22 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

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Looking for a list of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to add to your travel itinerary? This list covers all the best and most beautiful towns, villages, and attractions in Switzerland that are must-visits while in the country.

Switzerland is one of the most magical and mesmerizing places on earth. The huge snow-capped mountains, blue water lakes, and quaint towns make it one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

It is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a nature-filled holiday full of natural beauty. Just be warned, Switzerland is one of the most expensive places in Europe, so be prepared to spend some money to enjoy this magical country.

Keep reading for the 22 most beautiful places in Switzerland you must visit.

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22 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland


Green grass mountain and blue water lake

Located within the Swiss mountains, lining Lake Lucerne sits the beautiful village of Morschach. This village is known for its stunning vantage points overlooking neighbouring town Brunnen and the beautiful blue hued lake.

It is easily one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland for its natural and incomparable beauty and one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

This idyllic city can be reached from Zurich, Zug, and Lucerne with ease making it the perfect place to visit to escape the city and enter Switzerland’s vast beauty. It is the perfect place for hiking and lake tours where you can immerse yourself in the towering mountains, blue waters, and local charm.

Morschach is the ideal place to visit in both summer and winter with activities running for all seasons. There is no better combination than natural beauty and an untouched by tourism atmosphere than Morschach. This is easily one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

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Orange roofed buildings within the green mountains

Lugano is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland as an alpine city that is nestled right on the Italian border. It is also a financially important city in the country.

Switzerland’s 9th largest city, Lugano is located in the Ticino region and it is actually an Italian speaking city, making it rather different than most cities in Switzerland.  It has a unique culture as a result.

What really makes Lugano stand apart is that it has a very famous lakeshore and offers views of the surrounding Brè and San Salvatore Mountains lined with gorgeous Italian architecture, waterfront parks, and charming promenades.

One of the top places to visit in Lugano is the Via Nassa, a 17th-century neighbourhood with old arcades. There are also many shops and cafes around this area that are worth a visit.

In addition, you must be sure not to miss the city’s historical sights like Chiesa di Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Cattedrale San Lorenzo (a 16th-century limestone cathedral), and the Carrara marble. A top place to grab lunch or dinner is at Grotto Morchino or La Tinera.

While Switzerland tends not to be a budget-friendly destination, many will be surprised to find affordable hotels and Airbnbs in Lugano. The city can be visited as a day trip from Italy or by staying overnight.  It really is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland!


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If you are looking for the most beautiful places in Switzerland, it’s simple – just head to the capital, Bern. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and just stunning with its medieval architecture.

Founded in the 12th century, this old town is surrounded by the Aare River in a very picturesque location with buildings dating from a variety of periods including the 15th and 16th century with much of it restored in the 19th century with its original character.

The first place to head is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland, Bern Minster. You can climb up the stairs to the top for great views over the old town. The surrounding banks of the Aare River also have great views likes pictured here. Another popular attraction is Zytglogge, the medieval clock town with moving puppets.

There are many museums and art galleries you can visit in Bern with the most recommended being the Museum of Art, Kunstmuseum home to more than 51,000 pieces of art. Bundeshaus is also worth a visit which is the Swiss Federal Assembly. You can take tours of this building dating from the 19th century.

You can also visit Einstein House which was the home to Albert Einstein in 1905 when he developed his famous theory of relativity.  Here you will not only see a house that has been restored to the style of that period but learn more about this famous physicist. If you want to visit the most beautiful places in Switzerland, you won’t be sorry you visited Bern.


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Pointed moutain

Welcome to Zermatt, home to the mighty Matterhorn, and the terminus of the famous Glacier Express Railway, and one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn has an almost hypnotic beauty. Rising to a height of 4478 metres, if ever there was a mountain to swoon over, and photographed from every angle, this is it.

Many of the best things to do in Zermatt are related to the mountain. Adjacent to St Mauritius Church, the town’s spiritual beating heart, the Mountaineers’ Cemetery is a moving reminder of the human cost of climbing the Matterhorn. 

Zermatlantis, a state of the art museum dedicated to the Matterhorn, provides a fascinating insight into climbing the mountain and the development of Zermatt.

But Zermatt is not all about the Matterhorn. Zermatt is encircled by some of the country’s highest peaks, which you can view from aerial walkways, mountain railways and cable cars. After taking the exceptionally scenic train ride to the observation platform at Gornergrat, hike back to town, following the signposted path.

