The Best Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary | 7 Days in Tuscany

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Discover the ultimate Tuscany road trip designed to show you the rolling hills, endless vineyards and majestic cypress trees Tuscany is famous for.

One of Italy’s most beautiful and famous regions, Tuscany is a must-visit at least once in your life. With its iconic landscapes, charming towns, and various unique things to do and see it is a place you will want to explore.

However, explorations are best done on your own special road trip. This way you can see and experience as much of this magical region as possible and not miss out on any of the beauty.

Discover the ultimate Tuscany road trip itinerary below.

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The Ultimate Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary

Tuscany Road Trip Important Questions:

rolling hills of Tuscany
rolling hills of Tuscany

How many days do you need in Tuscany?

You will need a minimum number of 3 days in Tuscany to see some of the main cities and highlights of the region. With only 3 days you will be moving around and traveling fast but you can see and do quite a bit. If you want the full Tuscany experience spending 5-10 days is best so you can slow down and see all of the highlights of the region.

What is the best month to visit Tuscany?

The best month to visit Tuscany is May – June, and September – October. These months are on the edge of peak season and still welcome amazing weather. By visiting outside of peak season you can enjoy this magical region with much fewer people and smaller crowds. In addition to this, you will get lower prices than in summer and the mildest yet sunny weather.

Do you need a car for Tuscany?

Renting a car or scooter to explore Tuscany is the best way to see everything the region has to offer. By relying on public transportation you will miss out on some villages and hillside towns that public transport doesn’t run to. Plus, with your own car, you can map out your own itinerary and move much more freely.

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When we explored Tuscany we rented a scooter because we set up a base in Siena and just went short distances from there. A scooter is a cheaper option but if you are travelling for multiple days between cities and want to cover as much of Tuscany as possible renting a car is ideal. This way you are faster and you can transport your luggage.

Scooter in Florence
Scooter in Florence

Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary

This Tuscany road trip itinerary is set for a 7-day period. However, you can make it longer or shorter to fit your travel needs. By extending your stay in a city you can lengthen your stay, or you can make some of the stops quick and shorter the itinerary. Feel free to change it as you see fit.

Day 1: Florence

The best place to start your Tuscany road trip literary is in Florence! Florence is the biggest city in Tuscany and the easiest to reach by plane or train.

When you arrive here you can spend the day exploring on foot and only pick up the car on day three in the morning to explore the rest of Tuscany. This way you save money on the car rental on the days when you won’t need it.

Book your hotel stay for 2 nights since you will be spending days one and two in and around Florence.

Florence Duomo
Florence Duomo

With just one day in Florence, your day will be pretty busy full of sightseeing and exploring but you can see quite a bit of the city in a limited amount of time. Check out this list of the top things to do in Florence for a complete rundown on what to do and see. With limited time it might be best to join a tour so you can see and do.

Day 2: Chianti Wine Region

Tuscany is home to the Chianti Wine Region which is home to endless wineries producing world-famous wines. Heading here on your second day is perfect so you can spend another day without paying for a car since you will be drinking and cannot drink and drive. Below are some great tours departing from Florence.

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Day 3: Siena

Day 3 of your Tuscany road trip is the first day you will actually be driving and starting the real road trip adventure. Pick up your car rental in Florence and head south to the beautiful town of Siena. Along the way, you will pass endless wineries, rolling rolls, and row upon row of cypress trees. The drive is stunning so feel free to make stops along the way!

Siena buildings
Siena buildings

Once you arrive in Siena you can spend the day exploring this hidden gem of a city that will surprise you with its beauty and charm. There are a ton of things to do in Siena but the best is simply walking the hilly streets and getting lost in the maze of alleyways and cobblestones. Spend some time getting comfortable with the city and enjoy a delicious Italian meal amongst the bustling crowds.

Day 4: Val d’Orcia

Head out early in the morning from Siena to explore Tuscany’s most beautiful area Val d’Orcia. Val d’Orcia is the Tuscany you dream of when you imagine your perfect Tuscany countryside holiday.

With its golden rolling hills, isolated cypress tree-lined estates, and medieval towns. This region is as mesmerizing as it gets and is the ultimate place to explore on your Tuscany road trip.

Val d'Orcia
Val d'Orcia

The best way to explore this area is by driving around to a few points of interest and making many stops along the way. With a car, you can explore freely and stop as much as you want. The best way to map your journey is:

This will take all day and gives you enough time to really see and experience a lot of the Val d’Orcia region.

Day 5: Montepulciano

Landscape of the Tuscany seen from the walls of Montepulciano, Italy

Montepulciano is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany. Just one day to explore Val d’Orcia can feel pretty rushed and having some additional time the next day is much needed.

Enjoy the morning of your Tuscany road trip to relax and travel slowly through the magical Val d’Orcia region. After a hectic few days in big cities and lots of driving it will be nice to wake up in the small village of Montepulciano, enjoy a relaxing breakfast and head out on the road. Be sure to take note of your favorite places the day before so you can revisit them if you want.

It is best to head to Saturnia in the evening of day 5 so you can get a good sleep for the early morning to come.

Day 6: Saturnia

natural spa with waterfalls and hot springs at Saturnia thermal baths, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy,Hot springs Cascate del Mulino with old watermill, Saturnia, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy. High quality

Saturnia is one of Tuscany’s most famous and lusted-after attractions. The bright blue thermal baths are FREE to visit and enjoy and are one of Italy’s most beautiful natural attractions.

Sleeping in Saturnia the night before is a must since these baths are very popular and by 8 AM are pretty packed with people. If you want to enjoy them with fewer people arriving earlier than 8 AM is ideal so you can enjoy some peace.

After enjoying the famous baths you can explore Saturnia and the surrounding areas and spend the night here.

Day 7: Back to Florence

Head out in the morning for the 3-hour drive from Saturnia to Florence to end your Tuscany road trip. Take it slow and make more stops along the way to soak in the last bit of Tuscany before your adventure ends. Once you arrive back in Florence you can spend the night and then head home!

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This Tuscany road trip itinerary is action-packed and will show you all of the top things in this amazing Italian region.

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Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary
Tuscany Road Trip Itinerary