Montenegro Itinerary: The PERFECT 7+ Day Itinerary For 2024

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Discover the ultimate 7 day Montenegro itinerary to get the perfect glimpse of what Montenegro has to offer.

Montenegro is one of my favorite countries in Europe. I LOVE that not many people know about Montenegro and that it remains a secret compared to its neighbors of Croatia, Italy, and Greece.

I have spent every summer in Montenegro for the past 5 years exploring all the beaches, towns, villages, and hidden gems – to enjoy and share them with you!

Prepare to fall in love with Montenegro’s beauty with this complete Montenegro Itinerary covering all the top places and attractions. This itinerary is completely customizable and can be made shorter or longer.

For applicable sections, I will add a “do this if time permits” for things to do if you plan on staying longer than 7 days.

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Top 5 HOTELS in Montenegro

➡️ Best Budget Hotel in Montenegro: Old Town Hostel in Kotor, Montenegro
➡️ Best Midrange Hotel in Montenegro: Hotel Monte Cristo in Kotor, Montenegro & Iberostar Slavija in Budava, Montenegro
➡️ Best Luxury Hotel in Montenegro: One&Only Portonovi, Herceg Novi, Montenegro & Regent Porto Montenegro in Tivat, Montenegro

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Montenegro Itinerary: 7 Days Overview

➡️ Day 1: Tivat & Almara Beach Club
➡️ Day 2: Budva & Sveti Stefan
➡️ Day 3: Kotor Old Town & Kotor Fortress
➡️ Day 4: Perast & Our Lady of the Rocks
➡️ Day 5: Herceg Novi Beaches & Old Town
➡️ Day 6: Rose Beach
➡️ Day 7: Žanjic Beach & Ribarsko Selo

I HIGHLY suggest renting a car if you are visiting Montenegro. This will make moving between towns much easier and more efficient. You don’t need it for all of this itinerary – only days 1-5.

Tivat is one of the best places in Montenegro to start your Montenegro itinerary because it has an airport just a short distance from the town. You will notice that this itinerary is structured in a way that you start by landing at TIVAT AIRPORT and end the journey departing from DUBROVNIK AIRPORT.

This ensures you start and end close to the most popular airports to make your journey easier. You can also flip the itinerary upside down and start landing in Dubrovnik and departing from Tivat.


Day One: Tivat & Almara Beach Club

Start your Montenegro adventures in the modern yet historic city of Tivat. This town is known for its stunning seaside charm, featuring a picturesque marina, beautiful beaches, and a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere.

This is a unique place in Montenegro that has a very luxurious side and is also home to the iconic Porto Montenegro, a vibrant yacht marina with upscale dining, shopping, and nightlife options.

Morning: Tivat

🛩️ Land at Tivat Airport (TIV) and head to your accommodation. You will only be spending one day in Tivat during this Montenegro itinerary so heading out right away is best to maximize the time you have.

If you are not renting a car book your transfer from the airport to your hotel with GetTransfer to reserve in advance and maximize your time! If you are renting a car (I would book through Discover Cars) pick up your car and drive to your hotel.

Once you are checked in and settled head to explore Porto Montenegro – the luxurious marina where you can find luxury shops, various restaurants, and a packed marina full of yachts. This is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat or a coffee if you are hungry.

Once here, simply walking along the promenade, checking out the beaches, and admiring the yachts is enjoyable enough.

Afternoon: Almara Beach Club

After you spend the morning in Tivat you can start venturing to Luštica Bay. This is another luxury place in Montenegro that is nice to see. However, you are not going to spend much time in the town but at the nearby beach called Almara Beach!

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From Tivat to Almara Beach it is only a 30-minute drive that is pretty straightforward. If you don’t rent a car you can also take a taxi.

This is one of the best beaches in Montenegro that is remote, upscale, and super beautiful. It consists of a sunbed area (€50 / set of sunbeds and umbrellas) and a restaurant.

The views are amazing of the mountain of Montenegro, it’s remote so it isn’t super crowded, and the food is amazing! It almost feels like a beach club in Bali, which is why Montenegro is noted as one of the best Bali alternatives in Europe.

