10 Best Islands in Croatia

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Uncover the 10 best islands in Croatia for the ultimate island-filled getaway in one of Europe’s most stunning countries.

Croatia is known as one of the best travel destinations in the world. It is here that you can find the best beaches, bright blue coves and snorkelling places, great local food and wine, and magnetic stone architecture. Head to one of the beautiful islands in Croatia is a beach-filled getaway and an unforgettable holiday.

Here are the 10 best islands in Croatia for your island hopping adventures.

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10 Best Islands in Croatia

Korcula Island

Korcula Island

Known for its scenic seascape, dense forest, old town and great beaches, Korcula Island is one of the best islands in Croatia. It lies just off the Dalmatian coast and is the ideal place to visit for an off-the-beaten-track getaway where you can escape the tourists of many other cities in Croatia.

The people of Korcula call this island  “Little Dubrovnik” due to its medieval old town and squares. This makes it ideal if you want to see and experience what Dubrovnik is like without going to the very busy city itself.

Rab Island 

Rab Island 

Rab Island is one of the best islands in Croatia for beach lovers. With over 30 beaches scattered around the island, this Adriatic gem offers the ultimate beach-filled holiday ideal for those travellers seeking sun, swimming and more. What is more, Rab Island stands out for its exquisite architecture like the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Great and the many scenic building in its towns like Rab Town. 

Cres island

Town of Osor aerial view, bridge between Cres and Mali Losinj islands, Adriatic archpelago of Croatia

Known for its lush forests, splendid beaches and mesmerizing seascapes, Cres is one of the best islands in Croatia. This island is not just good for swimming and exploring but also for hiking and cycling. Be sure to check out the stunning 16th-century Venetian tower, and magnificent Arsan Palace, and amble your way around the lush Tramuntana forest. 

Keep in mind that it is also home to griffon vultures, and other amazing wildlife.

Hvar Island

Idyllic beach in hidden cove of Dubovica on Hvar island aerial view, Dalmatia archipelago of Croatia

One of the best islands in Croatia attracting travellers from all around the world is Hvar. It is one of the top travel destinations for luxury travellers and yacht owners seeking an exclusive, high-end holiday. Hvar is home to exquisite architecture, luxury shopping, breathtaking beaches, Michelin-grade restaurants and pristine nature that lures. 

Head here for a hike or a sightseeing tour and appreciate the tender glow of the Croatian soul. 

Vis Island

Seafront view at coastal town Komiza on Island Vis, summer travel resort in Croatia, Mediterranean.

Off bounds to foreign visitors before the collapse of Yugoslavia, Vis Island is one of the most fascinating and best islands in Croatia for a unique getaway. It is renowned not just for its charming old towns and architecture but also thanks to great natural attractions, like its sapphire-glowing Bisevo Cave that hides off its shores and strikes nature lovers with enchantment and wonder. 

Keep in mind that Vis still holds this authentic pristine charm and is a veritable hidden Croatian gem

Brac Island

Brac Island

Famous for the mesmerizing beauty of Zlatni Rad Beach (Golden Horn Beach), Vis island is easily one of the best islands in Croatia and well worth a visit. It is a top destination for those seeking beaches, stunning architecture and more.



Southernmost of the Croatian islands, Mljet is renowned for its famed Odysseus cave, a natural park teeming with wildlife and known for scenic panoramas. It is one of the best islands in Croatia that offers a welcome escape from the bustling cities on land.

You can get to Mljet from Dubrovnik and Split, and there is even a ferry running about to the scenic town of Bari, in Italy. 



Known for its scenic moonlike landscape, the island of Pag is home to stunning sights and attractions making it one of the best islands in Croatia for travellers of all kinds. Find architectural marvels like its centuries-old St.George’s Church, Old Town Pag, Franciscan monastery, and more!

Head here to delight in the scenic sea views and great sea spots. Don’t forget that beauty of Pag is a witness to the conviction hospitality of the islanders and its great seafood.


If you are looking for a world of fortresses and picturesque coves Krk island is for you! Head here to enjoy stunning scenery, delicious local food, and an unforgettable getaway. The centuries-old architecture and breathtaking sea views make it one of the best islands in Croatia.

Dugi Otok 

Largest of the Zakarian islands, 44m long-Dugi Otok is one of the most beautiful and best islands in Croatia for a fun-filled getaway. You can get here via ferry from Zadar and start your adventures exploring mesmeric nature, local architecture and great food and wine. 

What is more, it is one of Croatia’s best islands for couples, with sublime sunsets and hiking spots perfect for romantic evenings!

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Head to Croatia to delight in its little-known islands and the region’s most beautiful nature and architecture. On these best islands in Croatia discover a new and uncovered side to the country only a few have experienced.

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10 Best Islands in Croatia
10 Best Islands in Croatia