can buy bus tickets once you board by only with a PIN card, no cash.

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The Amsterdam beaches truly hold something for everyone! From sports to parties to sunbeds, every person is sure to be able to find their perfect beach day. The best part about these beaches is that they are open year-round, so no matter the season you can check them out and see a side of Amsterdam that is rarely talked about.

However, there are tons of things to do in Amsterdam beyond beaches, so be sure to check out all the city has to offer.

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