Yachts sitting on the Bay of Tivat with mountains in the background
Tivat, Montenegro

Top 10 Things to do in Tivat

Looking for some inspiration for things to do in Tivat? Look no further than this post for some great ideas on how to make your Tivat vacation the best it can be. Now, I know Tivat isn’t one of the most common Montenegrin cities on a traveler’s bucket list, but it should be! It is so different from all other cities in Montenegro and has some very unique and diverse offerings.

Since Tivat is a less popular travel desintation this means it is not packed with tourists like other cities in Montenegro. This makes it the perfect city to sit back and relax in and admire the stunning environment without the crowds. Further, Tivat is a more modern city in Montenegro, due to recent remodelings the whole town has received an upgraded look that has changed its vibe significantly. Therefore, it is a nice place to visit if you prefer a more upscale environment or want to experience the mix of an upscale yet authentic city in Montenegro.

If you are heading to Montenegro, add Tivat to the list of cities you plan on visiting! You will not be disappointed.

Things to do in Tivat

Have a pool day at Porto Montenegro

The Best thing to do in Montenegro - Porto Montenegro. Back of a blonde girl sitting in the blue pool at Porto Montenegro looking out over the water and mountains in the background
Porto Montenegro

The best thing to do in Tivat is to spend a full day at Porto Montenegro. Porto Montenegro is an exclusive and luxurious pool club that sits along the waterfront. Spending a day here is ultra-relaxing and beautiful. Sun-beds cost 40 euros per day and with this price, you receive the sun-bed, an umbrella, snacks, a towel and a full drink menu with sun-bed service. It is the perfect way to spend a day living a life of luxury.

The whole club is super clean and aesthetically pleasing as well. The pool is an infinity pool overlooking the Bay of Tivat and you can see the stunning mountains in the background. Porto Montenegro is 100% worth the money and is an amazing addition to your Tivat adventures.

Take a Walk to Donja Lastva

Donja Lastva is a quaint coastal city 45 minutes from Tivat’s center. It is a quiet yet beautiful town that really holds an authentic Montenegrin vibe and aesthetic. The city itself is worth the visit, however, the walk to get there is even better. The walk takes you through Tivat and along the coast where you can view the Sea glistening to your one side and the mountains on the other side. More so, the walk brings you past some very interesting sites and buildings for you to admire.

The walk to Doja Lastva is a great adventure to embark on in the evening after you’re stuffed with delicious food. It is a very peaceful and serene walk that will immerse you in Montenegro’s beauty.

Eat Gelato by the Water

Vanilla and Oreo Gelato with palm trees in the background
Moritz Gelato

One of the best things to do in Tivat is let loose and try some new flavors of gelato from one of the many gelato shops. The best gelato shop in Tivat is Moritz! It’s authentic gelato with a ton of flavors and it tastes amazing. Stopping for a few scoops of gelato and sitting on the promenade to eat is a lovely way to relax and be present in the moment.

Take a Day Trip

Montenegro is a very small country, therefore, going on adventures to nearby cities is very easy and the travel time is quick. There are quite a few nearby cities all with something different to offer. Two of the best ones are Kotor and Herceg Novi.


Kotor is the most popular travel destination in Montenegro and for good reason. It is full of amazing stone buildings, a historic old town and views that will blow your mind. Kotor is only a 30-minute drive from Tivat and a great place to explore and experience Montenegro. Here you can hike the Kotor Fortress, view the churches and palaces or just explore the stunning Kotor Old Town.

Green shuttered Royal Palace in Kotor
Palace in Kotor Old Town

However, Kotor gets extremely busy during the summer months between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you plan on making a day trip here consider going in the early morning or in the evening. If you can only find the time to go during peak hours, don’t stress, you will still have an amazing time.

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Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi is a small town right near Croatia. It is the perfect place for a day trip that is off the beaten path while still being gorgeous. Herceg Novi is an authentic Montenegrian town full of local charm and deep history.

Old stone clock tower in Herceg Novi
Clock Tower in Herceg Novi

This is a great place for a day trip to go swimming on one of the many beaches, explore the promenade or hike the mountains.

Hike to Gornja Lastva

Gornja Lastva is a small village located in the mountains surrounding Tivat. This village is 300 meters above sea level and provides stunning views of The Bay of Tivat and Porto Montenegro. This small village attracts many visitors wanting to view the old stone buildings, the village yards, the many olive groves, and the gardens.

You can hike to Gornja Lastva from Tivat or from Donja Lastva. The hike is lovely and the surroundings are even better. This is a great way to get some panoramic views of the beautiful Tivat. However, this is a long hike! If you don’t want to spend a few hours hiking, you can drive up 95% of the way and hike the rest.

Admire the Yachts

Boats docked at Porto Montenegro

Tivat has become the main port for grand and luxurious yachts to dock at. The port of Tivat is full of mega yachts throughout the summer months that are jaw-dropping to look at. The whole marina looks like you have left Montenegro and stepped into Monaco, it is so high end and classy.

Spend some time to just walk around the marina and admire the beautiful yachts and surroundings. It surely feels like another country and is a very nice way to spend some time.

Go on a Boat Tour

Tivat is located right along the water and renting a boat is a great way to explore the waters. This is also a great way to get out on the water and see more of Montenegro. Find a boat tour company or rent a boat yourself for a lovely day at Sea.

Watch the sunset

Bench and orange sky sunset

Sunsets in Tivat are stunning to watch and there are no giant mountains blocking the views like the neighboring cities. Find a nice local bar or restaurant, get a glass of wine and sit back and watch the show. The sunsets in Montenegro are so peaceful and watching the sun reflect off the water is mesmerizing.

How to get to Tivat


There is an airport in Tivat and you can fly into any of the following airports: Dubrovnik or Podgorica. From here you can either rent a car or take a bus and be on your way.


A car can get you into Tivat with ease. From any city or country nearby a car ride is quick and easy. The ride to Tivit is also very scenic and beautiful and offers some stunning views of Montenegro.


Tivat is located on the inside of the Bay of Kotor, and many boats frequent this area. Therefore, if you prefer transportation by boat this is a great option.

Evidently, Tivat is full of exciting and beautiful things to do. There are very few places on earth that are so uniquely modern yet authentic. If you are planning on visiting Montenegro, consider taking a day or two to stop in Tivat to experience some of the amazing offerings it holds.

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    Great post but…..there is an airport in Tivat! Direct flights to the UK in summer (and other places).

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      October 13, 2019

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