After this bracing hike, head for a sauna or have a soak in a hot tub. Better still, treat yourself to a massage or facial at one of the upscale hotels in town. Finally, Zermatt’s restaurants serve some of the best comfort food on the planet. Fondue, raclette or rosti? Take your pick. Your coronary artery will cry out for mercy but your stomach will thank you.


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Ariel views of buildings
Buildings beside a river

Situated at the northern end of Lake Zurich, is the city with the same name: Zurich. This city is Switzerland’s global business center and, as one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, the perfect destination for a city break. 

Zurich‘s Aldstadt (the old town) has winding cobbled streets with attractive 19th-century buildings, filled with interesting shops and coffee cafes. You can head to Framünster Church, which is known for its Chagall stained glass windows and Max Chocolatier for the most divine chocolate creations!

Take a stroll along ‘Limmatqui’ which follows the banks of the River Limmat. Or dive into the trendy Kreis 5 district and see the Cuchi collection of colourful umbrellas suspended above the street. There is also a thermal Spa for relaxing, located in an old brewery.

The lake is fun to explore and what better way than joining a fondue boat trip where can enjoy this famous dish of gooey melted cheese. Beware, if you lose your cube of bread in the cheese you have to kiss everyone who saw it happen! An alternative spot for dinner is the Zeughauskeller – a huge beer hall with six different types of sausages and numerous sausage dishes to sample with your beer. Alternatively, Hiltl is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant.

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Pointy mountain and grass
Village within moutains

One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland is the alpine town of Grindelwald.  Nestled at the foot of the Eiger, and surrounded by the Bernese Alps, this pretty town is an ideal destination at any time of year.

The location is what makes Grindelwald so idyllic. With snow-capped mountains as a backdrop and lush green pastures all around, the scenery will take your breath away. 

Whilst you might be happy to just sit back and enjoy the views, there are plenty of things to do in Grindelwald to keep you amused. Winter visitors will probably head straight for the slopes for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or tobogganing, whilst those who visit in the warmer months have a range of different outdoor activities to enjoy.

At Mt. First, a short cable car ride from Grindelwald, a cliff walk, flying fox and mountain cart rides are just some of the fun things to enjoy.  There are endless hiking trails nearby, a summer toboggan run at Pfingstegg and a glacier gorge to explore. If you’re even more adventurous, why not leap into a canyon at 120 kilometres per hour whilst tied to a bungy rope? 

The Canyon Swing offers a thrill like no other. Year-round, Grindelwald is the ideal starting point for an excursion to Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe. Grindelwald’s main street is lined with traditional chalet-style hotels, shops and restaurants. There’s a wide range of cuisine to choose from but no visit to Grindelwald – or indeed, Switzerland – would be complete without enjoying a cheese fondue.

Gelmer Lake

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Glass like lake reflecting the moutains

If you’re looking to visit one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland, head to the Gelmerbahn funicular and Gelmersee Lake.

Gelmersee Lake is in the Swiss Alps and is one of the most breathtaking lakes you will ever see. The colour of the water is a deep turquoise and is surrounded by high mountains. There are two ways to reach the lake- by hiking up a (big!) mountain, or by taking a ride up the Gelmerbahn Funicular.

The Gelmerbahn Funicular is one of the steepest mountain railways in Europe. The gradient is 106% and it goes backwards up the mountain. Once up at Gelmersee, you can spend the rest of the day hiking back down the mountain or do a short walk around the lake. 

Alternatively, take the funicular back down again. A one-way ride takes about 20 minutes and you need to buy tickets at the bottom to get back down again, so be sure to plan in advance and work out how much time you need. NOTE: There are no facilities, toilets or cafe up at Gelmersee Lake, so remember to take food and water with you.


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Colourful houses in a square
Houses on a street

Chur is a city in the East of Switzerland. It’s the oldest city in Switzerland, dating back to 9000 years B.C. when there was already a settlement on this spot. This city is located at the beginning of the Rhine valley and on the axe of trading routes between Lake Constance and the mountain passes in the Alps.

Chur is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland surrounded by mountains. In the city, there’s an old town and plenty of beautiful old buildings to admire. So enjoy strolling the old town with mountain views in the backdrop.

