15 Best Places to Visit in Fall in Europe

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Discover the 15 best places to visit in fall in Europe for the perfect autumn getaway.

Fall is arguably the best time to visit Europe for various reasons. During the fall months of September to November, you can still enjoy warmer weather and exciting excursions while at the same time enjoying lower prices and fewer crowds. Overall, fall is a fantastic time to visit Europe.

Some places are better than others during this season due to the fact that there are various different countries in Europe spread over a vast space, which means fall is very different from place to place.

Here are the 15 best places to visit in fall in Europe for a magical holiday.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Fall in Europe

Florence, Italy

Florence in autumn is pure magic. During the fall season Florence, and the surrounding Tuscany region, are in the harvest season and the entire area is alive with changing colours, temperatures and things to do and see.

Expect to see the leaves in parks changing from green to auburn and the city having a more romantic and exclusive feel.

Autumn is also wine season in Tuscany when the harvesting takes place! Going on wine tours during this time is the best time of the entire year and is all the more special. This is the perfect time to sample the world-renowned wines and watch the entire process.

Florence is one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe as the shift from summer to fall welcomes far fewer tourists and much more manageable temperatures.

With fewer tourists, you can enjoy walking around the city and entering top attractions without huge wait times. More so, the weather is still beautiful in the fall season with temperatures remaining over 10° into October.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and visited cities, and the best time to visit is in the fall. During the high summer season, Dubrovnik is absolutely PACKED.

To a point where exploring is almost unenjoyable. This paired with the extremely hot temperatures make it can make it a difficult place to explore in the summer.

As a result, Dubrovnik has become one of the best places to visit in Fall in Europe! Fall in love with the quiet streets, warm days, and more intimate environment.

Dubrovnik, Croatia in fall
Dubrovnik, Croatia in fall

During the fall season the weather in Dubrovnik is much more manageable than in the summer, but still very warm so you can stretch the summer heat and sun a little bit longer.

Plus, the cruise ships and huge crowds of tourists start to become less and less. This means you can enjoy and explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities in the best way possible.

November17° 12°

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are looking for the ultimate cozy, romantic and orange-tinted fall holiday, then Amsterdam is for you. Amsterdam is easily one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe with its autumn-leaved trees lining the canals, brisk temperatures, and cozy cafes.

It is the perfect place to embrace the autumn season with open arms and enjoy all the beauty it brings.

Amsterdam in autumn

Check out this complete Amsterdam in Autumn guide for everything you need to know about what to pack, things to do, special events and more! In terms of weather, the fall in Amsterdam is pretty mild with highs between 10° – 20°, however, the main thing to look out for is the rain! Autumn in Amsterdam is often pretty wet so prepare for this.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of Europe’s best and most beautiful gothic cities that really comes alive during the fall season. The moody architecture, old town streets, and various cozy cafes make it ideal for the perfect fall getaway.

Although Prague is beautiful all year, the fall season is when you get all the beauty and charm with far fewer tourists. 

Prague in fall

Head to Prague to admire the gothic churches, ornate buildings, and grand castles. The best thing about this city is that it is one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. So you can explore and enjoy without breaking the bank.

Expect the temperature to gradually drop from September to November. Prague in October is the best month to enjoy mild temperatures and to see the city golden and glowing.

November starts to get pretty cold in Prague so be sure to pack some warm clothes. You can also expect some rainy days but nothing too extreme.


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a fairytale medieval city with cobblestone streets, gingerbread buildings, and large canals located in Belgium. It is one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe if you want to enjoy a romantic and charming getaway in a city made for autumn weather.

Classic view of the historic city center of Bruges (Brugge), West Flanders province, Belgium. Sunset cityscape of Bruges. Canals of Brugge

During this season you can expect to see many couples enjoying a romantic getaway in one of Europe’s most romantic and beautiful cities.

This is also a great time for solo travellers as it is super safe and there are lots to see and do on your own. Weather during autumn is mild with a few rainy days.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Visiting Iceland is something everyone should do at least once in their life and there is no better time to make this trip than during the fall season.

As one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe, Iceland is a top choice for many reasons. Most notably, starting in September is the peak season for the Northern Lights, one of Iceland’s main attractions!

Reykjavik, Iceland in fall
Reykjavik, Iceland in fall

More so, fall welcomes mild temperatures where you can enjoy many things before the cool chill of winter starts. This is also the time when the summer rush has ended so you can find cheaper accommodation and low prices all around.

