15 Most Beautiful Places in Canada

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Looking for a list of the most beautiful places in Canada to add to your bucket list? Keep reading!

Canada is full of beautiful places to visit, from places flourishing with natural beauty, to big cities, to historic landmarks and more! If you are looking for the most beautiful places to visit in Canada, you have come to the right place. This post covers all the best and most beautiful destinations in Canada that you need to add to your travel bucket list today!

Canada is a country of diversity. Due to its huge size the differences in landscapes, weather, terrain and more change in every province. There’s the North that is home to snow and arctic terrain, and the West Coast is where you will find mountains and blue lakes, the centre is flatlands and fields, the East Coast is colourful buildings and marine focused.

Finding your perfect place in Canada is more than achievable, depending on the type of traveller you are, Canada has it all. Use this post of the 15 most beautiful places in Canada to inspire your Canadian adventures.

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15 Most Beautiful Places in Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is one of Canada’s most sought after travel destinations. People from around the world flock here to view the stunning turquoise waters, snow-capped mountains, and beautiful views. It is located in Banff National Park in Alberta and can be reached by hiking trails that offer stunning views from various viewpoints. The natural beauty of Lake Louise makes it a top place to visit and one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Lake Louise - Most beautiful places in Canada
Blue water with moutains

What’s even better is that in the summer you can canoe onto the glass-like water and enjoy the views from the center of the lake. And in the winter you can skate on it! This makes Lake Louise more than just something beautiful to look at. But a place where you can enjoy the great outdoors and do fun activities along the way.

Moraine Lake, Alberta

Blue water and snow mountains

Moraine Lake is another picture-perfect lake in Albert that is a must-visit. The kool-aid blue water, jagged mountains, and green foliage make it one of the most beautiful places in Canada from all angles. This lake is also located in Banff National Park only a short distance from Lake Louise. It is the perfect place for hiking, canoeing, walking, and photography and offers more than meets the eye. This is the perfect place to visit on a Canadian Rockies itinerary.


Yukon is a Canadian Territory that is home to some wonderful Arctic gems making it one of the most beautiful places in Canada. It is a great place for viewing stunning natural wonders like rivers, lakes, and even better Northern Lights! Yukon is one of the top places in Canada for viewing the Northern Lights as they ignite the sky in bright hues. The best times to view the Northern Lights are from mid-August to mid-April, more information can be found here.

Northern lights

Tofino, British Columbia

Tofino is located on Vancouver Island’s west coast and is a sleepy surfer town known for its stunning nature and year-round surfing. It is the perfect seaside travel destination that is popular amongst locals and one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. In the summer months, it is a surfers paradise with the perfect surfing conditions, brilliant sunsets, and beachfront relaxation. In the winter, it offers a stormy winter getaway that is romantic and full of natural surprises.

Sunset at a beach with surfers

Tofino is the ideal beach getaway that many people do not expect to find in Canada. The surprise and natural beauty of Tofino are what make it one of the most beautiful places in Canada, and a must-visit while touring the country.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is one of Canada’s most magical big cities. It is like the New York of Canada and the perfect place to visit for a rush of Canadian fun and beauty. There are a ton of amazing things to do and see in Toronto from exploring the huge downtown skyscrapers to the unique city markets and more! Toronto is many people’s favourite place to visit when in Canada and surely one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Thin orange building
Huge tower amongst the city skyline

To fully immerse yourself in the best Toronto has to offer there are a few things you must do. The first is to go to the top of the CN Tower! The CN Tower is the huge tower in the middle of downtown that is open to the public to go to the top and view the city from above. In addition to this, you must walk Queen Street, go to Kensington Market and view the Gooderham Building.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove is an idyllic fishing village located on Canada’s East Coast in Nova Scotia. It is just a short distance from Halifax and one of the most visited places in Canada. Peggy’s Cove is home to  Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, also known as Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, that is one of the most famous and photographer lighthouses in Canada. The stunning views and colourful small buildings in this cove make it an easy addition to the list of most beautiful places in Canada.

Lighthouse on rocks

Spending the day in Peggy’s Cove admiring the lighthouse, strolling the rocky shores and visiting the local shops is beyond enjoyable. The lighthouse was built in 1915 and the entire area gives off the ultimate Maritime feels that the East Coast of Canada is known for!

Niagra Falls, Ontario

Niagara falls is one of the world’s most famous waterfalls that are not just located in Canada but also in the United States. These two countries share the falls and their powerful flowing of water. During the summer during peak flow more than 700,000 gallons of water per second pour over Niagara Falls! This is a huge amount and once you see the huge waterfalls you can only then imagine this number.

