Switzerland in Winter: 10 Best Places to Visit

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A visit to Switzerland in winter will show you beauty beyond compare. Discover the 10 best places to visit in Switzerland in winter to see and experience the best the country has to offer.

Switzerland is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic countries. It is lusted after by people all around the world eager to see its snow-capped mountains, old towns, natural beauty and more. Switzerland also just so happens to be one of the most expensive countries in the world, so a visit here will touch your mind and wallet, albeit less in winter than in peak summer tourist season. Nonetheless, travelling to Switzerland is a must at least once, especially during the winter when you can enjoy the cold magic of the country.

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Switzerland in winter for the ultimate getaway.

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10 Best Places to visit in Switzerland in Winter

Zermatt Winter

Panoramic view of the famous Matterhorn and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps in the evening

Zermatt is easily one of the best places to visit in Switzerland in winter if you are craving an authentic village experience with the beautiful surrounding snow-covered mountains. This city is home to the world-famous Matterhorn, a huge pointed mountain in the Swiss alps that can be viewed in the distance and only adds to this picturesque town.

Zermatt is the ideal place to visit in Switzerland to enjoy hiking, climbing, skiing and other outdoor activities. It is one to one of the best ski resorts in Europe, and possibly even in the whole world. Beyond skiing, you can explore the Bahnhofstrasse which is lined with local boutiques, delicious restaurants, and a vibrant lively après-ski scene.

Interlaken Winter

View of beautiful interlaken lake canal,Switzerland from the balcony of hotel in wintertime. Alps mountains covered by snow and colourful of buildings in city covered with foggy as background

Interlaken is a stunning resort town located in the picturesque mountains of Switzerland. The town is built between the bright blue waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, which only add to its picturesque qualities. Its timber houses, snow-capped mountains, local restaurants, and cozy atmosphere make it the perfect place to visit in Switzerland in winter.

During the winter season, you can enjoy many outdoor and indoor activities here. From Swiss food tours to snow sports and more. However, you can also simply wander the charming streets and soak in the beauty of the town and surrounding nature.

Grindelwald Winter

Grindelwald is one of the best places in Europe to visit during winter. It is a snow-lovers paradise and its charm and beauty are only amplified during the winter. Located in the Jungfrau Region deep within the magical Swiss alps Grindelwald is the ideal place to visit for the perfect small-town feel with plenty to do and see. Plus it is located in close proximity to other lovely winter towns.

Although Grindelwald is home to plenty of beautiful vistas, it also is a great place for adventure travellers and travellers looking to enjoy the outdoors. From skiing and snowboarding to mountain top gondola rides Grindlewald is the ideal place to visit for the ultimate winter in Switzerland.

Zurich Winter

Zurich, Switzerland - 18 January 2016: view on the city from the tower of the Grossmunster Cathedral towards Mt. Uetliberg. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Swiss canton of Zurich.

Zurich is one of the most popular cities to visit in Switzerland full of charm and beauty. It offers a unique winter getaway best for those seeking city explorations full of culture and history. Zurich is the ideal place to visit in Switzerland in winter if you want to avoid the cold snowy mountains and rather sit in high-end restaurants, go shopping in every luxury store imaginable and enjoy more indoor activities.

Montreux Winter

Located in the French part of Switzerland along the shores of Lake Geneva sits the beautiful Montreux. It is a stunning lakeside resort town that is the perfect place to head to in winter in Switzerland to enjoy cultural attractions, hikes, and other outdoor activities. The town itself is full of restaurants, shops and museums to enjoy but you can also venture outside the town to enjoy hikes and more for some outdoor fun. Enjoy Montreux things to do in addition to the stunning Swiss Alps in the backdrop.

Lugano Winter

If you seek a more mild winter with all the same Swiss beauty and charm then a visit to Lugano is in order. Lugano is located in the Italian part of Switzerland, called Ticino, and is heavily influenced by Italian culture all around. From the food to the architecture to the language and beyond, visiting Lugano will have you feeling like you’ve left Switzerland and entered Italy.

While visiting Lugano in winter you can explore the streets and famous attractions with far fewer people. Where in the warmer months you will find the streets full of locals and tourists. This is also the best place to visit in Switzlerna if you want to get a little bit of warmth and then travel inwards to more snowy cities.

Davos Winter

Davos is a winter famous town in the Swiss Alps and one of the best places to visit in Switzerland in winter for winter sports lovers of all kinds. This is one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland and a very popular place for locals and tourists in the winter. The outdoor winter activities options are virtually endless ranging from secured snowshoeing routes to downhill skilling to cross country skiing and more! This is the number one place you should visit if your main goals while travelling to Switzerland in winter are outdoor adventures.

Check out this website for a complete rundown on winter hours!

Lauterbrunnen Winter

Situated in a large valley surrounded by huge steep cliffs is the wonderful village of Lauterbrunnen. This is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland that feels almost otherworldly to visit and explore. It is one of the most science villages in the country and the winter snow and frost only add to its charm. Lauterbrunnen in winter is ideal for hot chocolate in a cafe, walks in the brisk air and soaking in the safe Swiss comfort.

St Moritz Winter

St. Moritz is a famous town in Switzerland frequented by the rich and famous. This luxury winter sports town has hosted the Winter Olympics twice as well as many other winter sporting events throughout the years. It is one of the more pricey places to visit in Switzerland in winter as resorts and restaurants are more glamorous are high-end. Nonetheless, if you crave winter ski and snowboarding plus other unique events like horse racing on ice, then St. Moritz is for you!

Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is a magical and bucket list-worthy train that travels through Switzerland. It connects two major mountain resorts that are mentioned in this article as some of the best places to visit in Switzerland in winter: Zermatt and St. Moritz. The train travels through the snowy Swiss Alps providing beyond picturesque views of the Swiss scenery and an unforgettable experience.

Visiting Switzerland in winter is nothing short of a dream. If you are looking for some of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world to enjoy the winter charm then your next adventure awaits.

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