5 Most Beautiful Iceland Black Sand Beaches

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Discover the most beautiful Iceland black sand beaches today!

Iceland is a great spot to visit to escape the hustle & bustle of civilization and the increasing temperatures due to climate change. Here you can benefit from one-of-a-kind nature, authentic Icelandic food and convivial locals. And also from visits to its most hidden gems, its non-pareil black beaches!

Head to Iceland to see the might of the sea from the black pebble at Europe’s North-Western frontier.

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5 Most Beautiful Iceland Black Sand Beaches

Reynisfjara Beach

eynisfjara Beach

Reynisfjara beach has a unique charm and beautiful location, but the beach is much more than that.

Its black sand attracts unique bird species, features magnificent basalt columns and thus lures black beach aficionados from all over the world thanks to its easy accessibility. It is also located near Vik, one of the most beautiful cities in Iceland.

It is located just a 287km drive away from the capital, Reykjavik and is one of the easiest black beaches to visit in Iceland, it is also known as Iceland’s most dangerous beach.

Sneak waves can appear from nowhere and suck you in, making it important to not swim or get within close quarters to the water. What is more, the winds can be biting and wet, so wear appropriate clothing especially if travelling in winter. 



Another of Iceland’s stunning black sand beaches in Iceland, Solheimasandur, is famous for its pitch black sand, great sea view and the wreckage of a plane.

Just like Reynisfjara Beach, Solheimasandur, is situated on the ring road, with a small difference of you having to hike 6.5 km to get to the stretch of black sand. 

Once you have paid a visit to the plane wreckage – location here – you can head for another natural marvel of the area, the Skogafoss Waterfall, one of the most amazing waterfalls in Iceland.

Stokksnes Beach

Stokksnes Beach

Head to Stokksnes Beach to see where the mountains meet the ocean at one of the most beautiful Iceland black sand beaches. Renowned as Eastern Iceland’s most beautiful beach, it offers a gob-smacking vista of the sea, making you feel as if you were on another planet. 

Take a stroll along the ebony black sand to one of the beach’s extremities and take a look along the water edge. It is divine and reminds you of the fact that beauty never dies in this world.

What makes it a one-of-its-kind beach is the presence of small tufts of grass upon the hills of black sand that remind you that you are still on Earth, so luring and enigmatic. 

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach

One of the safest and most magical Iceland black sand beaches is Diamond Beach. Here you won’t just marvel at the striking sea view but also see one of the most amazing hidden gems of the North Atlantic, its brilliant ice treasure trove.

Named Diamond Beach for its profusion of ice chunks separated from the icebergs offshore, it is one of the best black sand beaches in Iceland to visit with your significant other, to gaze at the sunset and sunrises. 

To visit Diamond Beach you can use the ring road and head to Jokulsarlon Lagoon and see some of Iceland’s most beautiful places along the way.

Seltjorn Beach

Seashore at Seltjorn on Iceland at cloudy day.

Renowned as Iceland’s nicest beach to hunt for the northern lights, also known as aurora borealis, Seltjorn Beach is one of the best black sand beaches in Iceland. 

What is more, this dark sand beach is just a 10-minute ride from the city centre of Reykjavik and is one of the best Iceland black sand beaches to visit if your visit to Iceland is limited to a stay in the capital city. 

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