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  1. Great post! I love exploring local farmers’ markets when I’m in other countries, and Cours Saleya Market seems like it would be a great place to visit.

  2. I love Nice, though I haven’t been there for a very long time. I would prefer to visit again during the shoulder season when it’s less busy. The Promenade des Anglais is a beautiful part of Nice but I would be interested in seeing the Russian Orthodox church. I didn’t know that was there.

  3. Only one day in Nice? And you still had time to, ahem, relax at the beach? You certainly packed a lot into 24 hours. My favorite thing, as in many cities we visit, would be the farmer’s market. They are so much fun.

  4. I’m from France and I went to Nice a long time ago. It was very pretty and I sat on the beach for a while, reading my book. As soon as I finished, this guy came up to me and tried his charm on me… I didn’t fall for it but I had to admit he was very good and chatting up… There must be some truth about the Gaelic charm…

  5. You pretty much covered it all. Good to see you covered it all in 24 hours. The time I visited Nice, I planned for 3 days, but ended up only staying for 2 days. It is not the most interesting city in France. But I do enjoy checking out the Cours Saleya Market, trying the socca (which I didn’t quite like), and also climbing up the Colline du Chateau ! The view from the top is stunning !

  6. I’ve been to lots of place in France but NIce has escaped me so far! I would love to explore the old town and sit atop the colline du Chateau. Thanks for the one-day itinerary and the inspiration to get to Nice!

  7. You can certainly cover a lot of ground in 24 hours in Nice! The market and Castle Hill would be first on my list. Then I’d proceed to eat my way through the city 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  8. It’s great to know you can do and see so much down here in just a day. It’s always been somewhere we’ve wanted to visit but with it being an expensive place we thought we might end up only spending a short amount of time there too.

  9. I visited Nice during my study abroad days in France and reading this brings back such fond memories. I totally agree that visiting markets is absolutely amazing and I loved my time at Cours Saleya. The Russian cathedral was on my list but I didn’t have time. This post might just be a reminder that I need to revisit!

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