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Looking for the ultimate packing list for Europe to prepare you for your European getaway? This post covers everything travel packing related and will help you be as prepared as you can for a trip to Europe in any season. Whether your trip is a short getaway, a long multi-country trip, or even a semester abroad, use this post to pack accordingly for Europe.

A trip to Europe generally involves a few different countries and places being visited. This means different climates, cultures, and activities. Therefore, you will have to pack an assortment of different items that can be used and worn in diverse ways so they get more than one use.

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Europe Packing Essentials

  • Light suitcase – You will most likely be doing a lot of moving around to different cities and places in Europe so a light suitcase that is easy to move is a must.
  • Sleep mask – Essential for long flights or if you are staying in a hostel.
  • Waterbottle – Look up the drinking water quality wherever you are visiting. A water bottle is a good option for saving money and the environment.
  • Power Adapters – All plugs in Europe (except for the UK) have the same plug, which is 2 round prongs (see adapter examples below).
  • Phone, laptop, camera
  • Electronic chargers

Sturdy, light suitcase

European Power Adapters

Reusable Water bottle

  • Headphones
  • Medicine bag – Include bandaids, prescription medications, Advil, stomach pills, etc.
  • Day bag – Side bag/backpack.
  • Travel documents – Passport, VISA’s.
  • Money – ** Be sure to open your Visa or debit card to international payments so you aren’t locked out from your bank**.
  • Feminine products – Although shops in Europe sell feminine hygiene products they are a little different from Western products. To be sure you are comfortable pack your own.
  • Toiletry bag – In this, you should have:
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Sunscreen
    • Skincare
    • Brush
    • Haircare
    • Shampoo, conditioner, body wash
Packing list for Europe

Packing for Europe in Summer

  • Dresses – Dresses look great in photos and save you from having to pack a matching top and bottom.
  • Tank tops – Hot days outside call for tops that maximize comfort and coolness.
  • T-shirts – Keep your shoulders from burning and are a necessity if you plan on exploring old European churches (they require you to cover up a bit).
  • Skirts – Flirty, comfortable and versatile.
  • Heels – Most European cities have a vibrant nightlife and heels are perfect for spicing up your look.
  • Sandals – For beach walks, or casual walks through cities.
  • Sneakers – For hikes or more intense walking days.
  • Shorts – Best for hiking and wearing casually.
  • Bathing suit – Most cities have some sort of water activity in summer so a swimsuit is a must.
  • Bum Bag / Fanny Pack – This is the best type of bag for holding your belongings in summer. It is also the safest from pickpockets.
  • Hat – Caps and stylish hats are great for protecting you from the sun and looking cute.
  • Sleeping clothes – Pajamas.

Bum Bag / Fanny Pack



Packing for Europe in Fall

  • Sweaters – A few warm hoodies in case of cold days.
  • Cardigan – The perfect warm and stylish sweater option
  • Jacket – Depending on location, for a warm place bring a light jacket like a leather jacket or jean jacket – or something warmer for a cold destination.
  • Turtlenecks – The best warm item you can layer if it gets cold.
  • Scarf – Great for adding a layer of warmth.
  • T-shirt – In case you get a rare warm day.
  • Sneakers – For walking around long distances.
  • Boots – Stylish and warm footwear.
  • Hat – Beanie to keep your ears warm.
  • Sleeping clothes – Pajamas.

Packing for Europe in Winter

  • Jacket – Warm winter coat.
  • Hat, mittens, scarf – A must all over Europe.
  • Pants – Jeans, chinos, and others.
  • Sweaters – Wool, warm, and comfortable.
  • Thick socks – To keep your feet warm.
  • Waterproof shoes – Boots that are resistant to rain or snow.
  • Umbrella – Lots of places in Europe have more rain during the winter than snow, so look up what the weather is usually like during the time of year you are visiting to see if you need an umbrella.
  • Sleeping clothes – Pajamas.

Packing for Europe in Spring

Packing for Europe in Summer
  • Light jacket – Denim jacket, leather jacket, bomber jacket, camel coat.
  • Pants – Jeans, leggings, chinos.
  • Skirts – All types.
  • Tights – To wear with the skirts.
  • Dresses – One or two to wear with tights (or without if it’s warm).
  • Waterproof shoes – In case it rains.
  • Backpack – For holding all your belongings.
  • Mittens, hat, scarf – (if traveling in northern Europe).
  • Sleeping clothes – Pajamas.

What not to pack for Europe

  • Blow Dryer – The voltage differences could case your hairdryer to overheat and break.
  • Heavy suitcase – If it’s too heavy you won’t be able to move it around easily.

I hope this packing list for Europe has helped prepare you for your European advneture! Be sure to double check you have the essentials and your trip should go on without a hitch. However, Europe is a pretty westernized place and if you forget anything you can surely pick it up there.

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