If you have limited time and don’t want to go to Almara Beah Club head to the Beacn Club in Tivat’s Proto Montenegro – Buddha Bar.

Evening: Dinner in Tivat

Drive back to Tivat to spend the evening in the town. Along the promenade, you can find a ton of different restaurants. Near the marina are the more expensive restaurants, while in town you can find some more local options.

My favorite restaurants in Tivat are:

➡️ Al Posto Giusto
➡️ Ma Chérie
➡️ One

Don’t forget dessert! My favorite gelato place in the WORLD (yes more than one from Italy) is here and it’s called GODDO.

Where to Stay in Tivat

➡️ Regent Porto Montenegro

Day Two: Budva & Sveti Stefan

Day two is for heading down south along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro to Budava and Sveti Stefan. Two of Montenegro’s most famous towns and the perfect place to visit before delving deep into the bay of Kotor.

Morning: Drive to and Explore Sveti Stefan

🚗 Wake up and drive from Tivat to Sveti Stefan: This is a 40 minute drive with no traffic. In the high season expect heavy traffic and prepare to budget 1.5 hours for this drive.

It is best to visit Sveti Stefan first thing because it can get pretty busy as the day goes on. Once here you can admire the views of the famous Aman Islet from one of the viewpoints on the road coming into the village then park and explore.

The main thing to do in Sveti Stefan is walk around and swim! There is a beach here open to the public called Sveti Stefan Beach which is great for laying out for a few hours and cooling off. Bonus! The backdrop is amazing!

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Afternoon: Drive to Budva and Explore Budva

Drive 10 minutes from Sveti Stefan to Budva, check into your hotel, and start exploring Budva. This is a must visit in any Montenegro itinerary.

I suggest moving hotels from Tivat to Budva on day two for two reasons. One, Budva is famous for its nightlife so this allow you to fully appreciate it. Two, in the high season traffic can get pretty bad and if you drive back and forth you might end up wasting a lot of time on the road.

Budva is known for its medieval walled city, many beaches, and – most notably – its nightlife. Once here you can explore the narrow streets of the Old Town, where you will find local shops, cafes, and historical landmarks.

You can also walk along the beautiful Budva Riviera, famous for its crystal-clear waters and lively beach scene.

Evening: Dinner and Drinks in Budva

Spend your evening in Budva enjoying its vibrant cuisine and nightlife. Choose from a variety of restaurants offering fresh seafood and local Montenegrin dishes, many located along the seaside promenade with stunning views of the Adriatic.

After dinner, visit one of Budva’s many bars or clubs, where you can enjoy local wines, cocktails, and the energetic atmosphere.

Where to Stay in Budva

➡️ Hotel Astoria

Montenegro Itinerary Day Three: Kotor Old Town

Day three in Montenegro is completely dedicated to exploring one of Montengro’s most famous places – Kotor! A highlight of the country and a place you cannot miss.


🚗 Wake up and drive from Budva to Kotor: This is a 35-minute drive with no traffic. In the high season expect heavy traffic and prepare to budget 1.5 hours for this drive.

Once you arrive in Kotor check into your hotel in the old town and prepare for a day of exploring. This day will be the day dedicated to exploring the old town and all the shops, restaurants, churches, and attractions located in this little maze of a place. Be sure to maximize it as tomorrow you will be venturing to some other places in and around Kotor!

Afternoon & Evening

Continue your explorations in Kotor and enjoy the magical old town and tower mountains surrounding it. Kotor is truly one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro that amazes me every time I visit.

Some key places to visit in Kotor are:
➡️ Saint Lukes Church
➡️ St. Tryphon’s Cathedral
➡️ Kotor City Walls

The one thing that is not so nice about Kotor is the crowds. It can get very busy from 9 AM – 5 PM because of the almost daily cruise ships that port here. But after 5 PM I love the vibe of the city, the crowds are gone and the old town is nice and calm for an evening of even more exploring.

There are plenty of restaurants in the Old Town to choose from for dinner. But if you are feeling up for an adventure I suggest driving up to the top of the mountains to Horizont Bar – pictured below!

