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  1. Montenegro is so high on our bucket list! We have wanted to visit for so many years, so we hope we’ll get to go there next year. It’s so cool that there’s a cat museum in Kotor! Even if the entrance fee were more than 1€, we would go there and stay for a whole day! haha… We have two cats at home, and wonder if they’ll get jealous if they knew we spend time with other cats… hmm.. Anyway, thanks for this post, it’s good to know that we should stay somewhere with a view over the Bay of Kotor.

  2. I have never been to Montenegro. The photos of Kotor are stunning. I am a fan of old stone buildings and churches and the waterfront looks impressive. A bay cruise sounds like a good idea.

  3. We had one day in Kotor and always planned to return. I now know there are even more reasons to go back. We spent most of our town wandering on the lower levels. But next time won’t pass on climbing high for those views. The cruise in and out was spectacular so a boat tour is a great suggestion. We would definitely want to do a tour to the Blue Cave (or rent a boat). But I am sneezing just thinking about visiting a cat museum!

  4. I’m agree with you. After reading your post and seeing all the pictures, I don’t think a day trip is enough. There’s no way I can spend a half hour wandering around the old town. It’s full with history and the architects are intriguing. Then the hike to the Fortress. I can spend half an hour easily at the top. I think you are really a tourist if you only make a day trip here. Haha..

  5. You always find such interesting places in Europe, Sam! The cat museum immediately piqued my interest on top of all these gorgeous waterfront views. Also, I love how small and compact it is. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to leave a small town feeling like you really got to explore every side street, shop, and restaurant.

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