Prettiest Amsterdam Streets

10 Prettiest Amsterdam Streets: Best of Amsterdam

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Are you looking for the prettiest Amsterdam streets to visit and explore? Then keep reading! Find here the most beautiful streets of Amsterdam that are perfect for capturing stunning Amsterdam photography and seeing the best of the city.

Although almost every street in Amsterdam is stunning, there are a few that stand out amongst the maze of canals and cobblestone streets. The special differences and little unique things of these prettiest Amsterdam streets will make you fall even more in love with this magical city.

This post includes a map of the exact location on the beautiful streets to head to for the most gorgeous views!

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10 Prettiest Amsterdam Streets


Lauriergracht is a stunning canal street located just off Prinsengracht. It is home to one of the most beautiful canal views complete with the Amsterdam houses in the background and bikes lining the bridge.

The one thing that makes this one of the best streets in Amsterdam to explore is that it is just off the very famous Prinsengracht and you can enjoy capturing some photos without huge crowds of people to look out for.

This is one of the most beautiful places to head to while in the Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam.

Street with canal view
Bike along a canal bridge with view

Oudezijds Voorburgwal

The unique and interesting corner of Oudezijds Voorburgwal lands this as one of the prettiest streets in Amsterdam. Here you will see how the stunning houses in Amsterdam are built just above the water in a magical way.

The view from here is amazing and a must-see when looking for the prettiest Amsterdam streets, especially during the summer months.

Unique houses sitting level with the water in Amsterdam
Unique houses sitting level with the water in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a place known for its many canals and finding the best bridges and view of them around the city is where you will find some of the prettiest streets and views of Amsterdam. On one corner where Prinsengracht meets the Brouwersgracht, you will find Lekkeresluis (bridge 59) which is a municipal monument.

Lekkeresluis is the magical bridge pictured below and is one of the most beautiful canal bridges in the city. It was built in 1754 and discovering it will show you why Brouwersgracht is one of the prettiest streets of Amsterdam.

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Night view of a bridge lit up

Amstel Street

Amstel Street is a long street that sits along the Amstel River where you can find stunning old bridges and beautiful canal views. Both sides of the canal offer their own unique viewpoint of the city and all the magic of Amsterdam.

This is one of the best places to find quiet streets places to take photos and watch a ton of boats sailing along the river. Here you will also find the Magere Brug one of the city’s most famous bridges!

White bridge crossing a large river

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De Negen Straatjes

The 9 streets are a famous set of 9 streets in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district that are beautiful and full of things to do. They are best known as a place for shopping at local boutiques, finding cute cafes, and unique jewelry shopping.

However, these are also some of the prettiest Amsterdam streets with many canals, quirky houses, and stunning views. This is easily one of the most beautiful areas in Amsterdam that will show you the true beauty of the city.

Long street lined with houses
Street with sunset in the distance and houses

48 Noordermarkt

Hidden behind a massive church in the city of Amsterdam sits a beautiful street with an unexpected corner to admire. Noordermarkt is a popular street to walk and explore if you are looking for one of the many street markets that take place in this area.

During your walk, you will stumble across 48 Noordermarkt, which is a house covered in vines and leaves. This is a unique and stunning thing to see in the city making it a top priority to go to!

Amsterdam building with red coloured leaves


Just a 2-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station is Damrak, in the heart of the city center, where you can find the quirky and very popular Amsterdam Ginger Bread Houses.

These houses sit across a large canal and are famous for their cute and gingerbread-like look. A visit to Damrak is in order just to see these houses and capture a few photos. Just note: this is one of the busiest streets in the city!

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Authentic white wooden bridges are quite rare in Amsterdam and finding them calls for an impromptu photoshoot! The Staalmeestersbrug is located right in the city center down a quiet side street and is a welcome beauty to discover.

The street leading to it is one of the prettiest streets in Amsterdam offering views of houses, churches, and canals. This bridge is often full of love locks (that get removed once a week) and is a beautifully authentic and secret feeling place to enjoy!


Zevenlandenhuizen (seven countries’ houses) are a set of 7 houses that were built in 1894. Each house is built in a different European architectural style representing a different country.

A walk down the street called Roemer Visscherstraat will bring you to these houses and show you one of the prettiest Amsterdam streets that is also super unique!


Reguliersgracht is undoubtedly one of the prettiest streets in Amsterdam, as this is where you can find the very famous 7 bridges in Amsterdam. From here you can stand on one canal and see 7 bridges all lined up perfectly through the beautiful city canals.

This is one of the most picturesque places in Amsterdam with people and photographers lusting for a shot of this magical and unique spot. It is especially beautiful at night when the canals and bridges are lit up with beautiful lighting.

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Your hunt for the prettiest Amsterdam streets has only just begun! On your adventures in Amsterdam, you will quickly notice that the city is packed with beautiful streets that are yours to discover. These streets are just the beginning so be sure to keep your eyes open and discover your own secret spots to fall in love with!

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