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  1. Brings back memories of my trip to Singapore. Lovely pictures and I particularly love that you mention the street food as I thought that was fab. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So many great ideas! Now I just need to book a trip! Do you know what the vibe is for LGBTQ+ travelers? Not a deal breaker, but just curious. Also, now I’m craving a bubble tea!

  3. Wow! There sure are a lot of interesting things to do in Singapore. And we kinda understand why so many people like to visit this super clean little country. However, Singapore is not very gay friendly, which is the reason why it’s not even on our bucket list. We’re waiting until they change their law and become less conservative.

  4. Sam this guide to Singapore is perfect! There is so much helpful information all in one place in this article. I’ve always wanted to visit the gardens, but now Jurong Bird Park is on my bucket list too! I apparently am now a bird person? After seeing all the beautiful different species in Everglades National Park, i’m fascinated by them haha

  5. Singapore is a lovely place, we were there for about a week a couple of years ago. There are so many romantic places to visit and things to do for couples to do in Singapore. You have curated an exhaustive and excellent list. Our favourite is the Gardens By The Bay, we had spent a magical evening there when we were in Singapore.

  6. I think for Darcee & I, we would 100% love to pretend to be all urban and city kids in Singapore. We generally are more historical city rather than modern but we can get dressed up. Therefore, I think drinks and cocktails with views of the city would be epic for us. I know personally I would love to take her walking amid the glow of the Gardens by the Bay neon trees and I am sure the views from the Marina Sands or the Observation deck would be awesome too! But cocktails from the rooftops in Singapore seems bucket list worthy to me!

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