You can easily explore the old town for an hour or longer, going into cute little shops and watching the facades of the beautiful buildings. The city is car-free, so strolling around can be done carefree. Chur is a perfect addition to 4 Days in Switzerland.

Chur has a beautiful Roman and Gothic-style church, which is worth a visit. Further visit the Obere gasse, St. Martin Church, St. Lucius Church, the bischöflicher Hof, the Rathaus and the Regierungsplatz. Chur has also a few museums worth a visit, like the Bündner Kunstmuseum (art), Bündner Naturmuseum (natural history) and the Rätisches museum. In summer you can go hiking in the mountains. In the wintertime, the mountains are ready for ski fun.

A good place for a cup of coffee is the DOM cafe, or for a glass of wine. For local cuisine sit down at restaurant Drei Bunde and restaurant Falken. Here you can sit and soak in the beauty of one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Valley Verzasca

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Small village with thatched roof houses

The Swiss Canton Ticino is one of the best places to visit in Europe during spring and easily one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. While the northern part of the continent still experiences cold temperatures, Ticino has plenty of sun and warm weather.

One destination that I specifically recommend in Ticino is valley Verzasca, home to the famous Ponte dei Salti bridge.

Here you can find the emerald green Verzasca River, this scenic valley is steeped in history with its traditional villages built in the style that is characteristic of this region of Switzerland. It is a stunning and historic place to visit making is an easy addition as one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Explore the Verzasca Dam and if you are brave enough, follow in the footsteps of James Bond by leaping The “007 Bungee Jump.” Continue your day by doing a couple of hikes in this stunning valley and continue to until you reach the hamlet of Sonogno, a gorgeous village at the head of Verzasca Valley.

Here you can explore gorgeous hikes, waterfalls and wander around to see the beautiful architecture.

If you are looking to chill and relax, you can even book one of the places in Sonogno, as this little town offers plenty of outdoor activities that could take you a couple of days. The gateway to Valley Verzasca is Locarno from where you can reach the valley by public transportation.


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Geneva, filled with fascinating history, delicious chocolate, and breathtaking views, is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. As a colourfully dynamic cultural hub, Geneva is home to the headquarters of various international organizations like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the International Red Cross Committee.

Take in the historic and gorgeous architecture of the city by climbing the towers at St. Pierre Cathedral. The Cathedral’s south tower features an open-air balcony perfect for a unique birds-eye-view of Geneva on a sunny day.

Later, walk the intricate cobblestone streets found in the old town. Geneva’s old town is filled with beautiful buildings, culture, and history worth a day or two during your visit.

Head out of the city to discover the world-famous lake attracting photographers, adventure seekers, and families alike. Lake Geneva, as the largest Alpine lake in Europe, is often regarded as one of the most popular places in Switzerland. With its stunning scenery and clear waters, this is the perfect spot to go paddleboarding during the warmer months.

Once back in town, indulge in a delicious cheese fondue experience. Grab some warm dipping bread, a hot cheese pot, and enjoy this tasty Geneva treat. Valmandin is home to some of the best varieties of coffees in Geneva. If you happen to fall in love with this coffee spot, they also offer personalized mixes for you to bring home to enjoy long after your adventure in Geneva. With this, the tastes of your coffee can transport you back to Geneva, one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.


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Castle on the lake

Montreux is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva and surrounded by the towering Swiss Alps and acres of vineyards. It is also known as the “Swiss Riviera” and Montreux is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

The 13 km lakeside promenade that stretches from neighbouring Vevey, through Montreux to the Chillon Castle is a magic place to wander any time of the day or night. It’s so picturesque and there’s so much to see including a very impressive Freddie Mercury statue, some stunning heritage buildings, an abundance of interesting art and garden sculptures, and even Palm Trees!

Montreux is famous for its annual jazz festival and music is much in evidence all around the city. In the garden of the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hotel, you will see sculptures of famous musicians who have appeared at Montreux jazz festivals over the years.

Chillon Castle is a must-see in Montreux. It’s a medieval castle dating back to the 12th century and is located on its own small island on the banks of the lakefront. You will see gothic vaulted chapels, medieval dungeons, sentries’ walk, bastions, the keep, and large banqueting halls within the 25 buildings and three courtyards.

