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10 Best Amsterdam Souvenirs: Souvenirs of Amsterdam

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Looking for the best Amsterdam souvenirs to bring home from your visit to Amsterdam? Check out this list of the top 10 souvenirs of Amsterdam that you can find all around the city and take home for yourself or for family and friends.

There are so many amazing generic travel souvenirs to choose from like magnets, postcards, and more, however, this list is made for souvenirs that are specific to Amsterdam.

As an Amsterdam resident, it can be hard to find the “perfect” souvenirs when you are walking around in a rush to bring something home. Take a look at this list before you head out and look for a souvenir to come prepared.

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Top 10 Amsterdam Souvenirs


Cheese is one of Amsterdam’s most famous and popular souvenirs. There are cheese shops all around Amsterdam which boast a wide range of different flavours and types of cheese for you to sample and bring back to your home country.

The most loved cheese in the Netherlands is Gouda so if get overwhelmed by all the cheesy options, go for gouda and you can’t go wrong.

Cheese in a store in Amsterdam

Although there are villages all around Amsterdam that sell great cheese, you can find amazing options in the city itself.

On almost every street in the city center, you can find a cheese store with hundreds of cheeses. This is one of the best and most iconic Amsterdam souvenirs that are perfect for sharing stories of your Amsterdam adventures.

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Speculaas Cookies

Sepculaas are a popular Dutch cookie that is more commonly seen during the Christmas season. It is a spiced gingerbread shortcrust cookie that is traditionally cut into common dutch shapes like windmills, or in the photo below, houses in Amsterdam.

They are the perfect treat to bring home that you can find in various souvenir shops, that will likely be gone in a few days due to how tasty they are!

Box of cookies


Stroopwafels are an Amsterdam staple and one of the most popular Dutch foods. They are a sweet treat that consists of two thin waffles stuck together with sweet caramel. You can find them traditionally this way or with less sugar, a honey filling, and much more.

There are even some shops in Amsterdam that make custom stroopwafels where you can decorate them with unique toppings like M&M’s, coconut, and more.

The best way to bring these home as a souvenir is by buying a bag from a souvenir shop or a local grocery store!

Bag of stroopwafels

Tony Chocolonelys

One of the most versatile and unique souvenirs of Amsterdam is chocolate, and not just any chocolate but Tony Chocolonelys! Tony Chocolonelys is a Dutch chocolate brand that works towards stopping unethical chocolate production and moving towards a new era of chocolate that is sustainable and delicious.

Not only does this brand have an amazing mission but the chocolate is all very unique and beyond tasty. You can even go to the Tony Chocolonely store in Amsterdam and sample all of the flavours yourself.

You can expect flavours like: salted caramel, pretzel, popcorn, pecan, hot pepper, coffee and more!

Amsterdam souvenirs - Tonys Chocolate


There is no better way to remember your travels to a city than by hanging a piece of art in your home to remember. That is why one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs is art – hand painted or photography both work!

There are a ton of local shops around Amsterdam where you can find amazing pieces of Amsterdam art. A great option located in the stunning 9 streets is Carré d’artistes.


Tulips are one of the things the Netherlands is most famous for and are one of the most popular Amsterdam souvenirs. From tulip bulbs to tulip figurines and beyond, Amsterdam is a tulip lovers paradise that is full of special things to bring home as a souvenir.

Luckily, you can find tulips all around Amsterdam but the best place to find tulip souvenirs is at the floating flower market. Here you can find a plethora of colourful tulip bulbs, the most special being tulip bulbs in a can which are a cute and special gift!

Tulips in a can

Cheese Tools

With cheese as such a popular souvenir of Amsterdam, it is only fitting to also get to the proper cheese tools to accompany it. You can find cheese tools in the same stores you buy cheese and they make for the perfect addition to an Amsterdam collection. The most popular cheese tools are gouda cheese slicers, fondue sets, cheese forks, graters, and more!

Delft Pottery

Delft Pottery, also known as Delft Blue, is a special kind of pottery that is specific to the Netherlands. Most of the pottery is blue and white and depicts detailed paintings. It is produced in the city of Delft but can be found all around Amsterdam.

This Amsterdam souvenir can get a little more pricey depending on what items you get and what you don’t. Nonetheless, it is a great souvenir for yourself or as a special gift for someone.

Blue and white painting on white figure


Clogs are a Dutch staple that makes for the perfect souvenir of Amsterdam. You can find both small clog magnets and figurines but also real clogs to wear on your feet.

Clogs are wooden shoes that are painted in fun designs and are extremely uncomfortable. However, they are a great souvenir to have on display that is very specific to the Netherlands!

Little clogs


Jewelry is something you can find everywhere in Amsterdam. There is a cute special jewelry shop on almost every street, especially on the 9 streets.

At these shops, you can find a ton of beyond cute necklaces, rings, earrings to take home as a special Amsterdam souvenir. If you look at a few different stores you can even find bracelets and other pieces of jewelry with Amsterdam buildings and houses on them!

This is one of the best Amsterdam souvenirs that are subtle but holds great meaning.

Jewelry in a shop

As you can see there are plenty of special Amsterdam souvenirs to choose from. Finding the perfect souvenirs of Amsterdam takes some searching but with this list, you can easily find and determine which souvenirs best fit you.

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