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How to get from Albufeira to Lagos: 4 Best Ways

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Looking for some simple and clear instructions on how to get from Albufeira to Lagos and then back from Lagos to Albufeira? Then keep reading!

When I was staying in Albufeira and trying to navigate how to get from Albufeira to Lagos all the instructions online were beyond confusing and it was quite frustrating.

There was no clear answer on how to make the one hour journey between these two major destinations in the Algarve and after making the journey myself I thought there is no better thing to do than to make a post to help others.

So without further ado here are all the ways to get from Albufeira to Lagos.

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How to get from Albufeira to Lagos

How to Get From Albufeira to Lagos: By Car

One of the easiest ways to get from Albufeira to Lagos is by car. Many people visit the Algarve and rent a car to get around to the various cities along the coast.

In fact, some people go beyond renting a car and rent a whole trailer so they can travel around and sleep in comfort along the stunning coast.

By car, all you have to do is drive around 45 minutes from Albufeira to Lagos and find parking.


  • Freedom: you can stop along the way to spot some of the beautiful places along the coast
  • No Time Schedule: by driving yourself you can arrive and leave at whatever times you like.
  • Quickest option.


  • Costs add up: you must pay for the rental + gas.
  • Parking

how to get from Albufeira to Lagos busses

How to Get From Albufeira to Lagos: By Bus

Getting from Albufeira to Lagos by bus is one of the most popular options available! This is because it is very cheap and doesn’t take too long.

To take the bus you will have to get to the bus station called: Terminal Rodoviário de Albufeira. I got here by taking an uber from the old town for 3 euros.

Once there you will enter the building and can buy tickets straight from a ticket counter. There are different bus companies that operate out of this station – the one I took was a bus service called Renex which cost 5.50 each way and took around 1.5 hours.


  • Cheap: This is one of the lowest-cost options to get between cities.
  • Quick: This is not the quickest option but it will get you from point A to B within a shorter period of time.
  • Comfortable: The buses are clean and spacious – more like a tour bus than a city bus.


  • Time constraint: With this type of transportation you have to mold your visit around the times of the busses. The first bus of the day typically leaves at 9 and the last one comes back at 6. You need to ensure you know the times before you go so you don’t miss the bus or rob yourself of some time.

How to Get From Albufeira to Lagos: By Uber or Taxi

If all else fails there is also the option to take an uber or a taxi from Albufeira to Lagos. This is by far the most expensive option but if you have a limited amount of time along the coast and want to ensure you have enough time on your own terms, this is an option.

An Uber or taxi will cost upwards of 50 euros each way. This is a pretty big price considering a bus costs 5.50 euros but with this option, you can arrive earlier in the morning before 10 AM and leave later in the evening after 6 PM.


  • Convenient: This is definitely the most convenient option. With a hire car you have no stress about parking, driving yourself, or finding the right bus hours. If you want a day of zero stress this is worth it.


  • Expensive: Hiring an Uber or taxi is a very expensive trip.

How to Get From Albufeira to Lagos: Tour

A final way to get from Albufeira to Lagos is with a tour! There are plenty of tours available in this region that can bring you not only to Lagos but to various other amazing places in the Algarve.

There are plenty of other stunning cities, towns, villages, and sights to see and with a tour, you get to see it all. Plus, you can learn some interesting information from a local expert.


  • Informational: This option is the most informational of them all. You will learn a ton about this region and get to know its intricacies.
  • Guided: A tour allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. You don’t need to think about directions or the next steps because this is covered for you!


  • Bound: Tours bound you to their timings and schedule. If you value your own freedom to stay longer or shorter in certain places then maybe it isn’t for you.

Below are some great tours to consider.

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I hope this post covers how to get from Albufeira to Lagos clearly! The journey between these two places is beautiful and they are quite different and both very worth exploring! If you have any other questions regarding this journey feel free to ask!



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