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  1. We loved Lombok but didn’t see many of the beaches as we were heading to Gili islands from there so saw more of the waterfalls and mountains! But we missed out for sure, we did plan to go back this year so now when we do at least we know more places to visit!

  2. Just breathtaking! Wow, this beach and the nearby hiking area are gorgeous. I’ve been dreaming of going to this area of the world, and really hope I can one day. I would certainly rent a chair and spend a few hours swimming in that crystal clear water.

  3. Your post reminded me of the wonderful time I spent there. I wish I was on the swings during twilight hours. We get great pictures I have read. Food options are too good there. I didn’t rent any scooter there but next time I must.

  4. The white sandy beach does look really soft and nice to walk on ! The view from Merese hill is amazing and good to know it is just a short drive away ! Scooter sounds like an interesting option considering the price and convenience to park !

  5. It is always so refreshing to read about Indonesia beyond Bali! Tanjung Aan Beach looks so stunning and unspoiled without being so completely remote as to be inaccessible. The colors in the water remind me of the best beaches I’ve seen in the Caribbean, and the views from Merese Hills are stunning!

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