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2 Weeks in Europe: The 6 Best Itineraries

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If you are planning on spending 2 weeks in Europe then one of these 6 amazing itineraries will be suited for you!

Europe is a diverse continent full of amazing countries. Although the countries in Europe are small and close together, every single one is completely different and offers something new and unique.

As an Amsterdam resident and a long time European traveler, I have found the best countries and cities to visit and who these are best for. Your travel preferences will determine which itinerary is best for you; whether you are looking for a warm Southern Europe trip, the best of Europe trip, a budget trip, and more!

Enjoy these 6 itineraries and find your favourite!

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2 Weeks in Europe: 6 Best Travel Itineraries

2 Weeks in Europe: Western Europe

2 weeks in Europe; Streets of Amsterdam

2 days: Dublin, Ireland

The best first stop for a Western Europe itinerary is on the coast of Europe in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is a historic and beautiful city sitting on the East Coast of Ireland.

It is the perfect place to spend your first two days in Europe to enjoy great beer, lively pub life, stunning views, and more! The warmth of Dublin will give you a great first impression of Europe.

3 days: London, England

London is the capital city of England and is absolutely massive city to explore. London ruled the world for quite some time which has resulted in it being full of history, museums, and oddities to discover.

Spending three days here with just give you a taste of the wonders of London and enjoy the big city life mixed with a wide range of other things to do.

2 days: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the Western European cities that must be on every travel itinerary. The quaint streets, unique architecture, and stunning surroundings are enough to make any visitor fall in love.

There are very few places on earth with as much charm as Amsterdam! Every season in Amsterdam has its own specialties, and as a resident of the city, I can say it’s surely one of the most beautiful places on earth.

With only 2 days in Amsterdam, you will have to pack a lot of touring and sightseeing it. However, Amsterdam is not a huge city, and seeing quite a bit of the city in this short amount of time is easy.

2 days: Paris, France

Paris is one of Europe’s most famous and lusted-after places to visit. With just 2 weeks in Europe, a quick stop here is 100% necessary.

Paris is a very unique city, it is home to some of the most iconic structures in Europe and is packed with a unique and reaching history. Two days is just enough time to get an idea of Paris, and you will be planning your visit back soon.

3 days: Interlaken & Swiss Alps

Switzerland is a naturally beautiful country and the perfect place to head to after visiting all the other Western European cities that are more architecturally focused.

An escape to stunning Interlaken to admire and enjoy the magical Swiss Alps is a must. With 3 days (or 4 days in Switzerland) you can plan an adventure hike where you can overlook the magical Swiss scenery with some of the best views Europe has to offer.

2 days: Vienna

To end your Western European adventures a visit to Austria’s capital city Vienna is in order. Vienna is a unique and old city full of diversity and unique things to do. It is a great place to reflect and learn about various famous historical figures who lived here and to visit the many beautiful palaces.

2 Weeks in Europe: Southern Europe

Girl infront of palm trees in Valencia, Spain
Girl standing infont of a canal in Venice, Italy

2 days: Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is the westernmost country amongst the countries that make up Southern Europe. This is the ideal place to start your 2 weeks in Europe if you are aiming to visit some of Europe’s most beautiful southern destinations. Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal and the best place to start your trip.

Lisbon is full of life and excitement. The buildings are vibrantly colored, the streets are old, and there is a warmth to the air that is oh-so magical. Spending a day or two in Lisbon will have you falling in love with the warmth and magic of Southern Europe.

1 day: Porto, Portugal

Porto is a small coastal city located just one hour from Lisbon. Taking a quick one day visit here is ideal to see one of Portugal’s most beautiful and unique cities.

Porto is full of cobblestone streets, hilly terrain, medieval history, and delicious port wine! It is an idyllic city to visit to admire and enjoy the finer pleasures.

2 days: Valencia, Spain

Spain is full of beautiful and enchanting cities but none are as amazing as Valencia. Valencia is much less famous than some of the other cities in Spain but this only adds to its beauty and magic.

There are so many amazing things to do and see in Valencia and the best part is that it is a quieter city than the others and can be explored in a more authentic fashion.

2 days: Barcelona, Spain

After visiting Valencia a trip to Spain’s very popular Barcelona is in order. Located right along the sea, Barcelona is the perfect place to soak the Southern European sun on the stretching beach! Barcelona is also a place known for its culture and art, which are unique in itself.