Where to Stay in Kotor

➡️ Hotel Monte Cristo

Day Four: Kotor Fortress & Our Lady of the Rocks & Perast

Today is a no-travel day but rather a continuation of the Kotor adventures. There are so many amazing things to do in Kotor and nearby that spending two days here is a must for this Montenegro itinerary to fully enjoy it all.

Morning: Kotor Fortress

🥾 Hike to the top of the Kotor Fortress. Hiking to the top of the Kotor Fortress is an absolute must-do in Montenegro. The hike is best done at 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM before it gets too hot and before the cruise ships arrive.

It is a moderately easy hike that takes around 45 minutes and offers some of the most beautiful views of the entire bay!

Afternoon & Evening: Our Lady of the Rocks + Perast

Take a tour of two of Montenegro’s most famous spots: Our Lady of the Rocks and Perast.

Our Lady of the Rocks is an artificial island off the coast of Perast with a charming Roman Catholic church and a museum. It is pretty unique because it was created by locals throwing rocks in the water and sinking ships!

This picturesque site is steeped in legends and offers stunning views of the Bay of Kotor. It is a must-stop on your Montenegro itinerary!

Perast is a small, idyllic town known for its Baroque architecture and historic churches, Perast has a serene, old-world charm. Its waterfront is lined with beautiful hotels and great seafront restaurants. If time permits this is a great place to grab dinner!

➡️ Book this PRIVATE TOUR for the ultimate experience. THIS SELLS OUT QUICKLY.

DO THIS IF TIME PERMITS: Spend one more day in Kotor to venture to Lovcen National Park.

Day Five: Herceg Novi

Spend the last three days of your stay in Montenegro to enjoy the coastal beauty of Montenegro in one of the country’s most beautiful beach towns: Herceg Novi.

This is my absolute favorite place in Montenegro because I have spent endless summers here and know the town and surrounding hidden gems very well.

Morning: Drive to Herceg Novi

🚗 Drive 1 hour from Kotor to Hereceg Novi: This 1 hour drive can take up to 2 hours in the summer months but is incredibly picturesque so it is really no problem.

Herceg Novi is known for its endless beaches along the water, old town, historic fortresses, and beautiful promenades. It’s a perfect blend of cultural heritage and scenic beauty, making it the perfect place to set up a base for the next 3 days!

Once you arrive in Herceg Novi check into your hotel and get prepared for a day in the city.

Afternoon: Visit a Beach

Herceg Novi is known for its beaches and the best way to dive head first into it is by walking down to the Promoade to enjoy a beach day.

Some of my favourite beaches in Herceg Novi are:
➡️ Herceg Novi Beach
➡️ Beach Žaba
➡️ Bla Bla Beach

Evening: Dinner in the Old Town

After the long drive in the morning and a day on the beach have a relaxing dinner in the old town to soak in the atmosphere and unwind. Some great restaurant options are: Portofino & Bife Beograd.

Where to Stay in Herceg Novi

➡️ Midrange: Hotel Vila Hedonija
➡️ Luxury (my favourite): Lazure Hotel & Marina

Day Six: Rose Beach

Day 6 is dedicated to venture to one of Montenegro’s most authentic and beautiful coastal villages: Rose!

Morning & Afternoon: Rose Beach

🛥️ Hop on a transfer boat from Škver Harbor a ride 30 minutes to Rose. There are boats that leave around 4 times a day at different times. There are tourist stands at the beginning of the harbor where you can ask for times, information, and tickets.

Once you arrive you can lay on the promenade for an authentic Mediterranean day by the water. This is the perfect place to sunbathe and swim. There are also a few restaurants where you can get food and drinks throughout the day. My favorite restaurant is Fort Rose – but you need to make a reservation.

Evening: Dinner on the Promenade

After a long day sunbathing and swimming a relaxing dinner along the Herceg Novi promenade is a must. Simply walk along the long walkway that lines the sea and find the restaurant that calls you!

Day Seven: Žanjic Beach & Ribarsko Selo

Your final day in Montenegro will end your trip with a bang at one of my favorite beach clubs/restaurants in the country: Ribarsko Selo.

