Muiderslot Castle: The Best Amsterdam Castle

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Just a short day trip from Amsterdam sits the stunning Muiderslot Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands.

This medieval castle is one of the best-preserved castles in the Netherlands and a must-visit if you are in Amsterdam. Muiderslot Castle is only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam and something you do not want to miss.

A visit to Muiderslot will show you an old and historic part of Holland and show you another side to the country, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This castle is referred to as an Amsterdam castle because it is only 15 km away from Amsterdam, however, it is in its own town entirely. Muiderslot is located in a small town called Muiden that is charming in itself and worth a short visit.

If you are looking to visit a unique place in the Netherlands and embark on a short day trip from Amsterdam to see one of the most beautiful castles near Amsterdam, then Muiderslot is for you. Use this post to guide your adventures in Muiden and Muiderslot Castle!

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Everything you need to know about Muiderslot Castle

Muiderslot Castle History

Muiderslot castle was first constructed in 1285 by Count Floris V in the Golden Age. It was constructed strategically along the Vecht River, as this was an important route for trading.

Muiderslot Castle

In 1296 Count Floris V was captured and killed by his noblemen who soon lost the castle to Willem van Mechelen in 1297. By the 1300s the castle was demolished. However, In 1370 the castle was rebuilt, and around 100 years later additional fortresses were added.

Outside of Muiderslot Castle

Although various people lived in this castle the most notable is Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft. This name is referenced plenty throughout the castles audio tour.

Pieter was part of an important family, with his father as the mayor of Amsterdam. While he lived in Muiderslot castle he invited guests over often, which lead to many prominent authors, scientists, and poets visiting the castle.

In the 18th century Muiderslot was used as a prison, today it is a museum open to the public. The rooms are furnished in a Dutch Golden Age style and the gardens are lush as during those times.

Muiderslot Entrance Fee & Hours

Muiderslot Entrance Fees

4-11 years€9
0-2 yearsFree

If you have an IAmsterdam Card entrance to Muiderslot is free! If you plan on visiting various museums and attractions while visiting Amsterdam an IAmsterdam card is a great option for saving money. Get an Amsterdam card here.

Muiderslot Hours

Day of the WeekHours
Sunday12:00 – 17:00
Monday10:00 – 17:00
Tuesday10:00 – 17:00
Wednesday10:00 – 17:00
Thursday10:00 – 17:00
Friday10:00 – 17:00
Saturday12:00 – 17:00

Things to do at Muiderslot Castle

Go on a Castle Tour

The main thing to do at Muiderslot Castle is to go on a castle tour! With the entrance ticket, everyone is provided with a free audio tour of the castle. The tour can be heard in various languages and does a great job of walking you through the castle and explaining the rooms.

Some of the rooms included in the tour are The Knights Hall, Castle Kitchen, Bishops Room, The Armory, the Towers, and more.

Stairs in the castle
Room in Muiderslot Castle

With the audio tour, you get to learn and listen about what specific rooms were used for back in the day and transport yourself back in time. The tour is quite unique in that everyone gets a small device that is activated by pointing it at the barcodes in each room.

With this, you get to learn about the room at your pace and you can wander around on your own path. Most rooms also have the option to press more buttons to find out additional information and facts, which are always very interesting.

Armory in Muiderslot

Admire the grand exterior

The interior of the castle is full of a deep and long history that is exciting and interesting to learn about. However, the outside of Muiderslot Castle is what really excites me.

The huge brick walls, grand towers, authentic draw bridge, and water-filled moat are nothing short of amazing. A visit here is worth it just to admire such a stunning medieval castle that sits so unexpectedly in the Netherlands.

Outside of Muiderslot Castle
Draw Bridge at Muiderslot Castle

On a warm day, simply walking around the exterior of the castle and admiring its various wonders is the perfect thing to do. There are also benches and places to sit which make the viewing experience even more enticing.

Walk around the Castle Gardens

The Castle Gardens are the ideal place to wander around to feel transported back in time. They are full of huge hedges, flowers, and vines and it has been restored to look neat and full of symmetry, exactly as they did during Hooft’s time.

The garden was used back in the day to grow food and provide herbs for medicine.

The garden also has a vine-covered archway that was frequented back in the day. Since it was a sign of wealth to be fair-skinned, all walks outside were done in the shade to avoid getting a tan.

Gardens in Muiderslot

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How to get from Amsterdam to Muiderslot Castle

There are various ways you can get from Amsterdam to Muiderslot Castle.

  • By Bus (1 Hour Journey): Take the train from Amsterdam Central station heading to Amersfoort Vathorst and get off at Naardem Bussum. From here walk 3 minutes to the neighboring bus station Bussum and take bus 110 towards Weesp via Muiden. Once you arrive at Muiden Centrum you will walk around 15 minutes to arrive at Muiderslot Castle.
  • By Bike (1 Hour Journey): Muiderslot Castle is located only a short distance from Amsterdam and the bike ride to get there is very beautiful and enjoyable. When I visited Muiderslot from Amsterdam I biked there are back and found it was easy and quick!
  • By Car (30 minute Journey): If you want you can rent a car to get to Muiden.
  • By Ferry (45 Minute Journey): From Amsterdam IJburg you can take a ferry directly to the castle. Amsterdam IJburg is reachable by taking tram 26 from Amsterdam Central Station.

Planning a day trip from Amsterdam to Muiderslot

A day trip from Amsterdam to Muiderslot shouldn’t be just to see the castle. The town of Muiden is also very charming and walking around a bit and enjoying a meal here is the perfect way to enjoy a full day of unique experiences.

Muiden is a cute town in the Netherlands that is very different from Amsterdam.

Canal in the town of Muiden

The streets in Muiden are not packed with people and there is a calm local vibe to the city. There is also a large canal that splits the town that offers ample places to sit and is lined with restaurants.

During your day trip from Amsterdam to Muiden, you should stop at one of the restaurants for a drink or something to eat before heading back to Amsterdam. The atmosphere is unmatched and is a nice breath of fresh air compared to the craziness of Amsterdam.

Boats on the water in Muiden

Additional Castles in the Netherlands

If you’ve fallen in love with Muiderslot and want to visit and explore some other castles in the Netherlands then you are in luck. The Netherlands is home to quite a few castles just waiting to be explored. Here are a few others for you to see:

  • De Haar Castle, Utrecht
  • Doorwerth Castle, Arnhem
  • Duurstede Castle, Wijk bij Duurstede
  • Slot Loevestein, Zaltbommel
  • Paleis het Loo, Apeldoorn
De Haar Castle
De Haar Castle

If you are planning a visit to Muiderslot Castle I urge you to make the visit. It is so close to Amsterdam and is the perfect day trip option. Muiderslot Castle does not disappoint and you will surely have an amazing time visiting.

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