10 Best Day Trips From Lisbon, Portugal

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Discover the 10 best day trips from Lisbon for the ultimate adventure outside the capital.

Lisbon is the magical and vibrant capital city of Portugal and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Spending 2-3 days in Lisbon is enough to see and experience quite a bit of what it has to offer, which is why taking a day trip to see more of Portugal is a must! There are so many amazing towns, sites and attractions just a short distance from Lisbon that you should surely add to your travel itinerary.

Here are 10 of the best day trips from Lisbon to some of the most beautiful places in Portugal.

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10 Best Day Trips From Lisbon



Sintra is easily one of the best and most popular day trips from Lisbon. This little town is home to some of the country’s most unique and stunning attractions like Pena Palace, Castle of Moors, Quinta da Regaleira, and The National Palace.

A day trip here offers enough to see and do for a complete day of activities plus it is just a short distance from Lisbon. This is also one of the most stunning landmarks in Portugal and something you won’t want to miss.

How to get to Sinta:

You can get from Lisbon to Sintra in a variety of ways.

  • By car: you can rent a car and drive here. With this option, you can also drive between each attraction with ease.
  • By train: there are trains every hour from Rossio station in Lisbon that bring you to the town of Sintra.
  • By tour: there are many tours that will bring you from Lisbon to Sintra and between all the different attractions.



Cascais is a beautiful coastal destination popular amongst locals looking to enjoy the sun, sea and sandy beaches. It is only 30km from Lisbon and the perfect day trip for those looking to enjoy a more laidback and local side of the country. Here you will find small local restaurants, and beyond picturesque views.

You can even tap into your adventurous side in Cascais by going surfing in the perfect surfing conditions! This is a great day trip from Lisbon for adventure seekers, families and more where you get a taste of the Algarve.

How to get to Cascais:

  • By car: Rent a car and drive up along the coast.
  • By scooter: Rent a scooter and drive in the sun in the most local way.
  • By train: Take a 40-minute train ride from Cais do Sodré Station departing every 20 minutes.



Obidos is a fairytale-like town in Portugal just a short distance from Lisbon. This town dates back to the 12th century and offers a very unique medieval and romantic charm. It is the perfect place to venture to for everyone looking to escape the bustling streets of Lisbon into a more quaint and local atmosphere.

Obidos is also full of attractions and you can easily spend a few hours wandering and exploring! This is the ideal day trip from Lisbon if you want to see a different side of Portuguese life.

How to get to Obidos:

  • By car: You can always rent a car and drive yourself here.
  • By bus: The bus is the best way to get to Obidos as it is the cheapest and quickest option.

Palácio Nacional de Queluz

Baroque facade of Queluz National Palace and Neptune Fountain in Sintra, Lisbon district. Defined as the Versailles of Portugal, the Royal Palace of Queluz was used as a fun place for the royal family

If you are looking for a day trip from Lisbon that doesn’t require long travel times then a visit to Palácio Nacional de Queluz is for you! This stunning palace is only located 14km from Lisbon meaning you can visit without taking a train for hours and can have more time to explore and enjoy this attraction.

How to get to Palácio Nacional de Queluz:

  • By car: Rent a car and drive yourself.
  • By train: Make a train to Queluz and walk 15 minutes to the palace.

Parque Natural Da Arrabida

Panorama viewpoint at Serra da Arrábida Nature Reserve with Tróia on the horizon, Setúbal PORTUGAL

Parque Natural Da Arrabida is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal where you can see and enjoy the natural wonders of the country.

Here you will find protected lush mountains, blue water beaches and quaint coastal towns. Heading here to drive the coast and make stops along the way as you explore is one of the best day trips from Lisbon.

How to get to parque Natural Da Arrabida:

  • By car: The best way to experience Parque Natural Da Arrabida is by car. This way you can enjoy and explore as much as you’d like.



Évora is an old Roman trading town with a rich history. It is one of the most interesting and unique places to visit on a day trip from Lisbon. The old center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as a result, you will find various old monuments and structures all around.

How to get to Évora:

  • By train: Train is the easiest and best way to get to Évora. The train ride is a little under 2 hours so make sure you head there early to maximize your time.
  • By tour: Skip the train and take a private tour like this one.

Jeronimos Monastery

Beautiful image of the Hieronymites Monastery (Jeronimos), a UNESCO world heritage site, at sunset in Lisbon, Portugal. HDR

Heading to Jeronimos Monastery is a must-do while in Lisbon. It is large enough that it requires a full-day trip from Lisbon to see and enjoy all its magical faucets. This stunning Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its beauty and history are something to marvel at.

How to get to Jeronimos Monastery:

  • By car: Rent a car and drive yourself
  • By train: Trains run every 20 minutes from Cais do Sodré Station. Get off at Belém and walk 7 minutes to the monastery.


Sesimbra cityscape with historic old town and Atlantic ocean, Setubal region, Portugal

Sesimbra is a beautiful coastal city that is ideal for a day trip from Lisbon. This old fishing village offers a laidback vibe and a more local atmosphere.

It is the perfect place to head to if you are visiting Portugal in the summer and want to enjoy the cool breeze from the sea. There are not a ton of tourist attractions here but you can enjoy the beach and town to your greatest extent.

How to get to Sesimbra:

  • By bus: The only public transport is by bus.
  • By car: Renting a car and driving yourself is the quickest option.



Batalha is a beautiful town in Portugal known for its magnificent architecture. The highlight is Mosteiro da Batalha a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an excellent showing of Gothic architecture style. A visit here will show you a stunning town with much to see and do!

How to get to Batalha:

  • By bus: the bus is the cheapest way to get to Batalha.



Aveiro is a Venice-like city with a Portuguese twist. The colourful buildings and canals with gondolas are unlike anything else you will find in Portugal and visiting here on a day trip from Lisbon is a must.

In addition to being beautiful all around it is also a great place for foodies. Here you can find fresh fish and more to enjoy while admiring the city. It is one of the most underrated day trips from Lisbon that everyone loves!

How to get to Aveiro:

  • By car: This is the quickest way as you can avoid stops.
  • By train: The best way to get to Aveiro, a 2 hour ride so be sure to leave early.
  • By bus: The cheapest but longest option: do not recommend.

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With so many amazing day trips from Lisbon, it is hard to pick which ones to go on and which to skip. Start planning what excite you the most now and get your itinerary sorted.

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