A boat ride across the lake is a must-do with the stunning vista of the Alps rising above the crystal clear waters of the lake and the surrounding quaint Swiss-French villages. Another must do is to take the Rochers-de-Naye mountain railway that winds slowly up steep gradients through fields, charming villages, and forests.


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A village within the cliffs of mountains

Lauterbrunnen. A place whose name means many springs. If ever there was a way to undervalue a location where 72 waterfalls flow into a valley only 1 kilometre wide, then this is perhaps it. Visually it is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, and easily one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Those 72 waterfalls aren’t an exaggeration. They are the focus of any trip, and an easy hike through the valley floor takes you past quite a few. The most stunning, the 270 metres high Staubbach Falls, seems to flow straight into the village as you approach. It’s that remarkable visual that will stay with you long after your visit. 

But there are many more things to do in Lauterbrunnen. While the village is perhaps geared a little towards a quick tourist buck, an economical carb-filled lunch at the Stefan Von Allmen & Co Bakery will set you up well for the adventures ahead. 

Lauterbrunnen is perhaps the mecca of Switzerland’s paragliding, with the exhilarating experience taking you past some of the waterfalls. As it’s also the perfect base for exciting trips to the mountain villages of Murren and Wengen, and the heavenly summits of Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn, the beautiful Lauterbrunnen is not to be missed in Switzerland. 


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Bridge crossing water and buildings along the shore

Situated at one end of Lake Lucerne and framed by snow-covered mountains, Lucerne is an impossibly picturesque city and a must for any Europe bucket list, and one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

The River Reuss runs through the city and the beautiful peak of Mount Pilatus towers high in the distance. Visitors will discover a welcoming atmosphere, along with a strong cultural and historical background.

The Old Town brings a fairytale appeal with its historic churches, quaint old squares, painted building facades, and an iconic wooden bridge. It is utterly charming and a wonderfully romantic place to spend a weekend break. It’s a very accessible city, being only an hour away from Zurich airport by train, or 45 minutes by car.

Wander around the scenic streets, explore the various museums, and spot the must-see monuments. Be sure to stop by one of the many riverside cafes to enjoy a hot chocolate while taking in the view. There is an impressive variety of dining options – from indulgent cheese fondues to luxury fine dining.

Outside of the city, visitors are spoilt for choice with walks and hikes – the perfect way to take in the breathtaking views over Lake Lucerne. For music and culture lovers, the city hosts the Lucerne Summer Festival in August, a world-renowned classical music festival.

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Houses and a blue lake surrounded by mountains

Thun is a small city in the Bernese Highlands that is surrounded by mountains and ideally located near one of Switzerland’s most exquisite lakes. With plenty of both natural and manmade beauty, Thun is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland and easily one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

One of the best things to do in Thun is simply walking around the Old Town and admire the city’s attractive location and charming architecture. Flowing through the historic heart of the city is the Aare River and there are several covered wooden bridges crossing the water. The riverside restaurants and cafes are the perfect places to sit back and enjoy views of the river.

Other pretty attractions in the Old Town include Thun Castle, whose fortification towers offer stunning views of the city and Lake Thun, the Town Hall Square, and the city church.

A little further away from the historic centre, you’ll find Schadau Castle, a 19th-century construction with neo-Gothic elements, built at the mouth of the Aare River. You can see it as you glide past on a boat ride to Lake Thun, which is a relaxing way to experience the area’s natural beauty after a day of sightseeing.


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If you are visiting Switzerland, you should definitely add Mt.Titlis to your itinerary as one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Located between the cantons of Bern and Obwalden, Mt.Titlis can be accessed through Engelberg, a stunning mountain resort town.

Home to the world’s first rotating cable car and Europe’s highest elevation suspension bridge, Mt.Titlis is a complete package of fun and guaranteed entertainment for all age groups. At 10,000 feet above sea level, the summit offers 360 degree breathtaking panoramic views of Uri Alps. The summit has a total of 5 levels with elevator access.

Must-try activities up the summit include walking on the suspension bridge (cliff walk), taking the ice flyer, or indulging in snow tubing or sledding. Walk inside the 150-metre long pathway of Glacier Cave for a magical experience as you admire the turquoise-blue light.  There are restaurants, shops, and toilet facilities at the summit. 

The easiest way to reach Mt.Titlis is on a day tour. Alternatively, you can take a train from Lucerne to Engelberg which takes less than an hour. From Engelberg, you can take the cable car to reach top of Mt.Titlis.

