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  1. Lombok looks absolutely stunning! I think this would be much more up my street than Bali, which although beautiful, always strikes me as very touristy. I love that there is so much to see and do. It sounds like you struck lucky with Roonie as your guide on the adventure tour. I take it he was a private guide? I would love to see the Pink Beach too. I’m definitely up for a scooter ride!

  2. You’re right…I’ve never heard of Lombok before so I would say it is overlooked by Bali. You definitely have a good argument for visiting over Bali. I would want to see Pink Beach!! And Black Monkey forest, the rice fields, the sunset at Senggigi Beach, and the Sendang Gile Waterfall! The food looks fantastic but what kind of availability do they have to get food without curry in it? I’m not a fan of it, unfortunately.

    • They have tons of food options and lots without curry! I was surprised by all the different food options they have.

  3. Lombok is so lovely and exotic. The best part is that it looks so fresh and untouched. We had planned to visit Lombok last year but due to conflicting assignments, we could not make it. We now know what we missed, and I hope to get there soon. There is so much to see and experience in Lombok. It looks like a pristine paradise, love the beaches, the Pink beach for one looks enchanting.

  4. If we head to Indonesia, we are definitely going to put Lombok on the list of places to visit. There are so many things to see and do. The beaches are always a big draw for us. That pink beach is quite stunning. The Gili Islands have been on our list for scuba diving. But if I could find an easy hike to get some of those views, I would be up for it.

  5. To be totally honest, we haven’t even heard of Lombok! haha… All these places look so stunning, especially Tanjung Aan and the Pink Beach. If we ever plan to visit Indonesia, then we’ll definitely include Lombok in our itinerary. As it is a Muslim island, do women need to wear a veil?

    • The women who live on the island wear a head scarf. As a visitor you don’t need any extra coverage, however, it is best to try to cover up. For example not wearing a bathing suit on the scooter but a t-shirt and shorts 🙂

  6. I’ve been itching to get to Lombok for so long now! I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Bali and Java, but still need to get to Lombok. Looking through your photos definitely makes me want to go even more!

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