Complete Guide to Camping in Amsterdam: 10 Best Campsites

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Go camping in Amsterdam, uncover the unique natural marvels surrounding the kinetic Dutch metropolis. 

Camping is one of the Dutch people’s favourite pastimes and few cities in Europe are as well endowed for camping as Amsterdam, one of Europe’s best cities to camp in.

Camping in Amsterdam can be done at a variety of campsites, some of which provide the comfort one could expect only from a ritzy hotel. 

What is more, the top ten camping grounds on our list are located in scenic locations and are some of the best places to visit in and around Amsterdam. 

Keep in mind that camping in Amsterdam is not just good for your health but is also a great chance to socialize with others! Some campsites offer a mix of exploration opportunities and hiking whereas others are more conventional trekking and tent-pitching spots.

Go camping in Amsterdam to uncover the exciting spirit of one of Europe’s most bustling cities. 

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Camping in Amsterdam


Camping in Amsterdam

Situated in a scenic park in Amsterdam Noord, known for its hip restaurants, DJ events and artsy crowd, Vliegenbos is just a bike ride away from Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. But once you are there you enter a completely different universe with greenery submerging you in its irresistible charm. 

Camping in Amsterdam Vliegenbos is a straightforward affair with no need to rough it out in the wild. It offers splendid shower facilities and other mod cons as well as an abundance of natural beauty and one-of-its-kind opportunities for adventure. 

In addition, it offers a great vibe with those camping solo. It is was to find fellow camping aficionados in Vliegenbos main camping cluster with tents pitched next to the outdoor kitchen. Here one can share not only stories of your hiking exploits but also some yummy food. 

Bonus! Those that want just to enjoy nature without having to spend a night in a tent can put up in one of the campground’s furnished bungalows.

Gaasper Camping

Camping in Amsterdam

Known for its bars, and iconic Ajax FC’s football arena, Zuidost is also one of the best places for camping in Amsterdam, with Gaasper Camping being one of the Netherlands’ greatest camping locales. The campsite can be reached from Amsterdam by train in just 15 minutes and is a perfect spot to commune with nature when having an early flight. 

It is less “urbanized” than Vliegenbos with no furnished accommodation but only basic amenities such as showers, free Wi-Fi, and a decent eatery. 

What is great about the camp is that it provides not only a host of hiking & camping opportunities but also allows you to do watersports such as canoeing and windsurfing with its scenic lake-making camping in Amsterdam’s Gaasper Camping perfect for couples and as romantic as possible. Gaasper Camping is one of the best camping compounds to visit in a mobile home or travel to Amsterdam’s downtown as a tourist. 

It is best to keep in mind the opening hours of the reception desk for you to check in the camping from 9am to 8pm.

Holland Men Camp

Men camping

One of the best places to go camping in Amsterdam for gay men is Holland Men Camp. Situated close to Amsterdam, the never sleeping LGBTQ camp lies surrounded by lush foliage, picturesque lakes, pleasant-to-hike-in forests and its main attraction, one of Amsterdam’s best gay nude beaches. 

Since it is located so close to Amsterdam, camping in Amsterdam Holland Men Camp can help cut back on accommodation expenses when sightseeing in Amsterdam and enjoy the pulsating atmosphere of the Netherlands’ party capital.

Zandvoort Beach 

  • Where: Zandvoort
  • When: April-September
  • How: Take a bus from Amsterdam Sloterdijk or Centraal Station to Zandvoort
Zandvoort beach

One of the most unforgettable spots to go camping in Amsterdam is Zandvoort, a Dutch coastal town west of Amsterdam boasting a number of camping sites. Here you can not only rough it out on the sand and delight in seagulls circling above. But also enjoy the soothing rumbling of the waves and rustling of the dune grass. It is also one of the more social camping spots in Amsterdam.

Zandvoort Town is a great spot to go site-seeing and shopping, or as an alternative, if tired of civilization, you can opt for a calming beach walk at Zandvoort Beach, one of the best places to go camping in Amsterdam. 

Bloemendaal Beach and Camping de Lakens

Sitting close to Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and its beaches are basically part of the same cluster of camps and cozy stretches of sand as Zandvoort camping grounds. It is also home to one of the best Netherlands campsites, Camping de Lakens. 

