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  1. Paris is on my short list of places to visit. It is incredible you can do all of this in one weekend. I especailly love the Seine River Cruise it looks like a great way to see the city. I love that they have scooter to get around the city with. Ihave used the Lime scooters in other citys they are lots of fun.

  2. A WEEKEND doesn’t sound like enough time. I’d want to check out all of the cafes. This is perfect though and gives an idea of the non touristy things to do. I’m pinning for when I go to Paris.

  3. Okay okay okay, I need to return to Paris and give it one more chance cause the first time I was extremely how you put it about the Mona Lisa “Underwhelmed” by the whole city. It was just kind of okay but I did miss out on the Louvre and never took a Seine River cruise and definitely didn’t know you could go atop the Arc de Triomphe. So your day one activities make me realize I need to hit this city again. Perhaps with Darcee it will be a different experience. I think she would love to see a show at the Moulin Rouge too.
    P.S. – thanks for the secret entrance to the Louvre tip. The reason I missed it last time was I was outvoted by a bunch of people whom I was touring with that didn’t want to wait in the line.

  4. This is such an awesome Paris itinerary, especially as it is so expensive so often people don’t get chance to spend more than a few days here given the accommodation costs! I desperately want to go back and my husband hasn’t been but I think it might have to be a short trip because we’re backpackers so this is perfect to help us plan my return!

  5. We spent two weekends in Paris at the beginning and end of our trip to Europe last summer and did include many of your recommendations on our itinerary. We definitely recommend buying tickets to Level Two or the Summit of the Eiffel Tower for sunset as that was a highlight of our trip.

  6. What a lovely itinerary. There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Paris. I love the Palais Royal and wandering through Montmartre. Paris always leaves me wanting more.

  7. Pretty cool, but I think the first day is too intense to actually learn/see anything properly. The Louvre by itself took me one day only because I only walked by most of the stuff, stopping to admire only a few things 😛 It’s a pity to go on a weekend for a couple of hours, especially since weekends are more busy with city-breakers. And, if the Mona Lisa is on people’s lists, it takes much longer to get to see it in its current temporary location. Personally, I’d replace the Louvre with something else. (E.g. Musée de l’Orangerie).

  8. I want to got back to Paris! I’d eat the breakfast and pastries before visiting Notre Dame and taking a river cruise.

  9. That is one HECK of a wild itinerary for a weekend, especially in Paris. 😉 So unFrench of you. You need much more time to simply “experience” Paris, like wandering as you suggest through the Montmartre. We also don’t want your readers to think that all French breakfasts must have fresh juice, coffee, chocolate bread and a croissant. Coffee, yes. Juice yes, but not always fresh. A croissant, yes, but it is not always fresh and sometimes comes with butter and a bit of jam, or you dunk it in your coffee. Anything else will depend on the hotel or restaurant you are in. You clearly found one that loves to serve Pain au Chocolat, which is more a roll or small rectangle of pastry filled with chocolate. Some places serve what is essentially a breakfast cookie instead. Either way, it is light. WAY too light for me.

    • Yes true! I love the light breakfast while watching the busy city in front of me 🙂 Such a unique breakfast that really makes you feel a part of the French culture. If you are hungry you can get an extra snack after too 🙂

  10. What a perfect round up! Some cities are so large that you can be quite overwhelmed with the array of options to visit. Finding the highlights all in one post is a godsend. I feel like I have only really skimmed the surface of Paris so fat. Can’t wait to head back there soon and explore some more of those gorgeous back streets of Montmartre.

  11. When I lived in London and went to Paris for many weekend getaways. I love Paris and all the things to see, do and especially eat. Those pastries! Ooh La La!


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