10 Best Towns in Lake Como | Most Beautiful Towns in Lake Como

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Uncover the best towns in Lake Como to see and experience all the beauty this magical Italian region has to offer.

Lake Como is a luxurious and unique region in Northern Italy known for its magnificent villas, lush mountains, and quaint villages. Many people are unaware that Lake Como is lined with quite a few different towns and villages all with their own unique charm and beauty.

With so many different towns and villages to choose from finding which to see and which to skip can be a difficult decision, but fear not!

Here are the 10 best towns in Lake Como to add to your itinerary!

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10 Most Beautiful & Best Towns in Lake Como


Varenna, Lake Como, Italy
Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Varenna is one of the most beautiful towns on Lake Como and a must-visit for all touring the region. It is small yet full of character and easily one of the best towns on Lake Como. With its colorful buildings, romantic waterfront promenade, and beautiful villas, Varenna truly is a hidden gem!

Visiting Varenna is one of the top things to do in Lake Como for good reason. It is home to one of Lake Como’s most famous villas called Villa Monastero. You can reach Varenna via ferry or car making it accessible to all. Do not miss this stunning village that will surely show you the beauty of Lake Como.


Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy
Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Bellagio is the most famous town on Lake Como and a place you cannot miss. This village is small yet full of beauty with its hilly landscape made up of cobblestone streets, colourful houses, and amazing restaurants.

Bellagio is also one of the most expensive and exclusive villages in Lake Como giving it an air of luxury that makes it feel very unique.

As one of the best towns in Lake Como, you do not want to miss this stunning gem.



Menaggio is a postcard-perfect town that sits along the shores of Lake Como surrounded by lush dramatic mountains. With its romantic waterfront promenade and iconic Italian Architecture. This village is especially great because it is conveniently reachable by ferry from two of the other best towns in Lake Como; Bellagio and Varenna.


Tremezzo Tremezzina in Como lake district. Italian traditional lake village view and stairs. Italy, Europe.

Tremezzo is a captivating city in Lake Como full of beautiful views and an authentic Italian charm. It is one of the best towns in Lake Como not only for its beauty but also because it is home to two of the region’s most famous villas: Villa Carlotta and Villa del Balbianello. A visit here is not just for the town itself but for the attractions it holds.


Nesso is one of the most underrated towns in Lake Como. It sits right on the banks of Lake Como and is one of the most picturesque villages in Lake Como. Known for its famous gorge, moss-covered houses, and ethereal beauty. This is one of the best towns in Lake Como that is not as busy as others on this list but every bit as beautiful – if not more!



Torno is a small lakeside village with a calm and relaxing vibe. This is one of the quieter places on Lake Como but still well worth a visit. Here you will feel what this region was like before mass tourism where you can roam around and explore without hundreds of other people with you.

Torno is one of the best towns in Lake Como for those seeking an authentic Italian village to explore and admire.


Como Town
Como Town

Como is the biggest city on Lake Como and one of the most popular. Due to its name, many people think Como is LAKE Como but Como is a city and Lake Como is the entire region made up of dozens of cities, towns, and villages.

This city has the most activities due to its size and offers easy accessibility by car or ferry to many other villages on Lake Como.


Aerial view of the city of Lecco, Italy

Lecco is a beautiful and somewhat remote city located on the southeastern shore of Lake Como. It is a little bit of a distance from all the other cities that are all closely located but that only adds to its charm.

This is one of the best towns in Lake Como for those seeking beautiful nature, unique things to do, and an unmatched charm. The lush green mountains surrounding Lecco give it a stunning backdrop, plus there are plenty of nature trails that are ideal for hikers.


Argegno, idyllic village on Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy.

Argegno is a quaint commune located along the shores of Lake Como between Como and Menaggio. It is not super big so there isn’t a ton to do but it is a great place for a quick stop to admire one of Lake Como’s hidden gems!

Due to its small size and lesser-known name, many people skip visiting Argegno but this is a huge mistake. Make a stop here on your drive along the coast to admire the unique and untouched beauty of this idyllic village.


Cernobbio, Como, Italy - June 30, 2022: Lakefront of Cernobbio, the popular holiday resort on the shore of Lake Como, Lombardy.

Cernobbio is a popular holiday resort town on Lake Como. It is located just 2km north of Como and is one of the best places to visit during your Lake Como tour. This is one of the best towns in Lake Como because of its beautiful villas and nature. One of the most famous villas on Lake Como is here called Villa D’este, which is a villa you cannot miss!

Where To Stay in Lake Como


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Start planning your Lake Como adventures with this list of the best towns in Lake Como!

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