Morning & Afternoon: Žanjic Beach & Ribarsko Selo

🛥️ Hop on a boat transfer from Herceg Novi to Žanjic Beach. A one-hour ride that brings you out of the Bay of Kotor to another hidden gem in Montenegro.

Žanjice is the name of the village while Ribarsko Selo is the beach club/restaurant that I highly recommend visiting! you can simply spend the day on Žanjice Beach laying out in the sun and enjoying the clear water and lively atmosphere or you can visit Ribarsko Selo.

Ribarsko Selo is a beach bar with an amazing restaurant. You get a free sunbed if you get lunch and you will want to eat here. There is no menu they just show you the fresh catches of the day and you design your menu like this! It is super unique and everything is ultra fresh.

Evening: Dinner in Herceg Novi

Spend your last night in Herceg Novi walking around and getting dinner at any place that interests you! End the night with a beer or wine at local restaurants.

DO THIS IF TIME PERMITS: Visit Savina Winery for a wine tasting!

🛩️ Depart the next day from Dubrovnik Airport (45 minutes away – but budget time for long queues at the border).

Getting Around Montenegro

The best way to get around Montenegro is with a car. With this, you have the freedom to move as you want and can get around to more places quickly and with ease.

You don’t need a car if you plan to base yourself in one place and just explore nearby cities and attractions but you will if you want to travel further distances.

Montenegro’s public transportation system, primarily consisting of buses, provides a cheap way to explore the country without a car.

Bus services connect major cities and tourist destinations like Podgorica, Kotor, and Budva, with fares typically ranging from a few euros to about 15 euros for longer distances. However, the buses can be unreliable and run at their own pace.

For more direct and flexible travel, taxis are an option but can get expensive over further distances.


Let’s answer some of your most frequently asked questions!

How many days do you need in Montenegro?

The ideal duration for a trip to Montenegro depends on your interests and travel pace, but generally, a stay of 5 to 7 days is best. This lets you explore key destinations like the historic cities of Kotor and Budva, the stunning Bay of Kotor, and many iconic landmarks.

It also provides opportunities for day trips to less frequented spots like Durmitor National Park for nature enthusiasts or Sveti Stefan for beach lovers. This period is great for enjoying the scenic landscapes, soaking in the rich culture, and savoring the local cuisine without feeling rushed.

LOCAL TIP: I spend every summer (2 months) in Montenegro and even this isn’t enough time to see the country. The more time the better!

What is the best base for exploring Montenegro?

The two best bases for exploring Montenegro are Kotor and Herceg Novi.

  1. Kotor: Located in the Bay of Kotor, this UNESCO World Heritage site is rich in medieval architecture and offers easy access to the stunning Montenegrin coastline and nearby historic towns like Perast, Herceg Novi, Tivat, and Budava.
  2. Herceg Novi: Ideal for those seeking a blend of relaxation and exploration. Herceg Novi is closer to the Croatian border, offering easier access to Dubrovnik. It’s also near the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, providing a good starting point for exploring the inner bay and other coastal towns.

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Is Montenegro a cheap country to visit?

Montenegro is relatively affordable compared to many other European destinations. While prices can vary, especially in popular tourist areas like Kotor and Budva, overall, it offers good value.

🏠 Accommodation: Budget hotels or hostels can range from €15 to €30 per night.
🍕 Food: Inexpensive meals at local eateries can cost between €5 to €10.
🚎 Transportation: Local buses are typically under €5 for short distances. Renting a car can start from about €20 per day.
🥾 Attractions: Entrance fees for museums and historical sites are usually between €2 to €5.

Is 5 days enough in Montenegro?

Five days in Montenegro is enough to experience many of its highlights, though it may feel rushed if you’re looking to explore more. With a well-planned itinerary, you can cover key destinations like the Bay of Kotor, Kotor, and Budva, and maybe even visit some of the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast or explore the Durmitor National Park.


This 7 day Montenegro itinerary is the perfect amount of time to see and do quite a bit in this amazing country. Of course, more time is always better!

If you do find the time be sure to do the “bonus” times like visiting a national park or winery. You can also switch out some of my main recommendations for the other bonus options!

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7 Day Montenegro Itinerary
7 Day Montenegro Itinerary