12 Best Mykonos Beaches

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Here are the 12 best Mykonos beaches for the perfect day on the beach on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

Situated along the south coast of the islands, Mykonos’ best beaches are as dreamy as they get. You can soak in the sun, splash around in the turquoise water, play beach football, and of course, join in on the party in some of the best beach clubs in Europe.

Check out the 12 best Mykonos beaches are prepare for a beach day like no other.

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12 Best Mykonos Beaches

Elia Beach Mykonos

Elia Beach Mykonos

Elia Beach Mykonos is a small yet beautiful beach in Mykonos located close to Mykonos town. If you are staying in the famous Mykonos Town and want to enjoy a day on the beach without travelling too far, then this is the best beach for you! Here you will find sunbeds for rent and a more quiet and intimate beach day experience.

Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Kalo Livadi is a huge, bohemian-style sandy beach in Mykonos ideal for a spacious and exciting beach day. This is the ideal beach for water sports, sunbathing and beachside restaurants. As one of the largest sandy beaches in Mykonos, there is a ton of space so you can choose to relax on a sunbed or bring your own gear for a free beach day.

Panormos Mykonos

Panormos Mykonos

Panormos Mykonos is home to one of the best beaches and beach clubs in Mykonos. Find here Principote Mykonos, a boho, modern beach club where you can find Mediterranian food, sunbeds, and a luxurious beach day experience like no other.

Agrari Beach Mykonos

Agrari Beach Mykonos is one of the more off-the-beaten-track beaches in Mykonos perfect for a secluded beach day. It is not accessible by public busses so you can only reach it by taxi or if you rent a car or scooter. This beach is ideal if you are craving a day away from the crowds.

Nikki Beach Mykonos

Nikki Beach Mykonos is a luxury beach club in Mykonos ideal for a beach day full of cocktails, food, and great music. Emphasis on the word luxury – this is not one of the best Mykonos beaches if you want to lounge in the sun and spend a day reading. It is more for drinking, swimming and dancing!

Ftelia Mykonos

Ftelia Mykonos

Ftelia Mykonos is one of the best Mykonos beaches for those seeking a day of water and wind sports like windsurfing! Due to its location on the Nothern part of the island, there is often a strong wind which makes it ideal for windsurfers.

Psarou Beach

Aerial panoramic view of the famous Psarou bay with iconic Nammos luxury beach bar. Mykonos island, Greece.

Known as one of the busiest Mykonos beaches, Psarou rivals Paradise as the island’s most fun stretch of sand. Lined with luxury villas and hotels, it is home to some of the island’s best bars, eateries and hotels. It is an optimal choice for luxury jet setters or well-off yachting travellers. Psarou Beach is considered one of the best places for a Greek honeymoon. 

Platis Gialos Beach Mykonos

Panoramic aerial view of the popular Platis Gialos beach on the Greek island of Mykonos with turquoise sea

Platis Gialos Beach Mykonos is known as one of the island’s most lively beaches. It is a great place to travel to if you want to party hard, eat Greek food, and drink local wine. It is not just a scenic beach that lures travellers, it is also the picturesque village that is home to many authentically Greek buildings and landmarks.

Summer activities feature yachting, windsurfing, parasailing, and chartering boat taxis to the island’s most pristine beaches.

Paraga Beach Mykonos

A relatively short stretch of golden sand, Paraga beach is a must-visit for its scenic views and chilled ambiance. What is more, it is situated a short bus ride away from the great Paradise Beach and is a great spot to escape the craziness that Paradise Beach is known for. 

Head here with your loved one to check out some of the Aegean’s best sunsets. This beach is home to some great accommodations plus it is one of the best places to see the sacred island of Delos on the horizon. 

Paradise Beach Mykonos

Paradise beach of Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos’ most popular beach amongst travellers is Paradise Beach. This beach draws in sun-seekers from all over the world. It is not just the natural beauty of the expanse of fine silk sand lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean that make it one of the top beaches in Mykonos. It is also home to great beach facilities and great beach parties that last all day and all night.

Ornos Beach, Mykonos

Known as one of the most family-friendly beaches on Mykonos, Ornos Beach stands for sunshine, stunning seawater, and long stretches of fine yellow sand. You can also find amazing accommodation, beach bars, and beach chair rentals, making it a great spot to make your home base on your trip to Mykonos. 

Fokos Beach, Mykonos

One of the island’s most secluded beaches with clean sand, Fokos Beach is known as the island’s most relaxing and peaceful beach. Here you can not just delight in an engrossing read but also take a dip every now and then while sipping on your delectable cocktail.

These are just a few of the top Mykonos beaches, with many more to find and discover.

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12 Best Mykonos Beaches
12 Best Mykonos Beaches