Boat in the middle of waterfalls
Side view of a waterfall

Visiting Niagra falls in Canada you can enjoy the falls and the Vegas-like city too! To fully enjoy the falls you can join a boat tour that brings you dangerously close to the waterfalls so you can see their huge size from below. This is an exciting activity that will get you very wet but is super fun. In addition to this, you can go to various restaurants in the city and enjoy the shops and casinos!

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is a beautiful and historic city located in the province of Quebec. The architecture and city atmosphere are as close to Europe as you can get and a visit here will transport you around the world. It is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and the most unique. Canada is only just over 150 years old meaning most of the architecture in the country is pretty modern. While Quebec City has a more authentic look with its old buildings and detailed designs.

Old buildings

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy is not only one of the most beautiful places in Canada but also one of the most amazing. It is one of the seven wonders of North America where you can find the highest tides on earth. Every day the water levels in the Bay of Fundy rise and fall 48 feet with 100 billion tons of water rushing in and out of the bay. It is much like a giant bathtub that fills and empties to extreme amounts on a daily basis. What is so unique about this place is that you can kayak around the rocks during high tide and during low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor.

Rocks standing tall on the dry ocean floor


Iceberg viewing in Newfoundland is one of the most amazing experiences to be had in Canada. Not only do you get to see the amazing and unique ice formations in real life, but the beauty of the natural wondrous icebergs is incomparable. Going to the coast of Newfoundland to view the icebergs will show you one of the most beautiful places in Canada. In fact, Newfoundland is one of the best places on earth to view icebergs.

During the months from April to August, the Northern and Eastern Coasts of Newfoundlands welcome various huge glaciers within their waters. They come in a variety of different sizes and colours making them all the more interesting and intriguing. They are only visible for the few spring and summer months and viewing them during this time on a clear sunny day is best!

Iceberg in the middle of the water

Peyto Lake, Alberta

Peyto Lake is another stunning blue water lake located in Banff National Park. It can be added to an itinerary of viewing Lake Louise and Lake Moraine to achieve the trifecta of beautiful Canadian lakes. The snow-capped mountains and vivid blue waters make this an easy addition as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. It is a popular stop for those travelling along the famous Icefields Parkway.

Lake view in the summer
Lake view in the winter

The stunning blue hue of the lake water comes from the glacial flour that flows from the snowy mountains into the water. From here the light reflects off the lake and gives it the unnaturally beautiful colouring. In both the summer and in the winter it is a stunning place to visit for a hike and to admire all the natural beauty.

Vancouver, British Columbia

City skyline at dusk

The second big city in Canada is Vancouver, British Columbia. Located on the West Coast of Canada Vancouver is a popular big city with a stunning mountain-filled backdrop. It is one of Canada’s most densely popular cities and most ethnically diverse. Vancouver is also a hot spot for art, film, and music, which makes it always a fun place to visit.

Banff, Albert

Banff is a bucket list destination in Canada where you will find magical mountain views, wonderful wilderness, and wildlife and a ton of outdoor activities to engage in. This stunning mountain village is the perfect summer and winter getaway destination as one of the most beautiful places in Canada. A visit here will connect you with the lush and prominent nature of Canada and show you true Canadian beauty. Banff in winter is also super beautiful and a top place to venture to!

Wooden stairs with snow-capped mountains in the distance

Ottawa, Ontario

Parliament Building in Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and a place for politics and beauty. Here you will find the famous capital hill where the Canadian parliament building sits. Most buildings in Canada are pretty modern in their looks but this one has an authentic European feel to it. In addition to this, there is a beautiful river in Ottawa to sail down, a stunning canal and plenty of other amazing things to see and discover.

Baffin Island, Nunuvut

Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada located in the territory of Nunavut. The natural beauty and unique wildlife are what attract most people to this beautiful travel destination. A visit here offers something completely unique that you can’t find maybe places on Earth with a set of wildlife only a few ever see in their natural habitats. Head on an arctic safari to see narwhal, beluga, and polar bears as they roam freely.

Polar bear on the snow

As one of the most beautiful places in Canada Baffin Island has snowy landscapes and kilometre high mountains. What’s more, is that you can also view the incredible Northern Lights here to see and experience one of the Earth’s most mystical natural wonders.

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Canada is a beautifully diverse country with everything from beaches, to the arctic, to lakes to big cities and beyond. This list of the most beautiful places in Canada has something for just about everyone!

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