Mt.Titlis is truly a year round destination in Switzerland.  Even if you visit in the summer months, it is very likely to see snow on top of the mountain, and the average temperature on top is 5 degrees Celsius. 

Mount Pilatus

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Cable cars going up a mountain

Mount Pilatus is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne in central Switzerland. It overlooks the beautiful Swiss city of Lucerne and offers a trip to one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

The mountain is made up of several peaks of which the highest is over 2,100 meters. Pilatus is a popular destination for tourists and day trippers from Lucerne who ascend the mountain to enjoy panoramic views of Lucerne and the Bernese Alps.

A popular option available is to take the golden round trip from Lucerne and enjoy a variety of types of transportation to reach the summit of Pilatus.

This includes a boat from Lucerne across the lake to Alpnachstad, a cogwheel railway up the mountain and a cable car and panoramic gondola to descend. The cogwheel railway, which was opened in 1889, has the steepest ascent of any cog railway in the world and in parts has a gradient of 48%!

Once at the top, there are numerous walks available or you could simply enjoy the views from the lookouts before having a drink or meal at one of the cafes or restaurants. There are also restrooms and a gift shop.

Descend via cable car to Frakmuntegg where there are lots of activities such as the Pilatus rope park and a toboggan run. Finally, catch the panoramic gondola to Kriens and catch a bus back to Lucerne. If you wish to stay overnight on Mount Pilatus there are 2 hotels both offering guests wonderful views.

Davos Klosters

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Snowy village within moutains

Nestled in the Landwasser Valley, Davos Klosters is a mountainous region in north-east Graubünden in the Swiss Alps. Consisting of a number of picturesque villages set along the Landquart-Davos Platz railway line, Davos Klosters can be reached from Zurich in just over two hours. 

With an elevation of 1560 m, Davos is one of the highest towns in Europe, which makes it perfect for an active leisure or winter sports getaway. Klosters is a picture-perfect traditional Swiss village that is known as a favourite holiday spot for the British Royal family. It is easily one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland and a top place to visit in the country.

With an average annual snowfall of approximately ten metres, Davos Klosters is perfect for skiing snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing, along with various other winter sports actives on offer. One lift ticket allows access to five ski areas: Parsenn, Madrisa, Jakobshorn, Pischa and Rinerhorn. 

Those planning to visit during the summer can enjoy an array of warmer activities such as hiking, mountain biking, swimming in Lake Davos, visiting the Adventure Park, touring the highest brewery in Europe, or wandering through the alpine botanical gardens.

The food scene in Davos Klosters is also a highlight with a number of great establishments serving traditional Swiss food, as well as other cuisines. A few favourites include Kaffee Klatsch, Hänggis Restaurant, and Restaurant Strela-Alp. 

However, the best spot for a post-skiing or hiking tipple is at one of the mountain-top aprés ski bars, such as Restaurant Jatzhütte, where you can enjoy a drink with a view over the gorgeous Swiss Alps!


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Lausanne is a beautiful French-speaking city nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is a lovely spot to have as a home base as you tour the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Both Geneva and Bern, the capital of Switzerland, are only an hour train ride away. However, closer to Lausanne, are small picturesque Swiss villages, such as Montreux and Vevey, that dot the shores of Lake Geneva, and make lovely day trips. 

You can see most of Lausanne in one day, but to truly appreciate its beauty and what it offers, you should spend more time there.

The medieval old town, with its hilly and cobblestone roads, has pretty colourful buildings, and lots of shopping and restaurants to try. You should also visit the Cathedrale De Lausanne, the 12th-century Gothic Cathedral and climb the bell tower for amazing views.

For those of you passionate about the Olympics, Lausanne is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. As a result, the Olympic Museum is located here and has the largest archive of Olympic memorabilia, artifacts, and exhibits in the world. Finally, a trip to any place in Switzerland would not be complete without taking a hike in the Alps.

From Lausanne, head 1 hour by car to Jaun for the Gastlosen Hike. This is an 11 km loop with spectacular views of Switzerland. There is a chairlift if you prefer to remove the initial ascent so as to make it more accessible to hikers of all levels.

Rhine Falls

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One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland is Rhine Falls. The Falls are Europe’s most powerful waterfall and are located at the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich.

