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  1. We almost made it to Vienna a few years ago when we visited Budapest. I can’t wait to visit. Just love finding off the beaten path locations. I know I’d just love to visit the Globe Museum. So unique! And my kids will love the roller coasters! We always try to ensure that the teens understand the history of the places we visit. While the Hitler tour may be dark, it’s important for the next generation to see and understand what took place.

  2. The Hundertwasser Buildings look really interesting, such a creative idea! Vienna looks like a great place to walk, even if it’s to follow the footsteps of Hitler… At the end of the day, relax and recharge with a sachertorte, perfect!

  3. We only had a bit of a taste test when we visited Austria. Great to read that there are so many reasons to return. The Austrian National Library looks like a fascinating spot to explore. And we have always wanted to do an underground tour. We actually had a family member who knew Sigmund Freud so it might be interesting to see that museum. But chocolate and Sacher torte tasting might keep us engaged for many days too.

  4. O wow, so many interesting things to see and do in Vienna. I would definitely go on the Third Man Sewer tour and Hitler’s tour. I also love the unconventional architecture of not using straight lines. And those streets lights are so darn cute!

  5. I love history, so I usually seek out museums or interesting architecture in a city that’s new to me. But Vienna has the oldest amusement park in the world? Yes!!! That’s where I’m going. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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