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  1. This is a fantastic list. Some of the places I’ve already thought of, and I’ve been to Spain, but others like Serbia, hadn’t really been on my radar. I like off-the-beaten-path places that aren’t touristy – so much more enjoyable. It seems like the thing I always end up spending more money on when I travel is food because I want to try everything! LOL. For the accommodation cost is that for a budget hotel or a hostel?

  2. What a great list. I loved Portugal and always tell people it’s one of my favorite countries. Latvia, Serbia and Montenegro all look stunning as well and I look forward to one day going for a visit.

  3. I’m amazed at how cheap some of these countries are for accommodation. In particular Serbia, as low as 3-5 euros per night, wow. I am certainly going to consider some of these in the future. I already have Czech Republic, Hungary and Portugal in my sights, so I’m pleased to hear they are on your cheapest countries to visit list. But I should also consider Estonia, since most attractions are free!

  4. So many great countries on this list! Why does everyone always think that a trip to Europe means going to Paris, London, and Rome? Sure, those are all beautiful, but expensive cities! I haven’t had a chance to explore Eastern Europe yet but they’re next on my list. I’ve enjoyed Spain and Portugal where I find the cost of lodging and food cheaper as you mentioned. I’ve added Poland and Albania to my list based on your suggestions and I hadn’t considered looking for Dracula’s castle before. Thanks for including some cost ranges too.

  5. Loooove this list!
    I have had on my list some Balcanic countries for a while, can’t wait to go!

    In Portugal, there are also the Azores Island, that can be reached from Lisbon/Porto with super cheap Ryanair flight and they are an European paradise!

  6. I haven’t been anywhere in eastern Europe yet but I would love to!! But I HAVE done Portugal – can confirm that it’s cheap but fabulous!!

  7. Thanks for this great vlog, I suggest it for everyone thinking to organize his trip to Europe 🌍
    Appreciate your efforts

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