Most visitors to the picturesque waterfall stay near the town of Schaffhausen or make a day trip from Zurich. At the tallest point, the Falls drop 23 meters and the widest point stretches about 150 meters wide. 

Visitors can reach the falls in about 40 minutes from Zurich by train. It’s only a short walk from the train station to the observation decks around Rhine Falls. Boat rides are available around the falls and carry visitors through the currents of the mighty Rhine.

From the section of the river below the falls, travellers can book various boat rides of different routes and duration. Each one offers an unreal perspective of the waterfall. The unbelievable boat ride to the waterfall simply can not be missed when visiting the attraction.

Another great attraction is Wörth Castle. It’s located on the south portion of the river near the community of Neuhausen am Rheinfall. The fortification is open to the public and visitors can also tour the mill site on the north side of the falls. There you’ll find the remains of a 17th-century blast furnace.


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Cows on a mountain side

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to add to your Switzerland itinerary that is a little bit off the beaten path, I suggest visiting Nendaz in the Valais region, particularly in the summer! 

While Nendaz is a popular ski resort destination, Nendaz has a lot to offer at literally any time of year. There are beautiful hiking trails all over the town, and even more opportunities if you take the cable car (Télécabine de Tracouet Haute-Nendaz) which gives you access to a small lake surrounded by wildflowers, beautiful views over the Nendaz / 4 Valleys region, and tons of hiking and mountain biking trails.

There are several fun things to do in Nendaz but perhaps the best is mountain biking on an electric bike around all the gorgeous mountain biking paths in the region. You can stop at a mountain hut along the way for a delicious fondue Swiss-style! Other great places to eat in Nendaz include Café du Sapin Blanc and La Lanterne et Le Vieux Chalet. 

Other enjoyable activities in Nendaz include visiting local cheesemakers in the region to learn all about the delicious Swiss cheeses that are made with milk from happy, pasture-raised cows, as well as enjoying the public pool in Nendaz or even having a 4-star spa day at the local ski resort next to the cable car.

Lake Constance

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A fabulous place to include on your Switzerland itinerary is Lake Constance (in German: Bodensee), a lake located in the Alps’ foothills on the border of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is the second-largest lake in Europe, and it has impressive dimensions – 72 by 14 km. To say that Lake Constance is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland is to say nothing.

Here you will find clear turquoise water, amazing equipped beaches, water sports and entertainment, and numerous roads along the lake for cyclists. 
There are many picturesque old towns around the lake with well-preserved monuments of medieval architecture. 

The most popular are Constance and Mainau, Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Meersburg, Langenargen, and Bregenz. There are also several beautiful islands on the lake that you can visit on a boat tour. It is worth visiting the island of Reichenau, which has been declared a World Heritage Site and UNESCO Site.

The best things to do on the lake are water sports – surfing, diving, yachting and much more, everyone can find something to their liking. 
It is delightful to ride a bike around the lake and enjoy the Swiss landscape. 
If you do not like outdoor activities, you can just sunbathe on the beach, swim in the gorgeous lake, and explore small towns around the lake.

As for local food, be sure to try the trout from the lake. In towns on the lake, you will find many restaurants serving fried and baked local fish that is simply delicious. 


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Buildings lining a river

One of the most beautiful places in Switzerland is the city of Basel. Basel is located in the northwestern part of the country and it is one of the largest cities of Switzerland. The city has a vibrant history, and many famous people throughout history lived here. Also, there are many historic buildings in the city and you find here the oldest university in the country.

This history and historic buildings are what make Basel beautiful. Everywhere you go and look, you feel this history. Furthermore, Basel is ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world.

There are many great things to do in Basel and the city is especially known for its museums. One of the best museums in the city is the Kunstmuseum. This is the oldest public museum in the world and it houses the largest collection of art in Switzerland.

Another great museum in Basel is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was the first contemporary art museum in Europe. Also, the Basel Minster is a beautiful church that is worth visiting. The architecture and prominent place in the cityscape of Basel make this one of the best sights of Basel. So if you are looking for one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland that is also full of hisotry, Basel is a great choice!

This list of the most beautiful places in Switzerland could go on forever! Switzerland is a magical country full of beautiful towns, villages and beyond. I hope this list has helped inspire your visit to Switzerland.

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