It has a quaint atmosphere with an old American bus and a retro Airstream trailer available as pieces of accommodation along with other options including comfy bungalows, backpack huts and of course tents, which you don’t have to bring yourself and can just rent. 

Keep in mind that in De Lakens, camping in Amsterdam can be as comfortable as it gets: it is not only clean showers and toilets, but also a Wellness Bus where you can have a manicure and massage, and even Zen Zone where you can go to a sauna or do yoga. For a perfect stay, you can rent a grill and have a nice grilled steak before heading for a beach walk on the nearby Bloemendaal Beaches or along highly photogenic Spartlemeer Lake. 

*The site can be spotted by seeing SPAR grocery right at the site

Camping Zeeburg

Camping in Amsterdam

Head to Camping Zeeburg, one of the best places to go camping in Amsterdam. Located on an island it allows you to delight in the insular quiet and take a rest from the throbbing day-to-day activities of a large metropolis. The laid-back camp offers not only a cute crowd of camping lovers but makes your camping in Amsterdam as pleasant as it gets. 

The campsite features a grocery, restaurant, open outside cooking space with a pluck-yourself herb garden, even a small zoo. Plus a great supply of entertainment such as concerts and other events. 

In addition to this, you don’t have to live in a tent and can instead opt for handsome 4-people wagonettes or 1/2/4 people well-furnished and heated cabins. The whole campsite is done according to the latest eco-standards and is one of the best places for eco-conscious camping in Amsterdam. 

Camping de Badhoeve

  • Where: Uitdammerdijk 10
  • When: March-October
  • How: Mount your Dutch bicycle and pedal your way to Camping de Badhoeve

Lying by the sea, in Waterland, Camping de Badhoeve is one of the best spots for seafront camping in Amsterdam. One of the greatest advantages of erecting your tent here is the campsite’s prime location just a cycle ride away from the downtown and eye-appealing classic Dutch villages such as Volendam, Marken, Monnickendam, and Edam. 

It also boasts a playground for children and direct access to IJmeer, one of the best places to watch birds, like geese. Plus you can do water sports or simply enjoy nature while camping in Amsterdam. 

Het Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdam Forest
Amsterdam Forest

Have you been tired of the overwhelming pace of Amsterdam’s streets? Head to a forest and unzip your tent there. Het Amsterdamse Bos is one of the best forests to go camping in Amsterdam.

It is not only large enough for you to keep exploring it for weeks on end, but it also hosts a number of unique events and is a great place to bask in the sun, swim, and cycle, if camping in Amsterdam in summer. Accommodation-wise it offers hostel dorms, cabins including those for solo travellers, and great spots to put up your own portable home. 

Camping Bakkum

  • Where: Zeeweg 31, 1901 NZ Castricum, Netherlands
  • When: April-to-October
  • How: One of the best way to get to Camping Bakkum taking a bus to Alkmaar, and getting a taxi to Camping Bakkum from there or saddle up your iron steed and cycle your way to Camping Bakkum

If you want to camp with comfort close by the sea head to Camping Bakkum, a St. Tropez camping spot during your camping in Amsterdam. Here you can not only walk on the beach, do watersports, or cycle but also choose from a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from tents to bungalows with ensuite baths and showers, a rarity when it comes to camping in Amsterdam. 

You can rent a piece of accommodation right on the sand with a great view. Camping Bakkum is known for its unique vibe and this warm feeling of conviviality so often experienced while camping in Amsterdam.

De Buurt Camping


Neighbourhood camping is one of the most cherished camping traditions in Amsterdam. On one night a year residents of a district get out of their quiet abodes; set up their wigwams in Amsterdam’s parks to give camping in Amsterdam the true communal feel. 

Such nights are some of the best occasions to meet up with locals and come to know them better, which is especially important in a city suffering from over-tourism. 

Camping in Amsterdam is not just fun and good for your health. It is also a great way to explore the scenic surroundings of the city known for its beautiful if somewhat sober architecture and canals but not for its amazing parks and forests and white-sand beaches. 

Even though the best season to go camping in Amsterdam is April-September some campsites such as Camping Zeeburg are open throughout the year, for you to delight in winter in Amsterdam, a season when even if it is still somewhat brisk it is still fairly pleasant to go camping in Amsterdam. 

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