Little Venice Mykonos: The Best Sunset Spot in Mykonos

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Keep reading to learn about the magic and charm of Little Venice Mykonos, one of the best sunset spots on the island.

Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands for a variety of reasons. The iconic landmarks, stunning views, various beach clubs, and historic towns make it a must-see while touring The Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. While in the popular Mykonos town you will find yourself wanting to visit the top sites and attractions: such as the iconic Little Venice.

Discover everything you need to know about Little Venice in Mykonos below!

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Little Venice Mykonos

What is Little Venice

Little Venice is an extremely romantic and charming area in Mykonos Town. It is made up of vibrant Venetian-style houses and restaurants built along the edge of the sea. Pearched dangerously along the water’s edge. Little Venice attracts people from around the world eager to see its beautiful sights.

The white and blue buildings were constructed by merchants inspired by Venice, hence the name Little Venice. Today, the shore is full of restaurants and bars so you can sit in Little Venice and fully immerse yourself in the bustle and beauty.

Little Venice Mykonos
Little Venice Mykonos

Where is Little Venice Mykonos

Little Venice is located in Mykonos Town, also referred to as Chora, which is the island’s old town. Exact directions to Little Venice can be found here. The best place to head within Little Venice for a complete view of this area is View of Little Venice.

Little Venice Mykonos
Little Venice Mykonos

Sunsets in Little Venice

There are a plethora of beautiful places to watch the sunset in Mykonos, and Little Venice tops that list. With its various waterfront restaurants and bars, plus free space along the shore you can easily find your perfect place to sit down and watch the sun descend into the horizon.

Many restaurants and bars in Little Venice have a minimum spend during sunset hours so beware of this before getting a table. You can also pick up drinks and food from a grocery store and sit along the cement blocks lining the shore for an equally good show.

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Where to Stay in Little Venice