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  1. What a beautiful town, especially those views and the Vallone dei Mulini. Thanks for the tip about transit, I’ll definitely take the ferry when I go!

  2. One part of Italy I haven’t touched (I done quite a lot of Italy) and would love to check out the beaches here. Like most coastal towns in this area, the facades of buildings look amazing and as a photographer, I would love to go round here and be snap happy.

  3. I haven’t been to Sorrento yet and I’m not sure I knew it was this beautiful. You had me at getting tipsy on limoncello tasting. Ever since I had limoncello for the first time in Rome, I’ve longed for it since. I can only imagine how great it is in a region known for its lemons! I also would love to see Regina Giovanna for photography!

  4. It sounds like there are so many things to do in Sorrento! I could easily get lost wandering the pedestrian-only streets, eating Italian food, sampling Limoncello and relaxing with a good book on a sun lounge. Good tip with the umbrella, I think you’d need it.

  5. Sorrento looks so beautiful!! I don’t understand why it’s so underrated. My mom and I take a trip together every year and I’m highly considering picking the Amalfi Coast for our trip next year; Sorrento sounds like a great place to make our home-base on that trip. Thanks for the great guide!

  6. I have not been to Sorrento, but would love to visit some day. I just love that it’s the land of lemons. I LOVE lemons. I could probably spend an entire day just exploring the shops that sell lemon infused items. And I really want to try the Sorrento lemon 🙂

  7. Limoncello tasting? Yes please!!! Wow the coastline looks so beautiful and the sunset from the harbor, delicious. I could imagine spending hours at Peter’s Beach with sun beds, service (another limoncello please) and easy access to the ocean.

  8. We LOVED the Amalfi Coast!! We spent our time in Positano, and wish we could have spent a bit more to enjoy areas like Sorrento as well. Peter’s Beach looks so unique and fantastic, I love the private beach aspect of Europe and never minded paying for the ease of an umbrella chair setup. And the limoncello tasting would be so fun!

  9. Lemons and limoncello have me yearning for a visit to Sorrento. It does seem that people always talk about Positano, so I loved reading your post about underrated Sorrento. Wandering the streets, eating pizza and relaxing on the beaches all sounds quite marvellous!

  10. I haven’t been to Italy yet, but looking at your pictures, I am surely going to introduce Sorrento in the plan. I am amazed at the lemon grove, and I am going to enjoy a lot of limoncello there. The view, the marina – everything looks so beautiful. I appreciate the way you have given idea about things to do there and also the day trip options.

  11. Thanks for the great tip to stay in Sorrento when visiting this part of the Italian coast. That makes so much sense, and it looks like a beautiful destination in its own right. I love the look of Vallone dei Mulini di Sorrento. I’m planning my trip there in 2021, this was very helpful. #mymomentsandmemories

  12. Two years ago my daughter and I took a trip to Italy. We took a side trip to Pompeii on the train from Naples. I wish we had gone to Sorrento too. Pompeii was really something to see. The train was everything they said in the article, hot, crowded, but worth it. I hope to go back to Italy one day. I will definitely put Sorrento on my list.


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