15 Best Greek Beaches: Most Beautiful & Blue

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Looking to discover the best Greek beaches while touring the beautiful country of Greece? This post has you covered.

Greece is easily one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is known for its diverse landscapes, amazing food, buzzing culture, and of course, magnificent beaches. The multitude of stunning Greek beaches is one of the main draws for tourists all around the world, all eager to soak in the otherwordly beauty while swimming and spending time on the beach.

Here are the 15 best Greek beaches characterized by dramatic landscapes, bright blue water, and intense scenery.

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15 Best Greek Beaches

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach also referred to as Shipwreck Beach, is located along the coast of Zakynthos and is easily one of the most beautiful and dramatic Greek beaches you will encounter. It is a beyond picturesque cove that is well worth the visit to see one of Greece’s most beautiful natural scenic spots. The water is a blue hue that only exists in dreams and the rocks are so huge and bright they look almost unreal.

Shipwreck Beach in Greece
Shipwreck Beach in Greece

You can enjoy this beach from the sand along the water as well as from the top viewing platform. The only way to get to the beach is by boat and from here you can swim and enjoy the views of the towering rocks, the rusty shipwreck and the blue water. You can also head to the top of the rocks to view the beach from above.

Note: this is a very big tourist attraction so expect some long lines in the busy months.

Paradise Beach, Corfu

Paradise Beach Corfu

Located on the stunning island of Corfu, Paradise Beach is an unbelievable beach that you must see for yourself to truly fathom its size. The only way to reach this beach is by boat from around Corfu. The best place to get your boat is the nearby village of Palaiokastritsa where you can drive yourself here, anchor down and marvel at the huge rocks. You can also swim to the small stretch of sand for a “normal” beach day experience, but enjoying it from your boat is arguably better!

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Kokkini (Red) Beach, Santorini

Red beach. Santorini, Cycladic Islands, Greece. Beautiful summer landscape with one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Kokkini or Red Beach is a famous volcanic beach located in Santorini. It is an ancient and stunning beach and a must-visit for anyone touring the island of Santorini. This beach is unlike any other beach you will encounter in Greece due to its bright red hues making it one of the best Greek beaches to visit. To get here you will need to hike for a few minutes but once at the top, you can capture some photos of the unique scenery!

The beach is typically very packed so get here early to find space.

Balos Beach, Crete

Balos Beach in Greece

Balos Beach is one of the most magical Greek beaches and a must-visit while in Crete. The white sand paired with the vivid blue water offers a stunning backdrop for a beach day making it the perfect place to head to for a day of sun, swimming, and beauty. There are sunbeds for rent for €10 and the bathroom costs €1.

Getting to Balos Beach is not simple, but worth it nonetheless. You can hire a driver or rent a 4×4 or car to bring yourself here. Since the road is very narrow and bumpy it is best to rent a 4×4 as this way you can get there quicker and without the worry of ruining the car. After parking, you will hike for around 30 minutes until arriving at the beach.

Voutoumi Beach, Anti-Paxos

Voutoumi Beach, Anti-Paxos
Voutoumi Beach, Anti-Paxos

Voutoumi Beach is a hidden gem in Greece that offers a stunning beach day experience with fewer crowds than many of the other popular beaches in Greece. This beach is located on the small island of Anti-Paxos just off the coast of Corfu and visiting the beach is one of the best things to do in Corfu. Here you will find some of the clearest water you’ve ever seen accompanied by soft white sand that is just heavenly.

To get here you must take a boat and arrive early for a sunbed. Throughout the day more and more people arrive on tour boats and from their own private yachts and sailboats. There are two restaurants on the beach with the best being Bella Vista Restaurant Bar Antipaxos. Bella Vista has amazing food and a stunning view of the beach from above! Just be sure to book your table in advance.

Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Panoramic aerial view of voidokilia beach, one of the best beaches in mediterranean Europe, beautiful lagoon of Voidokilia from a high point of view, Messinia, Greece

Voidokilia Beach is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches that is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Mediterranean gem offers bright blue water, white sand and plenty of space to accommodate all visitors without crowding. It is easy to access and is great for all kinds of travellers: solo, families, couples and more. Voidokilia Beach is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Messina, which is something you will not want to miss.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Dramatic landscape of Myrtos Beach
Dramatic landscape of Myrtos Beach

Stretching white sand, turquoise waters, and a dramatic landscape make Myrtos Beach one of the top Greek beaches to add to your bucket list. This beach is similar to the world-famous Porto Katsiki Beach but much less touristy. This means you can enjoy this stunning gem without too many others straining to take your place. Ranking as one of the best beaches in Greece and even in the world for its natural beauty and cleanliness, Myrtos Beach is not one you should miss.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Tropical sandy beach with turquoise water, in Elafonisi, Crete

Elafonisi Beach is a mesmerizing beach in Crete with its bright blue waters and pink sand. Often referred to as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches this is a Greek beach you will want to visit. This beach has only recently become a popular place to visit for tourists and has quickly become a must-visit for anyone visiting Crete. Elafonisi Beach feels like a tropical beach in Indonesia rather than a Mediterranean gem.

Seitan Limania Beach, Crete

Seitan Limania Beach

Seitan Limania Beach is a unique beach unlike any other on this list. The small cove is nestled between jagged rocks that create a special natural scenery. Although the beach is amazing the hike to get to it is not very safe and could be difficult for some people. If you have young children or any problems with uneven terrain, this beach is not for you.

Seychelles Beach, Ikaria

Seychelles beach in Greece

Seychelles Beach is a magical hidden beach located on the underrated island of Ikaria. It is the perfect place to escape if you are seeking a more private beach day experience where you can lay out and enjoy the beauty of Greece without hundreds of others. With its emerald waters and unique rock formations reminiscent of Seychelles, this is a beach unlike any other in Greece.

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada

Dramatic Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki Beach is a breathtaking beach in Lefkada that is known for its bright blue waters and steep white rocks surrounding it. Its name was given to it as it was said only goats were able to reach this beach in the past. You must get to the beach by boat, either renting your own or going on an excursion. Once there you can soak in the vast rocks and beach for the perfect Greek beach day experience.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

White rock beach in Milos

Sarakiniko Beach is an otherworldly beach located in Milos and a place everyone should be adding to their bucket list now! Wavy bright white rocks that make up the “beach” are volcanic and were shaped by the north winds over the years. Many people see this beach as more of a moonscape and visiting it feels like you are on another planet. This is one of the most scenic and unique landscapes you will find in Greece, and even the world, and heading here yo relax on the rocks and swim in the blue water is a must.

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Stafilos Beach, Skopelos

Wonderful beach scenery of Velanio, Stafilos, Skopelos island, Greece

Stafilos Beach is a beautiful and calm beach near Skopelos town. It is the perfect Greek beach to visit if you are seeking a relaxing beach day experience to spend some time on from day to night. This beach offers plenty of space to lay out on and you can rent sunbeds or bring your own beach equipment. The water is calm and beautiful, perfect for swimming! Stafilos Beach also has a beach bar so you can get food and drinks while admiring the sea.

Saint Paul Beach, Rhodes

White sand beach with blue water

Saint Paul Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Rhodes and a must-visit while on the island. The beach is made up of sand and pebbles and clear blue water that is absolutely stunning. There are sunbeds for rent so you can enjoy the beach in comfort plus there is a restaurant so you can eat and drink without leaving the beach. Saint Paul Beach is great for all kinds of travellers.

Porto Timoni Beach, Corfu

Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece

Porto Timoni is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corfu and one of the top Greek beaches to add to your visit list. It is a stunning beach located on the west side of Corfu and although getting to it is not easy, it is 100% worth it. To get to this beach you will have to hike for 20 minutes on a steep and rocky slope. But you can also get a water taxi if you want to skip this and the view from the top. Once you arrive you can admire this stunning stony beach surrounded by lush greenery and bright blue waters.

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Greece is a beach lovers paradise! With so many amazing Greek beaches the hardest part is choosing which island to head to for the beaches you like most.

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