1 day: Nice, France

Nice is a magical city in the South of France within the French Rivera. Spending one day in Nice during your 2 weeks in Europe is perfect for seeing the highlights of the city and soaking in the unique and captivating French culture. There is also a lovely beach for anyone looking to relax and swim.

2 days: Rome, Italy

No visit to Europe is complete without visiting Rome. Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the most historic places in not only Europe but on Earth.

The history of Rome dates thousands of years and on every street in the city, you will find something of historical significance making it the ideal place to visit for history lovers. Not only is it great for history lovers but it is also a great place to visit for all, the beauty and magic of Italy are prevalent throughout the whole city.

2 day: Florence, Italy

Florence is a romantic city in Italy full of Renaissance art and architecture. Admiring the cultural side of Italy is a great way to experience the beauty and magic of Southern Europe. Florence has an irresistible charm and is one of the prettiest cities in Italy.

1 days: Venice, Italy

Finishing 2 weeks in Southern Europe with a visit to Venice is the perfect ending. Venice is one of the most romantic places on Earth and is a city everyone must visit once in their lives. The charm and beauty of the canals and tiny streets is something to be admired. One day in Venice gives you enough time to see much of the city since Venice is quite small.

2 Weeks in Europe: Eastern Europe

2 weeks in Europe
Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

2 days: Warsaw, Poland

Eastern Europe is an underrated part of Europe to explore. This side of the contentment welcomes fewer tourists, lower prices, and an unmissable charm.

Starting in Warsaw, Poland is perfect for getting a taste of Eastern Europe’s unique offerings. Poland is a country that was heavily affected by World War 2, and learning about this significant impact is imperative while here.

Warsaw, as the capital city, is packed with ornate buildings, small streets, and warm charm. It is easy to fall in love with Poland and visiting some of the small Polish cities like Gdansk is also a good idea.

2 days: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and a fairytale-like city in Eastern Europe. Two days in Prague will show you the magic within Prague that is unmatched by anywhere else.

The city has a unique mix of pastel-colored buildings and panoramic city views, mixed with old gothic architecture that contrasts greatly with the other parts of the city. Although Prague is located in Eastern Europe it has the same vibe as Western Europe and many people are surprised by this.

2 days: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary is one of Europe’s most underrated cities. Exploring Budapest is a feast for the eyes and will have you bubbling with excitement.

If you choose to visit Eastern Europe during your 2 weeks in Europe, Budapest is a must-visit. Spending 2 days in Budapest with show you some of Europes’ most amazing architecture paired with a buzzing atmosphere.

2 days: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and a unique city in itself. The city has unique architecture and plenty of green space making it a great place to stay for 2 days. This in addition to the low prices and limited tourists is ideal.

1 day: Lake Bled, Slovenia

Venturing to Lake Bled, Slovenia is a must! This iconic place is full of beauty and the natural beauty will amaze you. The magical lake is located in the Julian Alps and the scenery is out of this world.

2 days: Split, Croatia

Split is a magical city in Croatia that is perfect for all types of travelers. Here you can find a ton of history, beautiful beaches, and stunning national parks. There really is something for everyone!

3 days: Montenegro

Montenegro is a small and amazing country. It is one of the best places to visit in the Balkans and an up and coming top travel destination for travelers from around the world. No 2 weeks in Europe would be complete without a visit to this magical country.

There are a ton of beautiful places to visit in Montenegro. The best being Herceg Novi and Kotor. Three days is enough time to drive around and explore all the diversities of Montenegro, plus enjoy some lovely beach time!

2 Weeks in Europe: Northern Europe

Waterfall in Iceland

4 days: Iceland

Way up North on an island all its own is the beautiful and enchanting country of Iceland. Iceland is truly like no other place on Earth. It is one of those places you visit and feel like you’ve gone to another planet! The volcanic landscapes, black sand beaches, and powerful waterfalls are wonderful.

A visit to Iceland for four days will allow you to see a ton of the natural beauty Iceland brings to the table. If you are a nature lover, Iceland will blow you away!

3 days: Norway

Norway is the first stop on mainland Europe during this Northern 2 weeks in Europe itinerary. Norway is an expensive but beautiful country known for its huge mountain ranges, deep coastal fjords, and lush green forest space.

