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  1. It feels like it has been forever since we were last in Italy. We have visited most of the cities on your list. And have to agree these are some of the prettiest. But there were a few new ones I had to check out. We loved visiting the small towns in Tuscany but are worry we missed Saturnia. Would definitely want to check out the hot springs. We spent so much time on the Amalfi Coast. And can’t believe we missed Procida. On the list for our next visit. I just love those colourful buildings. Assissi is another one to add to our list. We do love to see well-preserved medieval towns. Thanks for some ideas for our next visit.

  2. I dont think you can go wrong in any city you visit in Italy. They all look so beautiful. I would love to go to the hot springs in Saturnia. I have never hear of this city before reading your post. I wonder if it is as crowded as the other major cities like Venice or Rome? It would be nice to get away from the crowds.

    • The hot springs have become more and more busy as time goes on, two years ago they would be quite empty but now the only time to get them with few people is in the offseason or early in the morning 🙂

  3. I have been to many of these cities–Positano, Siena, Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice–and each is just as beautiful as you say! You’ve added some new destinations to my itinerary for a return trip, the most intriguing of which is Procida! Thanks for the off-beat tip!

  4. How can one country have so many beautiful cities? I have been to six on your list but many others in Italy that aren’t on your list. Sigh.. they all bring back wonderful memories… I would love to visit Capri and Procida, with its colourful buildings, first. Hmm.. time to plan a return trip to Italy!

  5. You’re so right…the country is FULL of the most gorgeous cities and there isn’t enough time. I’m heading back to Italy in March. Second visit but the first time I only saw Rome. I’m going to spend some more time there only because I want to do night photography and see the Trevi Fountain (it was under renovation the first time and DRAINED!!). I plan to see Amalfi/Positano, Florence, Venice, Burano, and hopefully Milan. I’m trying to figure out how to fit Cinque Terre in even though it’s in a completely different direction. Any ideas?

    • Wow sounds like you have a lot planned for this next visit! Honestly, Italy is not that large and has a very good train system! A train ride from Rome to Naples is only a few hours and Rome is only a car ride from Cinque Terre 🙂 You can fit everything in and if you drive around you’ll discover even more unique places.

  6. I have visited five out of the 12, the rest have been on my list. But there are two that I hadn’t heard of until now, like Saturnia and Prociada. I would love to see them both and now added to the list.

  7. These cities of Saturnia and Procida are charming! Saturnia’s hot springs remind me of the water pools of Pamukkale in Turkey. And the colorful houses of Procida are a sight for sore eyes! There is always so much more to explore than the major cities like Rome or Florence, even though these are astonishing!

  8. Italy is just stunning! I really need to make a visit especially the small ancient town of Saturnia. I love hot springs and even better if the Cascate di Mulino has healing powers. The power of nature is undeniable 🙂

  9. Been to 3 out of list, i.e. Venice, Rome and Milan ! Love Venice and Rome, not so much of Milan. Next on my list is Positano ! You got me on Saturnia also, which I just learned from this post. Love hot springs !

  10. So many beautiful cities! I was supposed to go again to Italy this year to see Cinque Terre, but this will be for the next one 😀

  11. Beautiful post! I would love to go back to Italy. I have only been to Rome and Naples before, but there is so much more to see 🙂

  12. OMG! Thank you so much for this post! Florence is next on my list, and I will definitely stop by several of these cities, Saturnia, for instance, seems to be lovely and likely less touristy than Rome. After being in Paris, I realized that I hate tourists.

  13. I have visited Italy four times, staying for several weeks each time. But I have only been to half the cities you list here. Gives me a good reason to go back again and further explore the country.

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