November -1°

Budapest, Hungary

Heading to Budapest for a holiday is always a good idea, and even better in the fall. Budapest is one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe if you are looking for a romantic and moody holiday (in the best way possible).

The old architecture, huge castles, and winding streets combine to make Budapest a charming fall travel destination.

Budapest in fall

This is also one of the cheapest cities in Europe which is great if you are on a budget but want to enjoy an autumn getaway. Expect warm to mild temperatures for September to October and much cooler weather in November.


Valencia, Spain

If you want to stretch your summer for a few more months then a visit to Valencia is on order! This city is packed full of culture, history, and adventure.

With the winter season fast approaching sometimes all we want to do is enjoy the warm sun and some white sand beaches for a little bit longer. This is why heading to Valencia during the autumn season is ideal.

Valencia in fall
Valencia in fall

You will notice Valencia welcomes fewer tourists than many other cities in Spain and during the fall season, this goes down even more. As a result, you can enjoy sightseeing and explore without many people around. This paired with Valencia’s high temperatures and sun-filled days you will feel like summer never ended and continue on in oblivious bliss.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the ultimate place to visit in fall to experience “Hygge” at its peak. Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that brings meaning to the mood of coziness and comfort and Copenhagen in autumn is exactly this!

Copenhagen in fall
Copenhagen in fall

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor things to do in the autumn season in Copenhagen making it one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe. The weather is a little bit unpredictable with some warm sunny days and some other colder ones. Also, expect some rainy days sprinkled in.


Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como Italy

Lake Como in the fall is a great time to visit this iconic region in Northern Italy. During autumn the leaves turn a stunning golden orange hue and the air is crisp.

This is the perfect time to visit where you can enjoy mild temperatures and romantic walks in the crisp fall air.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Venturing to Lake Bled in the autumn season is a must. This stunning lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Slovenia, and one of the best places to visit on a Balkan holiday.

This magical lake is located in the Julian Alps and the scenery is out of this world, especially in fall.

Lake Bled in fall

Lake Bled is one of the top places to visit in fall in Europe if you are looking for post-card perfect views of snow-capped mountains and golden trees in every direction. Weather is also on your side with very mild temperatures so you can explore and enjoy without feeling the winter chill.


Nice, France

Swap out your gold leaf trees for palm trees in Nice, France! If summer is your favourite season and you want to enjoy the heat and simmer for every extra second that you can, then a visit to Nice, France is easy one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe for you. You can expect the popular attractions to still be busy but far less than in the summer.

View of the beach in the city of Nice, France

You can also enjoy swimming and walking around without heavy winter clothes well into November and avoid the harsh reality that winter is coming. Discover the top things to do in Nice in one day here.

November16° 11°

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City is an unexpectedly beautiful city to visit in fall that is full of charm. Many people forget or ignore the small country of Luxembourg when planning their European travels but this is a huge mistake!

Luxembourg City is a stunning city full of unexpected hidden gems and things to do and see. It is especially beautiful in the fall months when the leaves change colour and the city gets even cozier.

Luxembourg city in fall
Luxembourg city in fall

It is one of the cooler places in autumn so expect some chilly days and colder nights. But don’t worry, there are more than enough cute cafes to sit inside with a warm coffee while you admire the beautiful city. Discover all the best things to do in Luxembourg City here.


Porto, Portugal

One of the best places to visit in fall in Europe is the beautiful Porto, Portugal. This is another sun-filled city in Europe where you can not only enjoy the warm weather and beautiful views, but also some of the best fall activities.

This is the best time of the year to walk around and admire the many parks of Porto as during autumn the leaves changing colours is magical.

Expect warm, sunny days and cool nights. Perfect for those fall feelings without getting too close to the chill of winter.


Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the hilly capital of Scotland and one of the best places to visit in fall in Europe. In fact, Edinburgh is best visited in the fall as this is when it is at its most beautiful. This is the perfect time to enjoy Edinburgh’s bustling cafe culture, moody architecture, and buzzing streets.

Edinburgh in fall
Edinburgh in fall

The weather in autumn is much wetter than other times of the year so expect some rain. Plus some colder days.

November -1°

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This is only the beginning of the best places to visit in fall in Europe! The list could go on and on. But to make your travel decisions easier, narrowing down the options to 15 sounds a lot more manageable!

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15 Best Places to Visit in Fall in Europe
15 Best Places to Visit in Fall in Europe