It is the ideal place to visit for nature lovers and those wanting to experience the vast Scandinavian beauty. A visit to Oslo, Bergan, and Flam is always a good idea.

2 days: Denmark

Denmark is a country known for its peace and tranquility. Places in Denmark like Copenhagen and Aarhus are known for incredible Scandinavian fashion, plenty of cafes, and wonderful sustainability initiatives.

3 days: Sweden

Next stop, Sweden! With 3 days in Sweden during your 2 weeks in Europe, you can get a nice idea of some of the country’s highlights. While here a visit to the capital city, Stockholm is a must. If time permits you can also visit some additional nearby places!

2 days: Finland

Finland is one of the less popular countries to visit in Northern Europe but this should not be the case. It is a wonderful country full of beautiful natural beauty. A visit here in the winter is an especially good idea to see the mesmerizing Lapland and even get the chance to view the Northern Lights.

2 Weeks in Europe: Best of Europe

Colosseum in Rome

2 days: London, England

London is one of Europes most iconic cities. It is very tourist-friendly and since English is the spoken language navigating and communicating is very easy. To see one of the most popular cities in Europe, a stop here is necessary.

2 days: Amsterdam, Netherlnads

Amsterdam’s magic should not be underestimated. Despite the cities reputation as a place for partying and vices, it could not be more different. The city has a wonderful romance to it and is full of a unique history.

2 days: Paris, France

No-one visits Paris and regrets it. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and walking to streets full of stories and historic moments is something you can’t do just anywhere. The best thing about Paris is that you will never get bored.

2 days: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city in Eastern Europe. It has all the same beauty as the Western European cities but is much more affordable! This makes exploring more fun because you can visit attractions and stay at a nice hotel for a lower cost.

2 days: Rome, Italy

Rome is somewhere you could easily spend a week. With all the historic places to visit and new things to learn you will be on overdrive trying to soak it all in. There are so many iconic places to see in Rome that you will have your days full of things to do.

4 days: Santorini, Greece

Four days in Greece may seem like a lot but with all the additional islands nearby to explore it is not nearly enough. Spending a day or two exploring the island of Santorini is nice and then you can rent a boat and go around to the other little islands and private beaches. Everything is so warm and blue and magical in Greece it is easy to get lost in the beauty.

2 weeks in Europe: Budget Europe

2 days: Prague, Czech Republic

As mentioned, Prague is located in Eastern Europe which means the prices for most things are lower than Western standards. Enjoying the sights and attractions is much cheaper, as well as meals and accommodation. This in addition to the beauty of Prague is a huge bonus!

2 days: Budapest, Hungary

Beauty and budget? It doesn’t get better than that! Budapest has both which is what makes it such a wonderful travel destination. The combination of the stunning, ornate architecture and deep history makes it a must-visit, especially if you are traveling on a budget.

2 days: Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania is a region within Romania that is known for its medieval castles, gothic fortresses, and mountainous terrain. Not many people add Romania to their 2 weeks in Europe itinerary, but this only adds to its charm. Exploring the interesting and unique regions of Romania and not feeling like one in 10,000 tourists is ideal.

2 days: Split, Croatia

Sun, beaches, parks, old towns, these are the words that come to mind when we think of Split, Croatia. Split is a beautiful city full of excitement. Not only that, it is super budget-friendly. This means you can enjoy a beach holiday without the price tag of Western European beach destinations.

2 days: Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a dark horse and doesn’t get enough credit. The city is beautiful and has an authentic and local feel to it. In addition, there are so many unique places to visit and sights to see in Belgrade. Within this itinerary, this is the most budget-friendly place!

2 days: Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Herceg Novi is a small town in Montenegro with an unmistakable local charm. It is located along the coast of the Bay of Kotor and is built within the stunning mountainous landscape of Montenegro. The charm of this town can not be emphasized enough.

2 days: Albania

Albania is an up and coming travel destination that is incredibly cheap. There are various beautiful places to visit within Albania like Tirana and Berat that will wow you with the beauty and the amazing prices.


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No matter which itinerary you choose for your amazing 2 weeks in Europe you will have a wonderful time. Europe is a stunning continent with so much diversity amongst the small, close together counties.

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