6 Best Sustainable Travel Tips

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Discover the best sustainable travel tips to lower your environmental impact while exploring the world.

Travelling is fun but it can also cause a lot of negative effects on the environment. Over the years there has been growing concern over the sustainability of travelling as it has evolved. Recent years and advancements have allowed us a chance to reconsider the way we travel and come up with new travel strategies to reduce waste

Here are 6 of the best sustainable travel tips to make your travel as responsible as it gets. 

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Top 6 Sustainable Travel Tips

Avoid plastics 

Metal Waterbottles

To avoid losing money on always buying plastic water bottles and to save the environment, buy a thermos or a glass water bottle and use water fountains to fill it wherever you travel. You can also use a filtered waterbottle and other technologies to ensure it is safe to drink. 

Fly in clusters


Even though there is always a temptation to just whizz away on a plane, there is a whole hidden science of how to travel without spending a fortune on transportation and behave as eco-consciously as possible. The best way to do this is to take one flight to a specific region and explore it thoroughly.

It is best to combine different modes of transport such as entering a destination on a plane, exploring it on a bus and crossing over to the following destination by train. 

Keep in mind that cluster travelling is also great for digital nomads who reside in a spot on a tourist visa for many months or even years by doing regular border crossings, known as visa runs. 

Use alternative means of transport


Much of the public transportation in the developing world is harmfully polluting. So you can always opt for a more sustainable mode of transport by cycling, walking, or even hiking. With this, you not only get off the beaten track and get a workout in but also get to explore in a slower and more meaningful way.

Stay at eco-friendly hotels 

Platforms like Booking.com dedicate special attention to highlighting green practices and technologies used by properties. Choose your stay according to filtering for Sustainable Hotels and Accommodations and enjoy a stay with a lesser environmental impact.

While staying at your hotel be sure to use your water responsibly, and set your air conditioning or room heating at mild temperatures. 

Purchase organic and fairtrade goods 

Organic, fairtrade products

Travelling is not just about seeing the world, it is also about bringing about change and collectively charting a course for you and your fellow humans. 

Heading to a new destination you have a unique chance to be the one who brings the idea of fair pricing, or advanced tipping, or can contribute to the development of the community by buying from the merchants using apps and sites like Fairtrade Finder. 

Stock up on souvenirs and local memorabilia by buying green and caring about the future of the planet, one thing without which you can’t travel. 

Pick your destination according to its green record 

Some countries have gone further than others in promoting green policies. 

For example, the insular nations of Micronesia, Polynesia, and Melanesia have been trailblazing their path toward a greener future because of risks the that climate change poses to them. They have even been especially concerned with flora and fauna, one of the battlegrounds where the fight between the forces for green and equitable earth and the powers of insatiable greed. 

Head to Fiji or Solomon Islands to lend your hand to the islander’s and NGOs’ efforts to promote sustainable tourism. 

Sustainable travel can be fun. Head to the top eco destinations like Thailand, Kenya, and France to enjoy organic produce, eco-hospitality and assistance in keeping the world green by fellow nature lovers.